Not as Bad as the Bite

The final of the Memorial day fill in sets is one that takes a bite outta the bark….woof….and just reading these tunes gets the move groovin’….diGG:

Esto no Se Acaba Aqui- Ocote Soul Sounds Ft. Adrian Quesada
Learn to Let go- Ocote Soul Sounds Ft. Adrian Quesada
Enough Now- Harleighblu
California Dreaming- Afrolicious
No Place for my Dream- Femi Kuti

Jackson- Cas Haley
Bohannon- Fat Freddy’s Drop

Seasons (come on)- See I
Karmaggeddon- Guvna Dub
Why you Wanna Run- Gaudi Ft. Danny Ladwa
Heart of Glass- Blondie (Rob Garza Remix)
Nearly There- Dub Gabriel Ft. Brother Culture
Jungle Riot- Skip & Die

The Edge- Mixhell
Repetez le Repertoire- Ursula 1000 Ft. Isabelle Antena
Get Free- Major Lazer Ft. Amber of Dirty Projectors

Fireworks- Frameworks
Somebody’s Sins- Tricky
Life is too Short- the Mackrosoft

Mr. Burns- Groovesession (live)
Cocodrilos Acechando- Pyramid Blue
Turncoat- Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra
Ougusie- Hundred Strong & Joseph Malik


Reach for the Sky

The middle set of the Memorial Day fill in show features another conversation with Vietnam Veteran, Ray Maher. Just another good opportunity to remind ourselves why we have a Memorial day, and all that people have given for the rest. The tunes got the plants growing up fast…Here’s what the grew to with:

Remember Me- Trinikas
Castle Top Jam- Shuggie Otis
Lizard- Lowlands Studio Band

**Live on air Conversation with Special Forces Staff Sargent Ray Maher, Vietnam Veteran**

Summer’s Gone- Marta Ren & the Groovelvets
Tend to Your Business PT.1- Wildfire

Make Love to your Woman- Brother Joscephus & the LOVE Revolution
If I Gave you my Love- Myron & E
Cissy Strut- Slightly Stoopid Ft. Ivan & Ian Neville

Don’t Do it- Salvador Santana
Legalize it- MSMW
Three Splattered Eggs- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live NYC)
Simply Milani- J.Krown/Wolfman Washington/R.Batiste Jr.
Jump up Josie- Akashic Record
125th Street & 7th Avenue- Beat Funktion
Jelly Belly- the Kurbside Collection
Bo & Rhino- Redtenbacher’s Funketra Ft. Lenny Pickett

The Laws Must Change- John Mayall (Empire Fantastic Remix)
Boogie Children- Eckletic Mick

Blowing up the Spot- Fort Knox Five Ft. Akil Dasan
Gold Leader- Nick Pride & the Pimptones (Wild Palms Remix)
Red Rain- Midnight Magic
Witness- the New Mastersounds (Smoove Remix)


Risky Drive

The first set of the Monday Memorial Day fill in is a drive worth taking as lonG as you are willing to take SUM open minded risks….no need for using caution…just buckle up and enjoy and eventually you’ll be taken to that bridGe. Here’s the bumpy road:

Black Is- Piqued Jacks
Rainbow Jam Theme- Beau
Everything is Sunshine- Langor

Dear Prudence- Jack Ellister
Monsters of the Id- the Soft Hearted Scientists
Tintern Abbey Ghost Monk outro- the Soft Hearted Scientists

Said the Trapeze to Gravity (why are you so old?)- Gutbucket
Once Upon a Flight- Os Mutantes
Baby, Let me Move you- Jimi Hendrix
War to Begin- Mike Martin

Not to Touch the Earth- the Doors
Brokedown Palace- T.Blulm/G.Loiacono/Nicki Blulm/D.Eisenberg/S.Thunas (live Fillmore SF 12/03/2011)
Down the Road Pt II- Steve Earle & the Dukes (& Duchesses)
Nola Rag- Corey Harris
Brotherly Love- Ryan Bingham & Will Dailey
Tear this Cabin Down- Taj Mahal


