Eliot Lipp Takes Beats Beyond

The Orpheum Theatre had a niGht of beats that spilled out into a crowd of wanting ears and bodies readied at the starting line to get on their individual moves and motions. Poised with colors glowing and smiles wrapped around the interior of the building, this audience quickly embraced the working beats of friend to the program Eliot Lipp. Just as we spoke of in our conversation during the last show, you could hear the inspiration from visits to great buildings housing great art….you could hear the difference, which quickly translates into “feelin’ it”. The symbiotic relationship between the drawn line and the sound line wasn’t lost on me as I soaked it in deep, with my own doing as it does. Eliot crafts his shows around the beats, not merely in the beats alone….it is within those spaces between the grooves where my ears meet Eliot Lipp’s miXes. I wonder what they miGht do for you?

For Jaik

the final portion of yesterdays extra hour show~ “For Jaik” setlist riGht here:

Foster Fatty (Quasamodo Athens Greece Remix)- Teddy Presberg
Juicy PT II- Russel Blake
Compra Paga- Bebe
Nazongi Ndako (Part 2)- Baloji w/Royce Mbumba
Kyniwa Kyniwa- Baloji w/Bebson de la Rue
Ixtapa- Rodrigo y Gabriela & C.U.B.A. ft Anoushka Shankar

Slow Down Freight Train- Scott Sawyer
Too Many Tears- Buddy Guy ft Susan Tedeschi/Derek Trucks
Burning Love- Eric Sardinas & Big Motor
Trippin’ over Dragons- Billy Iuso ft Jaik Miller
They Love Each Other- ALO (live)

Jungle Drums- Dex Romweber Duo
Dontcha lie to me Baby- Scott H Biram
Grandfather’s Gun- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)

Quick Lipp

the second portion of today’s proGram “Quick Lipp”…a big thank you to Eliot Lipp for being a guest on the show today:

Frisky- Sly & the Family Stone
Sophisticated Cissy- the Meters
High Noon- the Funk Ark
Ricky’s Theme- the Beastie Boys
Happiness Train- Jessica Lauren Four ft Miss Marple
Look Around (Inst)- Quantic & Alice Russell

Deixa Pra La- Bronx River Parkway
Fiela- Hugh Masekela
Senor Montecostes- Mati Zundel

The Democratic Circus- Talking Heads
Better People- Xavier Rudd
True to Myself- Ziggy Marley (live Studio M)
Lola- Pressure Cooker
The Lion of Judah Hath Prevailed- the Process Meets Ghetto Priest (Adrian Sherwood Mix ft Natty Congo)
Breakthrough- Astronauts of Antiquity
On the Rhodes Again- Morcheeba
Greenarrowradio Theme- Mister Rourke
Kong- Bonobo
Take me Over- Carmen Rizzo
The Urge- Eliot Lipp & Jasia 10
Sunrise- Eliot Lipp & Jasia 10

***On air Conversation with Eliot Lipp***
Homegrown 2011- See I (J Roc Remix)
Heads Up- Bassnectar (the Glitch Mob Remix)
Nothing is Something- Liftoff

Powered by PineaPPle

the first portion of today’s proGram “Pineapple Power”

Pretty Little Girl- the Chieftains ft Carolina Chocolate Drops
Tip of my Tongue- the Civil Wars (live)
Listen- Graham Whorley

Jesus on the Grille- Willy Porter (live MMM Studio)
Don Quixote Side- Bruce Piephoff

Magical Mystery Tour- Love Camp 7
Greasy Chicken- the Harmonious Five

The Clock Struck Twelve- Bo Diddley
Let your Word be your bond- Billy Cox & Buddy Miles
Blowin’ Smoke- the Radiators
Mambo Jumbo- Davis Coen
Bayou Tortue- James McMurtry (live)
I want you to want me- Zydecosis
Can’t you see- Jimmy Hall/Henry Paul/Bo Bice
Cinderella- the Jamie McLean Band ft John Popper
Crash Burn- Blues Traveler (live)
Mournin’ Light- Pop Levi
Polly- Amanda Palmer
Gratitude- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Howlin’ with Fred- the Apples ft Fred Wesley

