KICK OFF the season with G

Today was the home opener for the home red and white:”Bucky Badger” and the streets were swamped with eager fans. It was like a candy cane festival there was so much red & white all around. I thought about this show for a while during my trip away and feel like this was a solid start back:

The Lights are on in Spidertown-Tom Morello
Hillbilly Cat- Hillbilly Hellcats
Everybody’s up to Somethin’- Brian Setzer
Porn N Beans- Left Lane Cruisers
Gonna Send ya Back to Georgia-Moreland & Arbuckle
These Kinds of Blues- the Mannish Boys
Free at Last- the Blind Boys of Alabama
Drink House- ScrapOmatic
Shoes- George Soule
Things- Tommy Talton in Europe
*Conversation with Tony Tyler*
Radio- Tony Tyler
Rebecca Rebecca- mojo Saint (live)
Big Dipper- Jesse Ed Davis
Natural Anthem- Jesse Ed Davis
Moondance-Van Morrison with George Fame & Friends
Crystal River- Mudcrutch
Oh No- Kaiser Cartel
Magalenha- the Duhks
Para Los Rumberos-Tito Puente & His Orchestra(live)
Oye Como Va- Tito Puente & His Orchestra(live)
Volant Poulettes- Los Manolos
Land of the Freak- King Khan & the Shrines
Losing Myself- the Brazilian Girls
Fool- Andy Levin & Holly Palmer*
Video Nasty-Lisa Loeb & Steve Renyolds*
Won’t Get Fooled Again- Richie Havens
Pleasant Gardens- the Derek Trucks Band
a Love Supreme- Carlos Santana w/Bill Laswell mix
Goodtime baby-Gov. Davis & the Blues Ambassadors (live)
Images of us- George Duke
Funky Miracle/Rainy Day Women-Brian Stoltz (live)
Put it on me- Lee Fields
Come Together- the Meters
Third Right on the Left- Organissimo
Skyscraper- Secretary Feat BIG BOSS
Move your Body- Dayton Flic
Pseudo Sophistication- Secretary feat BIG BOSS
All One Tribe- Skeebo Knight
Pressure Cooker (from CHPT 2)-mister Rourke
Space is Da Place- Cosmic Funk All Stars
Journey’s Prelude- Ursula Rucker
Jungle Fever- Louis Vega
Black Women- SOEL
I wish I Could be Beautiful- Rithma
Still Wishing to Course-Keller Williams w/Moseley/Droll/Sipe (live)

* = Robin Danar Produced

the Perfect Man in Connecticut?

Also appearing at Real Art Ways was Dave Smith/The Perfect Man. A trombone fronted avant jazz rock sensation that makes enough sound to knock your spirit into a questioning mode. With lyrics for the moment and an intense artistry that feels as much as it sounds, I can easily say that those with their minds open will certainly dig catching this act. Their sets split the night with Secretary feat. Big Boss and the Perfect Man walked off the stage and a new day began.


Secretary feat. Big Boss

I did get out while away. Back to some old stomping grounds like Real Art Ways in Hartford. I hooked up with friend and one of the coolest people I know, Paula Henderson. This was a reunion of timely proportions as it just so happened that her and Luqman (Big Boss) would be in my old neck of the woods the same time I was visiting. Who knew. The show, Secretary featuring Big Boss was sound-a-licious, with many of the newest freshest tracks spilling out of Paula’s mouthpiece and into the thirsty ears of many unexpected guests. Big Boss kept the whole thing running, coz he runs things you see. The first set was slightly more of a mind expander while the second set just plain out rocked my socks off. Take some time to check out this act as they are something worth heading to the office for.


“Moist” Paula & me RAW AUG ’08

Made it back…phew!!