The Path of Parts

In the second half of Sunday’s proGram, I spent time chatting with a Vietnam Vet who told us stories of why we should remember those before who served, and why we should think about the safe returns of all our men and women in harms way to keep freedom a true possibility. My man Ray spent 9 years in combat and I am proud of who his is and what he stands for. I am thankful that because of him, I get to voice my opinions on air, play music of my choosing and I am grateful to those who did what I know I couldn’t do. Here’s the sounds that went with this gratitude:

King Tut’s Strut- Will Calhoun
I Thought About You- Russel Blake
Juicy part II- Russel Blake
Sparkle- Jamaaladeen Tacuma Ft. Vernon Reid
Trio’s Anthem- J.Krown/Wolfman Washington/R. Batiste Jr.
Just Us- J.Krown/Wolfman Washington/R. Batiste Jr.

The Call- Kobo Town
Mouche- Banda Magda
Astcoade- Banda Magda

**Live on air Conversation with Vietnam Vet, Ray Maher**
The Wind that Shakes the Barley- Thomas Lukassek
Malandrino- Gogol Bordello

Peace- Vieux Farka Toure Ft. Sidiki Diabate
Sigi Bolile- Taga Sidibe
Sida- Zieti
Medina- Youssou N’dour
Balkan Bollywood- NY Gypsy All Stars


The Lines of Natural Shapes

The first part of the Sunday show has the shapes of thinGs in mind. The spaces these sets go in your ear are up to the way you see the unseen, and let time be a sun ray away….

Lullaby- Kelly Roberti
What’s up?- Michael Camilo
Route 66- George Benson
Straighten Up & Fly Right- George Benson

Part 2- Go: Organic Orchestra
Pictures of Exhibitionist- Jason Seed Stringtet

No Borders Just Horizons- Terence Blanchard
Follow Me- Bob James & David Sanborn

Evidence- Joel Forrester/Phillip Johnston (live at the Hillside Club 11/26/2010)
The Weight of Things- Vijay Iyer
Dizzy Dane- the Spokes
Lucky Day- Sonny Rollins
Birth of the Cool Theme- Miles Davis (live Royal Roost 9/4/1948)
Budo (Hallucinations)- Miles Davis (live Royal Roost 9/4/1948)
Airegin- Miles Davis Quintet
Now’s the Time- Miles Davis
The Stroke- the Rh Factor
Errands- the Harris Group
The Brass Monkey- the Harris Group


The way to See

Sometimes the view is only in the eye of the ear holder….The second part of the show featured live on air conversations with JB of the Soul of John Black as well as Manny Sanchez of Groovesession. JB and I discussed the new album “Sunshine state of Mind” and how it came to be, the love of the women in the world as well as how the path from day one to the tenth anniversary of being has led them to where they are today. Brother Manny and I chatted about the upcoming gig this Thursday 5/30 at the Alchemy, the live album just recently released and how perhaps Mick Fleetwood is really his papa. It is always a treat to have our Groovesession family as part of the proGram. There was also some really eye opening tunes shared:

I’ll Stay- the rh Factor Ft. D’Angelo
Interlude- the rh Factor
Cat Whip- the Kerbside Collection
Dragonfly- Redtenbachers Funkestra Ft. Michael B. Nelson

Insight- Fort Knox Five Ft. Asheru
The Power of Five- Fort Knox Five
Corn on the Cob- Riot Jazz Brass Band
The Dark Streets- Tall Black Guy

Magic Woman- the Soul of John Black
East L.A. Lady-the Soul of John Black
**Live on air conversation with JB of the Soul of John Black**
Leave me Alone- the NeyBUZZ
I know you Rider- Slightly Stoopid Ft. Bobby Weir (live 9/13/2011)
Native Colors- Groovesession (live)

**Live on air Conversation with Manny Sanchez of Groovesession**
Ontario Boogaloo- Groovesession (live)
Stand Up- Adrian Younge

