Risky Drive

The first set of the Monday Memorial Day fill in is a drive worth taking as lonG as you are willing to take SUM open minded risks….no need for using caution…just buckle up and enjoy and eventually you’ll be taken to that bridGe. Here’s the bumpy road:

Black Is- Piqued Jacks
Rainbow Jam Theme- Beau
Everything is Sunshine- Langor

Dear Prudence- Jack Ellister
Monsters of the Id- the Soft Hearted Scientists
Tintern Abbey Ghost Monk outro- the Soft Hearted Scientists

Said the Trapeze to Gravity (why are you so old?)- Gutbucket
Once Upon a Flight- Os Mutantes
Baby, Let me Move you- Jimi Hendrix
War to Begin- Mike Martin

Not to Touch the Earth- the Doors
Brokedown Palace- T.Blulm/G.Loiacono/Nicki Blulm/D.Eisenberg/S.Thunas (live Fillmore SF 12/03/2011)
Down the Road Pt II- Steve Earle & the Dukes (& Duchesses)
Nola Rag- Corey Harris
Brotherly Love- Ryan Bingham & Will Dailey
Tear this Cabin Down- Taj Mahal


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