The LiGhts go out

After the time in the studio yesterday, it was just time to close the liGhts on the path and otherwise…….follow the sounds where they miGht lead you:

Cheeba- Shafiq Husayn FT Bilal (Nottz Remix)
Ghetto: Misfortunes Wealth- 25 Carat Black
This is the Lost generation- the Lost Generation
Why (it’s a Shame)- Corinthian Singers
Dreamer girl- Da Cruz

Boom Boom Boom- Asa (Thomas Blondet/Jimi Wes Moombahton Mix)
He got the Shakes- Chris Joss
Sweetback- Deep Street Soul
Magik-J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science (Inst) ft. Raashan Ahmad/Aima the Dreamer/Cait La De
Medicated- Lagos
Nightspot- 33Hz
Baby- Spank Rock
Check the Frequency- MC Zulu

Moon on the Rise- Thunderball FT Rootz
Youb for Mali- Afrolicious
Transport- Zun Zun Equi
Quick Minute- Excentrik
Wontanara- Farafina Massaya FT Nils Bultman

Mali Ba- Labi Traore
Ayiboh- Sia Tolno
Balkan Reggae- Mahala Rai Banda
Jokoriste Czarno- Dikanda

Sin Camiseta- MarchFourth Marching Band
Take a Little Trip- James Andrews
The Cold Sweat Variations- Burnt Sugar
Flint Stoned- Skeebo Knight
I know What Girls Like-Joel Forrester/Phillip Johnston (live)
Winter- Led Bib

No Escape- Lola Danza
Hado- Amina Alaoui

Upside is Down

Sometimes you’ve felt like riGht is left or wrong and up is well….down. It isn’t really opposite, just diFFerent sames. This portion of the show has moments where I know I was sitting in the drivers seat anxiously waiting to find uot where this thing will go next..and then I remembered that I was somewhat in charge…..

Inside out- Imelda May
Uncontrollable Urge- Devo (live)
Down- Summercamp
111- Sons of Ralph (live)
Climb to Safety-Jerry Joseph w/R. Randolph/D. Schools & M. Apts (live)
Memphis in the Meantime- John Hiatt & the Gorners FT Warren Haynes (live)
the Honest Ocean- Yellowbirds
Shakedown Street- Bob Weir & Friends (live)
Fruit of Telum- Moksha

I’m so Glad-the Codetalkers Ft. COL. Bruce Hampton
(S)cream- Saidah Baba Talibah
You and I- the Disco Biscuits

Boa Reza- Vanessa Da Mata/Seu Jorge & Almaz
Ela (Ticklah Remix)- Curumin
Baby (Old Dirty Baby Dub Version)-Aloe Blacc/Alice Smith
Freak Le Boom Boom- Marina Gasolina & Secousse
Slinky Dub- Zook
Captive Dub- Mr Savona

Piperkovo Oro- Raya Brass Band
Trece Vremea Omului- Zdib si Zdub
Let it all Hang out- 11 Acorn Lane
Del Ray- Sola Rosa
Haterz 24 7- See I (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Munghana Wamina (Tsonga)- Jose Conde

I’ll turn this Radio around

Phew if only. I did a big fat five hours today and it was all over the musical map. The first seven tracks are like a bonus track…..Then it sure did get soulllllfullllly funky….Lots of new miXed in with the old, like the youngsta learning themselves from the elder….Here is the first show of three:

Nice and Easy- Frank Sinatra
Spring (Allegro)- Chinese Baroque Players
Music for a Found Harmonium-Nashville Mandolin Ensemble
Nine Pound Hammer- Garcia/Grisman
Walk to the Water- John Smith
Let Go- J J
Jatil Granthi- Ravi Shankar
Sylvia’s Mother-Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show
The Taker- Kris Kristofferson
I got Stoned and I missed it-Shel Silverstein
The Gas is on- Mark Croft
It ain’t Necessarily So- Mary Lou Williams
Busted- Ray Charles
Hard Work- Smooth & Turrell
Oh Baby-A.C. Jones & the Atomic Aces
Soul Feeling- Frankie Pighee & the Soulettes

Get Down Tonite- Melvin Sparks
Strawberry Lake- the Original 7ven
Concrete Waves- Kendra Morris
Trouble in my Way- the Como Mamas
Baaadnews- JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound
More Mess on my Thing- the Poets of Rhythm
Chicken Half- the Sugarman Three
Darlene- Harvey & the Phenomenals
Chrystal Illusion- Creations Unlimited