Mind Drop- Mixhell
Cherry Crush- Sunwolf (Rob Garza Remix)


Ready, on Fort

The first half of today’s show built the cover to survive the early sprinG in your steppe……

Warren Hellman’s Banjo- Steve Earle & the Dukes (&Duchesses)
The Murderer- Mike Marlin
How Many Days- Kris Kristofferson

Goin’ to see my Baby- Les Lucky
When Whiskey was my Friend- Too Slim & the Taildraggers
I’d Rather Be Blind- Kristen Thien (solo/live)

*Legal Id/Show Promo Anni Piper*
One Good Man- Nicole Hart/Anni Piper
Congo Square Rag- Corey Harris
Kansas City- Albert King
I’m Gonna Keep on Loving You- Kool Blues
Packing a Grip- Golden Echoes

Machine en Prolepsis- Baptists Generals
Faust- Secret Colours
Sacramento Stealin’- Venice Gas House Trolley

Break on Through- the Doors (live 1970 Isle of Wight, England)
the Soft Parade- the Doors (live 1970 PBS Television NY)
HOngs- Aaron Lebos
Wizard Sleeve- Charlie Hunter Trio
Miles Behind- Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood
Thelonious Monk is my Grandmother- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live in NYC)


Within a Ferns Reach Up

The second portion of Sunday’s proGram was a gift from the earth. While just doing my on airness, the phone rinGs and it is Brother Larry McDonald. He was ringing in from Florida while tuned into the show. He was down the visiting and for the celebration of life help for Cedric IM Brooks. We spoke about Cedric with heavy hearts and fond memories of a man, who knew and took care of business. His horn was next to his head as the Ethiopian priest conducted the ceremony….We also reflected upon Larry’s visit to Stevens Point to do a talk on the HIS-story of Reggae music. Finally, Larry reminded us of his final show coming up this week with SCRATCH and gang in NYC, so catch it if you can. The music that was released in the ferns arms:

Diamond- Matuto
Ghillie Callum- Thomas Lukassek
Sister River- Chris Berry

Nothing to Show for it- Femi Kuti
Smokey Places- the Tritonics
Jah Protect Us All- Bugle
**Impromptu live on air chat with Brother Larry McDonald**
A Misa Fait Na- Cross Border Players Ft. Bongo
Put your Guns Down- Gaudi Ft. Michael Rose
I Start to Pray- Gaudi Ft. Lee SCRATCH Perry & the Orb

Waynkoum Ya Reejal- Gnawa Kronik Ft. Yassir Chadly
Koumba- Alif Naaba
Allah Wawi- Vieux Farka Toure
Las Esvegras de Angora- Ruth Yaako
Im Nin’Alu intro- Watcha Clan
Im Nin’Alu- Watcha Clan


By no Other Name

The opening is wider, let me inside her….with music:

Scrapbook- William Parker Violin Trio
Three Haikus: -Charlie Hunter & Bobby Previte Ft. John Medeski
A. Death Valley
B. Salt Lake
C. Dead Sea

All of Us- Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman
Word from Bird- Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman
Mob Job- Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman
Crazy- Anatoly Gerasimov Band (live in Olimiada 80)
I Said- Jamieo Brown

Part Seven (medium)- Go: Organic Orchestra
Krakow- Jason Seed Stringtet

Deep in the Woods- Bob James & David Sanborn
For Otto- Carlo De Rosa’s Cross Fade
On Fire- Michel Camilo
Fly with the Wind- Roy Assaf Ft. Roy Hargrove
Don’t Run- Terence Blanchard
Final Hour- Joshua Redman
I Vitelloni- Sex Mob

Disconcerto for Donnie- the Microscopic Septet
Abu Bakr II- Will Calhoun
Paradox- Riot Jazz Brass Band

Strum- Marcus Miller
Shiraz- David Fiuczynski
Vital Transformation- the Mahavishnu Project