Took a week off, well….sort of…to head back east and finish up some duties. There were all sorts of times had. Good times included spending time with some real cool kids. A 5 year old who taught me some piano and didgeridoo, watching a young 2 year old live up to those “terribles”..(hee hee..not my child), feeling at home with our close friends and celebrating the right way with Brother Richard and Mustapha. Got a few chances to have pints of tasty beer and watch the Red Sox again, so i can’t complain. I have plenty of new music to share for this coming weeks show and look forward to opening you up to it…..and I won’t mention the not good times had…but the feeling of home is one that I welcome and enjoy.



Get your Funky Shovel & DIG

an extra hour can cause some serious mischief on my part. Thanks to all who took the time to be a part of the show today..and you know who you are!!

My Personal Island- Church Basement Ladies
*Conversation with Bill Christopher*
Troublesome- Rustic Overtones
Word up- Deni Bonet
Revolution- Sirsy
Oh Billy- Sirsy
*Conversation with Mel & Rich of Sirsy*
Leftover Girl- Sirsy
Possessed- Annie Mac
Blue Eyed Soul-= Diane Durrett
Hypnotized- AKACOD
Potion- Morphine
Like Swimming- Morphine
Down the Road- Little Feat
Smokin’ Hole- the Radiators (live)
Party on the Fire Escape- Lipbone Redding
Communication- G Love & the Special Sauce
Dukey Treats- George Duke
Song for my Father- Victor Wooten
Milky Way- Marcus Miller with Keb Mo
Orange Spice- Russel Blake
Hillbillies on a Quiet Afternoon- SMV
Bus Ride- Marco Benevento
Big Chief City- Skeebo Knight
Waita Minute- Reuben Wilson
Charlie Brown- Melvin Sparks
All by Myself- Lee Fields
Stretch your Rubber Band- the Meters
Take it as it Come-Sugarman 3 & Co remixed
Put the Sound Around me-Rithma feat Nica Brooke
Music is a Medicine- BLVD
Into You- Dread Filmstone
In the Groove (acid jazz remix)-Colonel Abrams
Dreamland- Wax Poetic
Istanbul can be Dub- Wax Poetic
Bollyhood- Global Noize
Planetary Beat- Global Noize
Boo Boo Coming- the Microscopic Septet
I saw you in Utah (Idaho)- the Microscopic Septet

Jerry Wexler: R&B Prodcuer Plus

Legendary record producer Jerry Wexler, who helped shape R&B music with influential recordings of Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and other greats, and later made key recordings with the likes of Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, has died, says his co-author, David Ritz. He was 91. Wexler earned his reputation as a music industry giant while a partner at Atlantic Records. Under Ahmet Ertegun and Wexler, Atlantic provided an outlet for the groundbreaking work of African-American performers in the 1950s and ’60s. Later, it was a home to rock icons like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. Wexler later helped Dylan win his first Grammy by producing his 1979 “Slow Train Coming” album. Wexler helped boost the careers of both the “King of Soul,” Charles, and the “Queen of Soul,” Franklin. Wilson Pickett, Solomon Burke and Percy Sledge were among the other R&B greats who benefited from Wexler’s deft recording touch. He also produced Dusty Springfield‘s classic “Dusty in Memphis,” considered a masterpiece of “blue-eyed” soul. Among the standards produced by Wexler: Franklin’s “Respect,” a dazzling, feminist reworking of an Otis Redding song; Sledge’s deep ballad “When A Man Loves A Woman” and Pickett’s “In the Midnight Hour,” with a horn vamp inspired by Wexler’s admittedly rhythmless dancing. Wexler produced 16 albums and numerous hit singles for Franklin, who switched to Atlantic in the mid-1960s and rediscovered her gospel roots after several unhappy years singing show tunes for Columbia. “When it came to the studio, you could say the two of us were joined at the hip,” he once said. In the 1980s, Wexler worked with Dire Straits, Carlos Santana and George Michael. In April 1988, Atlantic marked its 40th anniversary with an 11-hour concert at Madison Square Garden, with the stage shared by performers from Crosby, Stills & Nash to the Bee Gees to Ben E. King.