Ear Pie

The second portion of the show turned the twanG into more jams as the time went on. An eleven minute alternate take of “Desolation Row” made for an interesting path to follow…but here is what the dessert table had to offer:

Don’t Think Twice- Ramblin’ Jack Elliott (live)
Songbird- Willie Nelson
Buffalo Springfield Again- Neil Young
Tearin’ up the Country- CCR
Mighty River- Railroad Earth (live)
Redeye- Barefoot Manner (live)
Stand Up- Cornmeal
Let’s Give a Party- Leftover Salmon (live)
Maggie’s Farm- Bob Dylan (live)
Desolation Row (ALT TAKE)- Bob Dylan
I am the Light of this World- Jorma Kaukonen’s Trio (live)
Gangster of Love- the Steve Miller Band
You’re so Fine- the Steve Miller Band
Beggin’ the Codetalker’s FT Col Bruce Hampton
Body in the Lake-the Codetalkers w/Col Bruce Hampton
What’s Going on- Los Lobos (live)
Thank you Baby- Delbert McClinton (live)
Wooden Ship- Crosby/Nash (live)
Bridge- the Heavy Pets
Watson Allman- Sam Bush
New Delhi Duo- David Grisman/Zakir Hussain

Gravy Boats 1st Stop

Just threw some twanG tunes toGether the niGht before and decided to get into the studio EARly to help work in the kitchen with you. I am gonna break up the three hour show into two shows with the first being much more twanG taking out, “Put that thinG away”……

Barefoot Nellie- Old and in the Gray
Panhandle Country-Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza
Memphis- Grisman/Hartford/Seeger
Hot Corn,Cold Corn-Grisman/Gill/Pedersen/Buchanan/Gordy Jr.
Why Don’t you go Back to the Woods-J. Douglas/R. Barenberg/E. Meyer
Rain Please go Away- Alison Krause & Union Station
Ol’ Cook Pot- the Duhks
Stingray- Sam Bush
Making Music Macon Georgia Style- Vassar Clements
I ain’t Never- Jerry Garcia/David Grisman
Foggy Mountain Rock/Foggy Mountain Special-Earl Scruggs w/Marty Stuart
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues- Earl Scruggs with John Fogerty
Wagonmaster #1- Porter Wagoner
Eleven Cent Cotton- Porter Wagoner
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat- Nashville Mandolin Ensemble
Because- Nashville Mandolin Ensemble
Dawg’s Bull- Quartet San Francisco
the Fifth Recruit Deserted- Radim Zenkl
Welcome to the Moon- Radim Zenkl
In Time- Soldier String Quartet
Sweet Georgia Brown-Stephane Grappalli/David Grisman(live)
Walk, Don’t Run- the Vultures

MSO Youth Concert

I was fortunate again this year to go with my class to the Madison Symphony Orchestra’s Fall Youth Concert and again it was a pleasure to see an entire hall filled with young people enjoying the sights and sounds. The 2011 Fall Youth Concerts highlight the intersection between great classical music and the visual arts. Vivaldi’s Autumn Violin Concerto, Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition and Copland’s El Salon Mexico will be accompanied by works by Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and other masters. The pieces were selected and played with great care while the visual art certainly made for a great collaborative spirit, as some of the students art was featured on the big screen as well as the above listed masters. The audience was attentive and the musicians were magnificent. Before we went to the show I played music that we would hear for the students and we water~colored to the sounds to inspire…..the spirit of togetherness was alive and the idea that art(s) can work together truly was achieved. A big thank you to the MSO for again providing us with a wonderful learning experience.

Girl in a Coma in Madison

I have been a big fan of GIAC since I started doing radio and the combination of their sound and their placement on the Blackheart Records roster made me swoon with excitement many years ago. Since then I have interviewed Drummer Phanie Diaz and aired numerous worthy tracks on several new albums to promote shows here in Madison. This time at the High Noon Saloon was so rawwkkkin’ as this trio put forth a solid end of the tour effort, which combined their hooks and catches with that style they have all to themselves….better than the albums is the sound of a live show and Girl in a Coma sees to that, I guarantee. Lead guitarist and vocalist, Nina Diaz has apparently been referred to as “the female version of Morrissey” but in my opinion she is biGGer than that but doesn’t even know it. She is a star and the cool flows right off of her onto the stage. Jenn Alva and Phanie Diaz add to the cool that flows off the band, but theirs has rhythm and beat attached to it as they songs not only rock but resonate within. After meeting and hanging out with Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna, I would have loved to have been there when they first saw these girls back in In 2006 when the Girls played f at New York’s Knitting Factory as part of a cable TV show featuring unknown bands. Jett and Laguna were so impressed with the band that they signed GIAC to their label, Blackheart Records, on the spot. And I am ever thankful they come to Madison regularly, so lets support them on their journey through better next time, Madison rockers.