Log N Roll

the Second part of yesterday’s proGram took the decomposers and gave them the life the create. Under the soil, in the air and on top of the Log….there was some rollin’….Here’s the music between the loG and a hard place:

We got Somethin’ Salvador Santana Ft. Money Mark
Soul Understanding- J.Krown/WOLFMAN Washington/R.Batiste Jr.
3 A.M. Run- Akashic Record
Crankmaster General- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra Ft. Eric Krasno
Hibachi Sushi Dance- Tzar Ft. Moist Paula (live at the Stone NYC)

Keep the Music Playin’- the Pimps of Joytime
Funk for Peace- Fort Knox Five Ft. Mustafa Akbar
There’s no More Soul- Tall Black Guy Ft. Diggs Duke
Don’t Touch- K OS Ft. Sam Roberts
Atlas- Sanders Bohlke

Everything or Nothing- Robert Miles
I see Colors- Thunderball Ft. Mustafa Akbar (QDup Foundation Remix)
Don’t get your Panties in a Bunch- Ursula 1000
Rise Fall- Adult
New Frustration- Adult
You Make me Feel (mighty real)- Sylvester
Private Party- Dungeonesse
Stargazer- Thievery Corporation Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix)

Button Fumbla- Royal Canoe
Patience- Frameworks
Broken Record- Little Boots
Dilemma- Boundary

Mr. Pretender- Desdamona & Big Jess
Does it- Tricky Ft. Francesca Belmonte

Trash Day- Cas Haley
Downing Street Rock- Winston Edwards & Blackbeard

Dr. X- Guvna Dub
When you’re Near- Guru Ft. N’dea Davenport & Simon Law
Dynamite- Kraak & Smaak Ft. Sebastian & DJ Get Hyper
Mary & the Droid- Ox Cohen
Illusion- Majical Clouds

Crossfader- DK Kentaro Ft. Kid Koala & D Styles
I’m Feelin’ U- DJ Vadim Ft. Greg Blackman
Listen to the Rainbow- Neon Neon


Martian Rock Snake

The first half of today’s show was not a mission but an exploration. In the middle of it I chatted with Jessa Callen of the Callen Sisters. We spoke about the new EP “The Light Bringer Project”, the social climate that moves their music onward and how the harp fits in…and the martian rock snake slithered by the scene leaving behind a trail of these tunes:

Elevations- Oceanfire
Cathedral- Purple Rock Trip
Tarazed- Julie’s Haircut
Trees in the Wind- the Soft Hearted Scientists

Dust USA- Radical Dads
PeRFeCT WoRLd- the ReWd oNeZ
39 Monster- Suga Bush

Look Out- Os Mutantes
Blackbird Only One- Secret Colours

25 Minutes to go- Pearl Jam (live 10/22/03)
Low Down Filthy Man- Whiskey Rodeo
I’d Rather be Blind, Crippled and Crazy- the Derek Trucks Band (live Park West Chicago 1/26/06)
Call Your Children- David Egan
Harley Heart- RB Stone

Heartattack & Vine- John Hammond
Calico County- Steve Earle & the Dukes (& Duchesses)
Silence is Everywhere- the Ragbirds
*On air Conversation with Jessa Callen of the Callen Sisters*
Light Bringer- The Callen Sisters
Out the Back Door- Victoria Vox
Love in the Worst Degree- Shannon McNally

Run for the Roses- G.Anton/Sunshine/J.Kadlecik/M.Seals/M.Sugar (live)
Someday- Julian Lennon Ft. Steven Taylor
Be Thankful for What you got- Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra
Happy House- Shuggie Otis
XL 30- Shuggie Otis
A Child is Born- Aggregation

Putting it on You Mind- Jimmy Preacher Ellis
Pats Rubber Band- Alley Pat
Natural Self- the Valleys Ft. Tanya Auclair & Milly Blue
2 Kinds of Men- Marta Ren & the Groovelvets
Villain- CocoRosie