RIP Mister Jerry Wexler

In the Church Basement

On Tuesday night, Church Basement Ladies opened in the beautiful Capitol Theater and let me tell you, it was laugh after laugh. The four women who take on the “life” of the basement are as warm and fun as a good Lutheran side dish. Bill Christoper (Father Mulchay on M*A*S*H*) is the charming Pastor Gunderson, who keeps everything rolling with candor and an ease of adding a little fuel for the all ready over cooking kitchen chatter. The combination on stage is like a bouncing ball of eye rolling, knee slapping true Mid-western slapstick musical humor. The soundtrack is filled with down to earth and easy to relate to tunes for people of all creeds. So fear not, those who believe they don’t know these ladies under the “House of God”, they are a lot more realistic than you might imagine. This is most certainly true!

Hear my conversation with Bill Christopher here.

At the Overture until Sunday August 31st.

an 8 yr old told to STOP??

ELKHORN, Wis. – When Tallan “T-Man” Latz was 5, he saw Joe Satriani playing guitar on TV. “I turned around to my dad and said, ‘That’s exactly what I want to do.'” Three years and countless hours of practicing later, 8-year-old Tallan is a blues guitar prodigy. He’s played in bars and clubs, including the House of Blues in Chicago, and even jammed with Les Paul and Jackson Browne. He has a summer of festivals scheduled and has drawn interest from venues worldwide. And what, you might ask, would a kid not even in the third grade have the blues about? The state of Wisconsin for one, and some possibly jealous older musicians for another. An anonymous e-mail sent to state officials complained that Tallan was too young to perform in taverns and nightclubs because of state child labor laws. His booking agent even got an anonymous letter threatening her with death if she keeps booking him. When Tallan’s father read him the state’s letter saying he couldn’t play clubs anymore (he can still play festivals), the boy’s response — like his music — seemed beyond his years. “He goes, ‘It’s not how many times you get knocked down but it’s how many times you get back up and go forward,’ Carl Latz said his son told him. “And I told him that’s exactly what this is all about and if nothing else this letter just taught you a life lesson.” The lesson can be stiff: Each day he performs, the employer can be fined $25 to $1,000 and the parent from $10 to $250. Jennifer Ortiz of the state Equal Rights Division said her agency has a responsibility to enforce the law once it becomes aware of a violation. “Well, the law prohibits it, and the Legislature enacted the laws to protect the health, safety and welfare of all children.” Latz, who also is Tallan’s manager, has asked a legislator for help changing the law but it’s unclear whether any action will be taken. Latz received the letter a few days before Tallan was to perform at Lil Downtown Lounge in suburban Milwaukee, where club co-owner Michelle Boche said the boy always packed the place when he sat in with other musicians. Boche said she has received backlash from musicians and area bar owners because she supports Tallan. Some have tried to take patrons away, she said. Some even called in fake incidents to police, causing them to look for guns or underage drinkers, she said. “If my doors close and I never open again and this boy becomes successful, then I will be the happiest person in the world,” she said. Tallan’s agent, Sharon Pomaville, said she received a threatening letter June 2 warning her to stop booking the boy. She thinks he’s a local musician and believes he’s harmless. Greg Koch, 42, an internationally known guitarist and clinician for Fender Musical Instruments, called the backlash despicable. He said most 8-year-olds don’t have the strength or attention span to pursue guitar or can’t endure the calluses. “It’s strange that a kid at this age would glean onto this particular kind of music and show the intensity and kind of the ability to function as kind of 8-year-old blues guy,” he said. Brad Tolinski, editor-in-chief of Guitar World magazine, said kid guitar prodigies are rare, with one emerging perhaps every four or five years. “It would be unusual to find an 8-year-old who can play Satriani licks,” he said. Carl Latz said there’s no explanation for Tallan’s blues connection other than he seems to have an old soul. “I’ve had more people tell me, they say ‘It’s a kid’s body but it has a 70-year-old dude inside,'” Carl Latz said. Tallan, whose heroes are Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, has 13 guitars and endorsements from at least nine companies to use their equipment. He can read music but plays mostly from memory. He has two bands — one with veterans called T-Man’s Blues Project and another with 16-and-younger bandmates called Tallan “The T-Man” Latz and the Young Guns. He also sings and plays drums, harmonica, bass and piano. Tallan said he likes to play guitar to “put smiles on people’s faces” when they are having a bad day. “It sounds awesome,” he said. “I think it’s so much you can do on the guitar.” He knows 30 to 40 songs and someday hopes to write his own. It was his idea to start playing in public. “He drags me around,” his dad said. “I don’t drag him around.” Tallan said the problems he’s faced have doing nothing to dampen his ambition to be a blues rock star when he grows up. Just the opposite, in fact. “Because I got more inspiration, I got more sadness in me,” Tallan said. “I’m just feelin’ it.”