A Love Electric did it

The High Noon Saloon is always a great spot for a CD release. In support of their latest release, 20th Century Folk Selections on Royal Potato Family, good friend of the proGram, Todd Clouser brougt his mind-bending group A Love Electric to town with ear-original excitement combined with interesting versions of familiar tunes done as only this neo-jazz-rock quintet can do. I have seen this act many times now, a beast on trumpet, combined with Todd’s ability to translate sound into feeling…..and I have to say that in this rare occasion, they managed to do something I consider a rare feat, they keep on getting better each time I go out and see ’em. The style, sound and personality of this group allows me to proudly support Todd every time he keeps coming to Madison (and I hope that keeps happnin’), and I can easily categorize “A Love Electric” as one of my favorite acts around. You can be sure that the next time they’re here, I’ll be there….I hope you adopt this same practice and I’ll look for the thank you cards in my email.

Can’t get Loose

Here’s the second portion of the other days proGram: the “Can’t get lOOse” setlist…a big thank you to Todd Clouser for being a guest on the show:

Know Time- the Zeke Martin Project
Windy- Wes Montgomery
Chain of Fools- Herbie Mann
All Apologies- Todd Clouser & A Love Electric
Paris is Burning- Buckshot Lefonque
Jungle Grove- Buckshot Lefonque
Makoti- Hugh Masekela
Can’t buy me- Femi Kuti
You Can Run- Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80
Heroin- Todd Clouser & A Love Electric
Pay me my Money Down- Todd Clouser & A Love Electric

*** On air chat with Todd Clouser***
Sugar Free Jazz (Molasses Dub)- Soul Coughing
Paper Butterfly- Shana Halligan
Acen it- Eliot Lipp & Jasio 10
Sunrise- Eliot Lipp & Jasio 10
the Urge- Eliot Lipp & Jasio 10
Queens- THEESatisifaction
May I Interrupt- Filastine
Skirmish- Filastine
Lil’ Sonic Sam- Eoto (live)
Connected- Lance Herbstrong (remix)

I’m with it- Speech Debelle
Anna May- Adrian Younge Sound Orchestra
Scale it Back-DJ Shadow ft Little Dragon (Silkie’s Slow Jam remix)

in fliGht

first portion of yesterdays show.

11th Confession- Peter Himmelman (live Studio M)
Livin’ it Down- Delbert McClinton (live Studio M)
Saint Behind the Glass- Los Lobos (live KXCI)
Still Looking up at the Stars- Bruce Piephoff
Happiness is a Warm Gun- Phish (live ’94)
Powderfinger- Neil Young & Crazy Horse (live)
Gremmie out of Control- Pearl Jam
Let’s Work Together- Canned Heat
Spirit in the sky- the Blind Boys of Alabama
Taxman- Scott Sawyer
Saturday- Twinemen
Faith-Visions of an Inner Mounting Apocalypse ft D. Fiuczynski
Gravity Lane- Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
Oh, but the Third Day (Happy Feet Blues)- Wynton Marsalis
I’m so Confused- the Soul Rebels ft Ben Ellman
91.7 WSUM/Togged to the Bricks- Lee Pons
I’m Checkin’ out, Goom’bye- Catherine Russell

Didn’t it Rain-Don Byron New Gospel Quintet ft Vernon Reid
Easy, Easy, Easy- Timothy McNealy
C.R.E.A.M- El Michels Affair

Litte Barrie & Charles Bradley

If you’ve been a listener to the proGram since its inception back on the Connecticut airwavesway back in the EARly 2000’s, you’d know how deep I go with the Little Barrie diGGin’. I have been spinning them since 2005, and haven’t looked back since. With a new album (King of the Waves), it has been four years since the last one, the trio from Liverpool made their way to America in support of Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, after many dates overseas opening for them. Little Barrie rocked the High Noon Saloon and opened the eyes of many in attendance who were definitely there to catch Mr. Bradley. For many of them, this was their very first taste of the incredibly catchy rock and roll of Little Barrie. They blew the roof off the place with many tracks off the new release, but for my ears, “Tip it Over” was the selection that was most remarkable—with all other tracks right there with it. In chatting with drummer Virgil Howe (son of Yes guitarist Steve Howe), I learned that the band would love to come back to the states and show off what they do best….ROCK!! I have a feeling that they’d welcome an invitation to a town near you.