From Another

The second part of this Sunday fill in was to be sonGs from other spaces….away from where your ears reside in normal…Climb over the sky and swinG thru the trees, see what new sounds your ear holes will find:

Raga Bhairavi- Ravi Shankar
Train Song #2- Sakar Khan
Enta Fen Again- Yasmine Hamdan
Khayyam- Yasmine Hamdan
Dor de Amor E- Joyce Moreno
Toca do Sino- Matutu
Mudzimo We- Chris Berry
Follow Follow- Tunng

Adibar- Ali Farka Toure Allstars Ft. Mamadou Kelly (live Festival au Desert 2012)
Toure- the Toure Raichel Collective Ft. Frederic Yonnet
Kaira- Sidiki Diabate (live Amarass Desert Music Festival 2011)
Amadou Tilo- Toure Kunda
Politics Na Big Business- Femi Kuti
Propaganda War- Taj Weekes & Adowa

Maree Noire- Lost Bayou Ramblers
Alpo Mayo- Appalatin

Dragon- Wang Lihong
Electric Intertribal- a Tribe Called Red ft. Smoke Trail
Do Jaja- Ziveli Orkestar
I Like to Move it- Los Colorados (Robert Soko Remix)

Road to ryhad- the Spy from Cairo
Oud Outro- the Spy from Cairo

Another System- IMO


Branch & HanG out

The first half of this Sunday morning fill in show was dedicated to the lonG reach of a hanGin’ branch….Reach out and touch it:

Scortch- Alex Skolnick Trio
So All Freddie- Omar Sosa
A Prayer for the Planet- Global Noize
Music! Dance! Drama!- Jaga Jassist w/the Britten Sinfonia (live)
Logic of Love- Fourplay
Adagio- Joshua Redman
Let it Be- Joshua Redman
the Itch- Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom
Volpina- Sex Mob

Afrique Kane- Will Calhoun
Trio’s Anthem- Joe Krown/Walter WOLFMAN Washington/Russell Batiste Jr.
Smoke & Fire- Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom

Broadway Boogie Woogie- David Chesky


Fiddlehead Pop

The nature of it is to open…these sounds are meant to give it a push in the riGht direction….the second half of the proGram has leaves ready to burst out:

You Can’t Go- Lonnie Lester
Drinking Song (Interlude)- Alice Russell
I’m a Good Woman- Hannah Williams & the Tastemakers

Papa Was Stoned- Fort Knox Five
Pimptroduction- Nick Pride & the Pimptones (Nick Pride Remix)
Triple X (Drum intro)- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra
Triple X- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra Ft. Michael B. Nelson’s Hornheads

Gettin’ Squinty- Club d’Elf
Enter the Fagan- the Mackrosoft

Mojo On- K-OS
Fade Me (outro)- Amp Live
Cadillac- Dungeoneese
Sindromes Modernos- Violeta Vil
Delhi Dungeons- Skip & Die
Warsaw- Dessa

Bootleg Fireworks- Boundary
Rocketship- Body Language
Carillon- Body Language

Feed You- Double Yellow
Praxis Makes Perfect- Neon Neon
Good Thing- Naytronix
If you Want me to- Adam & Binki

Funeral Biz(welcome to Detroit interlude)- Tall Black Guy
Take a Look (at yourself)- Guru Ft. Roy Ayers
Fade- Knxwledge
Besita- Empresarios
Fundamental (opiate remix)- Blue Foundation


ShininG Texture

Feel it:

Taxonomy- Ken Field
Bad Calibration- Vert:X

Remember the Music- Victoria Vox
Burn the Bridge- CD Woodbury

Deborah Lynn- Skeebo Knight
My Love Won’t Wait- Two Gallants
Let the Day Begin- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Hallo Spaceboy- David Bowie (live)
Some Days- the 4ontheFloor
That’s Me- Elvis Costello
Jukin’- Sheryl Crow