Bill Christopher in Church Basement Ladies


For 11 years, William Christopher played Father Mulcahy on what many consider the best sitcom of all time, M*A*S*H. Bill is in Madison performing in Church Basement Ladies. This hilarious musical comedy is a celebration of the church basement kitchens everywhere and the wonderful, unsung women who work there. This fun for all musical will be on the Capitol Theater Stage in the Overture Center from Tuesday August 12th until Sunday August 31st. Bill takes a moment away from all he is up to to chat with me briefly about this show and his role in it as Pastor Gunderson as well as some M*A*S*H* moments shared and we even discuss briefly his involvement in the world surrounding autism. (Another something we happen to share).

Rejoice in my conversation with Bill here.


Tunage into your ears

Won’t Get Fooled Again- Richie Havens
Lives in the Balance- Richie Havens
You’re so Fine- Eddie Floyd
To Make it Right-Steve Cropper & Felix Cavaliere
The Well Wisher- Family Groove Company
Peace Love & Happiness- G Love & the Special Sauce
Cook for You- Twinemen (live)
Crow Jane- the Derek Trucks band (live)
Been all Around the World- Jerry Garcia (live acoustic)
I Wish(Bundle of Contradictions)-Forro in the Dark w/D Byrne
Jin Go Lo Ba- Babatunde Olatunji
Ocean Breeze- Skeebo Knight
Run to the Top- Skeebo Knight
Nancy Hanks- Skeebo Knight
Mouna Pola- Manu Dibango
Watch that Man- Lee Fields
Meters Jam- the Meters
This Land is your Land-Walter”WOLFMAN”Washington
How Long do I have to Wait for you-Sharon Jones&the Dapkings(Ticklah mix)
One World not Three- the Waiting Souls
The Bridge- Kyle Hollingsworth
Tragedy in Blue- DJ Harry
Milk Man- Zilla
Joy Oh Oh Oh the Bengal Tiger- DeeJay OM
Palmistry- Tabla Beat Science
Pipin’ the Blues- Rufus Harley

Short notice jazz-a-thon

Got the news I was needed to do a fill in on my favorite listener sponsored community radio station WORT, so I was as imagined hurried & psyched. Want to thank those who tuned in all over the place and thanks for the comments, it’s about you and your listening after all.

I Adore you- Esperanza Spalding
Europia- Alvin Queen
Rise n Shine- Coltrane (Rudy Van Gelden Mix)
the Naked Camera- John Beasley
Port of Entry- Weather Report
Children’s Song- Corea/Burton
What Game Shall we Play Today-Burton/Corea
So What- Miles Davis Tribute (Miles from India)
Full Nelson- Miles Davis (live Japan 1988)
Mel’s Groove- the Dixon Rhyne Project
By Appointment Only- the Karl Denson Trio
Pinto- John Patton
Thank You- Melvin Sparks
Sexual Healing- Reuben Wilson
Rivers of Babylon- Robert Walter
Watch me Fly- Reuben Wilson
Mysterious Nights- Skeebo Knight
Juicy- Russel Blake
Strum- Marcus Miller
Tutu- S.M.V.
Happy Song- Victor Wooten
HHP- Doug Johns
Baghdad Cafe- Liquid Soul
Ocean- Bonerama (live)
Message to Mike- the Saxophone Summit
Sack O’ Woe- Cannon ReLoaded
Naima- Bobby Ricketts
Tulips, too late- Stan Harrison
Sissies- Moisturizer
Caldonia- Willie Nelson/Branford Marsalis
I Want to be Happy- Hot Club of Detroit
Round About Midnight- Keith Kilgo