Although nursing an obvious cold, Mr. Bradley’s pure emotion and meaning were felt over the crowd with each bead of sweat that fell to the stage. The band, as always was tight on and translated the soul of the night magically for a grateful Madison crowd. The love between artist and the appreciators is smile evoking and if you haven’t caught this show yet, you’re missing out on someone who IS all he appears.

Bonerama Bonanza

It was nice to hear from friend of the program, Charlie Wooton while doing a fill in the a few weeks back. He rang the show to let me know he’d be in town with Bonerama doing a masters class at the University and then a free show at Mills Hall. In talking with a few of the students backstage, they were all so pumped to have hooked up with Bonerama and the experience is certainly one of those I am sure is on many people’s list of things they wish they could do. It was great catching up with Charlie as he has so many things going on including a new upcoming album and tour with the Royal Southern Brotherhood. The band taught thirteen or so “bone” players a couple of tracks and discussed the things that turn them on by music. The students ended up on stage during the free show playing with the band in a concert. How cool! The set was strong and filled with solos from our Bonerama gang as well as the students, Charlie kicked in a fantastic solo during one of the hottest renditions of “Whippin’ Post” I have hEARd in a long time. With a regular mix of their own originals and some horn heavy covers, the night was one to remember and quite unique with the addition of all those jammin’ trombones on stage…..

Making Faces with Marco

I was fortunate enough to interview Marco Benevento the other day to promote his show at the Cafe Redamte on Friday night. I enjoyed being able to chat more with Marco about the scene he’s been seen in, the recent tunes he was working on, (which he shared with the audience during the intermission) and of course how hot the new tune “Fireworks” sounded during the first set. After some time on the top of the stairs, the piano and keys were jamming into and out of Marco’s own tunes and a nice collage of covers that had the eerie places inside my mind dancing with their own goblins….. I really get what Marco is laying down. He has a way when by himself or in Garage a Trois or with Joe or whomever that calls to my senses directly through my ear-holes. His solo piano show is an excellent reminder why we diGG what Marco does. His ability to interpret songs we already hold nEAR is almost like he has been sitting in on family conversations from the long ago past, and remembered important details as to what we like. His own songs sometimes feel like they were written in my own songbook, in my own writing and perhaps even on paper I, myself have made. I am glad to be able to call Marco a friend of greenarrowradio finally, and look forward to the next opportunity to hEAR him live, or spin that fresh new tune he has gathered riGht from inside of me….. (a big thank you to Kevin for making these things happen.)

Marco Benevento & MisterG making faces

Painted Face

and as I turned back to face the board, I noticed my face was painted like a creepy clown, stuck in a calliope circle of sound…luckily, the show went this-a-way:

Tamacun- Rodrigo y Gabriela ft John Tempesta
Intermission- Chicha Libre
the Ride of the Valkyries- Chicha Libre

I Can’t Wait- Little Barrie
Twisted Little Blade- Little Barrie
Tip it Over- Little Barrie
Brotherhood- Del Castillo

Greenarrowradio Theme- Mister Rourke
Hyped Up- MC Zulu
504- the Soul Rebels (Fat Bastard Remix)
Knuckle Dub- Guvna Dub
Somebody Like You- AM & Shawn Lee (Second Sky_TomB Remix)

Political F**k- Balkan Beat Box
Fight the Power- Public Enemy

High Sis- Liftoff
New Day- Noble Society
Scale it Back- DJ Shadow w/Little Dragon (Engine Earz Experiment Remix)
Bodhichitta Dub-Eccodek (Nate Wize Super Moon Mix)

Sweat Set- Lazerbeak
A Pahnan- Novalima

Ayrilik Olsa Bile- Esmeray
the Laziest Summer Afternoon- Kayhan Kahlor

Insides and Outside

There are too many times where experience and debate cannot fixx the predicament, or unclogg the way. It is times like that where turning to the music can hopefully help, at least distract. The first portion of today’s show is meant to be a wormhole into that space where the insides and outsides nEARly miss….