One Kind Favor- Merl Saunders/Jerry Garcia (live)
Money Money- the Grateful Dead
El Diablo- ZZ Top
Bottom Feeder- Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch
Sugar Sweet- Jeff Healy
Cotton Mouth Man- James Cotton
The Well- Charlie Musselwhite

Jockey Full of Bourbon- John Hammond
Don’t go Nowhere- Arnold McCuller
Rick’s Boogie Part 1- Rick Steff
Sister Ray Charles- JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound
Retreat- Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
The Max- Prophets of Peace
Not Available- Shuggie Otis
Cooperstown- the Gene Dudley Group
Counting on You- Kylie Auldist


Sands on Eartime

The third and final portion of the other days program flipped the hourGlass and the eartime shared trickled thru the finGers…..

Bambora!- Curumin
Passarinho- Curumin
Tamino & the Temple of Dub- Gaudi

En Son de Pas- Frikstailers
Batuqueando- Frikstailers
This Road- a Tribe Called Red Ft. Black Bear
Head First- Junip

Clear Night Sky- La Luz
Call me in the Day- La Luz
Toronjil- Violeta Vil

Superhereos- Mic Crehshaw Ft. Dead Prez
Never Cry Wolf- Dark Time Sunshine Ft. Reva Devito
Nothing Changes- Tricky Ft. Francesca Belemonte
Fast Break- Amp Live

**Mowing Report with Moustapha**
ReAssimilate- Fatty DL
Set them Free- DJ Vadim Ft. Sabira Jade
Throw Down- All Good Funk Alliance Ft. Neighbour/Think Tank (Busta Remix)

Silent Warrior- Dub Gabriel Ft. P.J. Higgins
Shaz Tate- Hey, Rube

**Quick on air chat with Lauren from Midwest**


Stormed on Thru

The middle portion of yesterday’s proGram brouGht the chanGe in the weather with a sliGht change of some fallin’ funk:

Somewhere- Jimi Hendrix
Can you Stand the Heat- Ana Popovic
Ain’t Enough Lead- Etta Britt
Heavy Water- Stacy Jones Band (live)
Save me Jesus- Shannon McNally

That’s All I Got- Tommy Castro & the Painkillers
Number 9- Tarheel Slim

Me and My Uncle- ALO Ft. Bob Weir (live 12/01/2012)
Samson & Delilah- the Mickey Hart Band (live 12/01/2012)

Born Under a Bad Sign- Albert King
You Make Me Nothing- Energettics
Behind the Face- Jimmy Rowles & the Gravel Pit
Inspiration Information- Shuggy Otis

Only the Good Die Young- Brother Joscephus & the LOVE Revolution
Ghost Town- the Hot 8 Brass Band

Blessed Blackness- The JB’s
Afro Jam- Anatoly Gerasimov Band
Panipat- Celia Baron
Morocco- the Sign of Four

Under the Same Drum- Dusty
Trouble Man- Jesse Futerman
Unsquare Blues- Redtenbachers Funkestra Ft. Christoph Wundrak
Happy Birthday ( to funky you)- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra


Grown in and Around

The first set of today’s proGram is the world opener made into some seedless jam:

Ali’s Nay- Ihsan Al Mounzer
Cme Catchorr- Cesaria Evora

Daye’ Fiyyi Chebbaki- Mike Massey
Djarbi- Leni Stern
Mutemo Wako- Oliver Mtukudzi
Ahulakamine Hulan- Bombino
Bisimillah- Oumar Konate Ft. Leila Gobi (live Festival au Desert 2012)

Sua Bekiza- Domenico
Zona Portuaria- Domenico
Unico- Boogat Ft. Lido Pimienta

Make a Better World- Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt
Boom Bam Deng- Brushy One String
Redemption Song- Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
Pink Stallion- Mother Falcon
Sister Midnight- David Bowie (live)
Home Away From Home- Surprise me Mr. Davis
Tintern Abbey Ghost Monk intro- The Soft Hearted Scientists
Seaside Sid & the Giant Squid- The Soft Hearted Scientists

Ganja Man- Os Mutantes
Stank- Sol