Litte Barrie & Charles Bradley

If you’ve been a listener to the proGram since its inception back on the Connecticut airwavesway back in the EARly 2000’s, you’d know how deep I go with the Little Barrie diGGin’. I have been spinning them since 2005, and haven’t looked back since. With a new album (King of the Waves), it has been four years since the last one, the trio from Liverpool made their way to America in support of Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, after many dates overseas opening for them. Little Barrie rocked the High Noon Saloon and opened the eyes of many in attendance who were definitely there to catch Mr. Bradley. For many of them, this was their very first taste of the incredibly catchy rock and roll of Little Barrie. They blew the roof off the place with many tracks off the new release, but for my ears, “Tip it Over” was the selection that was most remarkable—with all other tracks right there with it. In chatting with drummer Virgil Howe (son of Yes guitarist Steve Howe), I learned that the band would love to come back to the states and show off what they do best….ROCK!! I have a feeling that they’d welcome an invitation to a town near you.

Although nursing an obvious cold, Mr. Bradley’s pure emotion and meaning were felt over the crowd with each bead of sweat that fell to the stage. The band, as always was tight on and translated the soul of the night magically for a grateful Madison crowd. The love between artist and the appreciators is smile evoking and if you haven’t caught this show yet, you’re missing out on someone who IS all he appears.

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