Mel & Rich of SIRSY

I want to thank Mel & Rich of the band Sirsy for catching up with me. As always, our creative minds take over and in this conversation we talk about everything from how the new album Revolution has been received by live audiences as well as album listeners, we also chat about the inevitable journey to Madison (?) and even the proper treatment for stingray stings. Z A P!!! Making their own revolution.

Check out my conversation with this dynamic duo right here.


Madison Roots Festival

What a perfect evening for a really rootsy funky rockin’ show. I arrived to see the John Butler Trio hit the stage and had an overpriced beer in my hand while this trio torn the stage up. They were electrifying and so on, that the sunset failed in comparison to the spectacular force, energy and warmth radiating off the scene. I tell you this much: They certainly made a name for themselves with the crowd on hand at Willow Park. After there was a settling down some, G Love & the Special Sauce took over. Garret was funky, and fresh right from the get go. He featured many tracks off the latest release on Brushfire titled, Superhero Brother. Get it if you don’t have it…you’ll want it. I have had a couple of conversation with Garret in the past, and while this time I decided to let the music speak to me for him and I was not let down. There were riffs of great recognizable tune written by some of the greats in the past, there were classic G Love tracks and at the end, not only was there time for the John Butler Trio to join in on an amazing (A M A Z I N G) version of “Symphony for the Devil” but Tristan Prettyman who played earlier that afternoon, “slipped into something more comfortable” joined Garret for a sparkling version of “Beautiful“.

Man was this just a hot show PERIOD.


Music to Make it with

Todays show had the horns planning behind my back to take it over….I obliged and it sure got horny all over da place…..check out how it got itself in the mood:

I Never Cared for you- Del Castillo & Willie Nelson
Sundown Town- Ry Cooder
Get Ready- Oteil & the Peacemakers
No one to Run with- the Allman Brothers
Head to Toe- Eddie Floyd
let the Mermaid Flirt with me- scrapOmatic
One of those Days-Steve Cropper & Felix Cavaliere
In Time- Sly & the Family Stone
Peace Love & Happiness-G Love & the Special Sauce
all your way- Morphine
Greed- Hiram Bullock
Bo Diddley- the Meters
Chained (alt take)- Mavis Staples
You aint got no Drawers on-Marva Wright & the BMWs
Mz Psychlo Jones- Moist Paula
Tag- Jeff Coffin Mu ‘Tet
the Way you Move- Bobby Ricketts
Attaboy- Liquid Soul
Thunder- S.M.V.
Milkhunt (live)- Freekbass
Needletooth- Was not Was
Baby Elephants-n-Thangs-Baby Elephants/George Clinton
Free to Choose- Everything
Sugar Pie-Melody Makers & the Wailers(live’81)
Breathe it Live it- Dubconscious
What’s Wrong with Me-Skye (Us Remix)
Good-Supreme Beings of Leisure
Rapture- Dub Pistols feat Terry Hall

One hour of Acoustic-ness

Dubya- Great American Taxi
**Conversation with Vince Herman**
Kali- Great American Taxi
Hello- Tristan Prettyman
Could’ve had me- Lex Land
By July- Sirsy
Shadows- Angeline
Ol’ Cook Pot- the Duhks
Johnny Cash- Ry Cooder
Spayed Cooley- Ry Cooder
Barstool Boogie(live)-Dan Hicks & the Acoustic Warriors
Beatles Medley- Tommy Emmanuel (live)
Colours- James Robinson
Don’t Stop til you get Enough-Keller Williams (live)
Good Excuse- the John Butler Trio (live)
Country Ghetto- JJ Grey (live)
*Conversation with Susan Crofton of the Overture*