The Lines of Natural Shapes

The first part of the Sunday show has the shapes of thinGs in mind. The spaces these sets go in your ear are up to the way you see the unseen, and let time be a sun ray away….

Lullaby- Kelly Roberti
What’s up?- Michael Camilo
Route 66- George Benson
Straighten Up & Fly Right- George Benson

Part 2- Go: Organic Orchestra
Pictures of Exhibitionist- Jason Seed Stringtet

No Borders Just Horizons- Terence Blanchard
Follow Me- Bob James & David Sanborn

Evidence- Joel Forrester/Phillip Johnston (live at the Hillside Club 11/26/2010)
The Weight of Things- Vijay Iyer
Dizzy Dane- the Spokes
Lucky Day- Sonny Rollins
Birth of the Cool Theme- Miles Davis (live Royal Roost 9/4/1948)
Budo (Hallucinations)- Miles Davis (live Royal Roost 9/4/1948)
Airegin- Miles Davis Quintet
Now’s the Time- Miles Davis
The Stroke- the Rh Factor
Errands- the Harris Group
The Brass Monkey- the Harris Group


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