Drums- Graham Whorley
It’s Only Love- Clarence Bucaro

Leaving- Paul Sanchez
Cajun Girl- Little Feat
Chicken Strut- the Derek Trucks Band (live)
Corinna- the Other Ones (live)
Magic Bus- Billy Iuso
Mile High Mile Deep- Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormans
In my Head- Twinemen
Early Train- Bourbon Princess
Satchel Mouth- Catherine Russell
Let it Come Naturally- George Soule
Stay Away- Charles Bradley
Strawberry Lady- the Soul of John Black
Stand In- Barry Adamson
Shake- Phenomenal Handclap Band

California- EMA
Above my Head- Phantom Family Halo

Glass- Kmang Kmang
the Wanderer-M.Chamberlain/B.Frisell/T.Martine/L.Townsend
Threadbare- M.Chamberlain/B.Frisell/T.Martine/L.Townsend
Everyday Blues- SoSaLa
Sham-Don Byron New Gospel Quintet
What you Gonna do- the Zeke Martin Project

Here we go Again- Buckshot LeFonque

With a Bush-league bEARd

Look what tunes dropped outta my winter hair during the second portion of the proGram:

Wasineveritis- Buckshot Lefonque
James Brown part i & ii- Buckshot Lefonque
Solid- Soulive (live)
do the BooGaloo- Mo’ Horizons (live)
Draggin’ me Down- Speedometer ft Martha High

Your Dough- Babaloo
Number 17- Chicha Libra
Broken Samba- Lack of Afro
the Right One- Phenomenial Handclap Band
greenarrowradio theme- Mister Rourke
Kool it Man- Liftoff
Calling the Rain- Eccodek (Afrodisiac Mix)
Buffalo Plaid- Laserbeak
Eleventh Hour- Laserbeak

Scale it Back- DJ Shadow ft Little Dragon
Lady Luck- Jamie Woon (d’Ebruit’s Suave Mix)

Gun Thing- Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew
Global Threat- Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
Soul Shakedown Party- Bob Marley (Fort Knox Five Mix)

Unlock your Mind- the Soul Rebels ft Cyril Neville
Rebuild Renew- 9 Lives
the Sun and the Sea- Barry Adamson
I Still Believe-Bill Ortiz ft Linda Tillery & Zumbi (Phoenix Black Remix)
Porno Clown- Balkan Beat Box
Panalivio- Novalima
Voodoo- Bassnectar (Beats Antique Remix)

Steady the Lis’nin’ Ship

A big thank you to friend of the proGram, Mister Rourke for birthin’ & producin’ a new greenarrowradio theme song. The first of two shows took off from the port and it didn’t take long for this ship to get going…here’s what the first portion of the journey looked like:

UFO- Graham Whorley
Dixie- The Sean Chambers Band
the Eleven- the Other Ones (live)
Rubberneckin’- Elvis Presley
Surf Hell- Little Barrie
Wipeout- Gary Hoey & Donavon Frankenreiter
Salin’ on- No Doubt
Set yourself on Fire- Charlotte (live)
How do I get to Carnegie Hall-Gemma Ray w/Sparks
Forest- Zoë Keating
The Last Bird- Zoë Keating
Tango Obscura- Nineteen Eighteen
In the Grove- Scott Marischen
Bees- Jason Adasiewicz’s Sun Room

Panama- Gary Burton
Hit the Road Jack- Grappelli/Thielemans

Greenarrowradio Theme- Mister Rourke

Sulpa- Kmang Kmang
Sonny Light- Jack DeJohnette
Altar Call- Wynton Marsalis
Soul for Sale- Wynton Marsalis

Get out of my Life, Woman- Joe Williams