Before GIAC hit the stage, Atlanta was represented properly by The Coathangers. This band rocks in so many undefined ways that it is hard to describe. If I was there for GIAC, I would have been so satified with the way this band rocked me in such a badass way. From avant punk jams to catchy weirdness of non conformity, I would go see them anytime again. Please do yourself a favor and try to define them on your own as words do do it after just one introduction.

Opening the night was Black Box Revelation a duo from Belgium whos fuzzy guitar work and booming drums were a perfect way to get ready for the night to come. They had a soulful touch that kept the rockNroll fresh and new with each lick and crash.

Occupy Ear-Holes

The final set of the proGram banged out a bunch of new tunes that I hope will occupy your ear-holes and take away any thirst therewithin. Here is what I am talkin’ about:

Imagine- Desdamona
Life’s Gone Down Low- the Lijadu Sisters
Cowboy- Zun Zun Egui
The Holy Fuel- Zdob si Zdub
Dub One- Bud Bongo
Polli Polli- Sia Tolno

Dirty World- MeShell Ndegeocelo
Come on in it’s Time to get up- Chris Joss
Conmigo (Greenwood Rhythm Coalition Remix)-Nickodemus FT Sammy Ayala
Daydreams- Olivia Broadfield
Homegrown- See I
At the Party- Ray Lugo & the BooGaloo Destroyers
City Boy- AM & Shawn Lee (Captain Planet Remix)
Stephanie All Night- 33Hz
Radius 123- Lagos
Spot on Phunk- Basement Freaks
Damp Sky 1- Beaten by Them
Damp Sky 2- Beaten by Them

Blue South- Afterlife
Stand Up- Hindi Zahra
Coragem Imon- Cesaria Evora FT James Carter
Golden Isle Groove II (New Mix)- Skeebo Knight
Chant for the Poor- Anthony B

Undertoes Tappin

Don’t let the second set~list fool you, there is more happ’nin’ than the ebb and flow of the under~toe, there is plenty of “tappin'” to be done with these selections as well…just feel the songs as they went into your canals this way:

Quake, Mountain Quake- The Dø
Hope- Girl in a Coma
Go where you Wanna go- the Bees
the Dink- the Bees

Dumaine St.- Trombone Shorty
Some Iko- Henry Butler (live)
Mr Boss Man- James Andrews
White Wedding- Revolutionary Snake Ensemble
if you don’t get it the First Time, back up and try it again, Party-Fred Wesley & the JB’s
Funky Turkey- the Jive Turkeys
Tell me Something Good- Deep Blue Organ Trio
What the Hell (instrumental)- Lack of Afro
The Ace of Space- Sola Rosa

Zebra Questions- Shel Silverstein
All Good- Arnold McCuller
Good Thang- the Soul of John Black
Condensate- the Original 7ven
Nasty- Spank ft. Big Freedia

Call the Law- Outkast ft Janelle Monae
From Everyone Above- Banjo or Freakout
A Dark Tunnel- Phantogram

Getting Squinty- Club d’Elf
Upside- Directions In Groove

Proverbs ProFOUND

I have been reading a lot of proverbs from around the would, from different cultures to ancient lands it is clEAR if we all looked a little more within, we miGnt not feel so without. This first of three sets from today’s 4+ hour show had a fine mixture of Found Sound, that of which took off the location on the map, but left the meaning behind:

Space Oddity- Mike Garson
Delusion- Hiromi

Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat- the Spokes
Well you Needn’t- Joel Forrester/Phillip Johnston (live)
Certainly- Wadada Leo Smith’s Organic

Postizo-Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
Tex Mex Jungle- MathGames!
Etnik- Ilhan Ersahin’S Istanbul Sessions

Homework Machine- Shel Silverstein
Appetizer #4- Garcia/Grisman/Rice
Shady Grove- Garcia/Grisman/Rice
I’ve got Dreams to Remember- Warren Haynes (live)
Real Good Thing- Marc Broussard
My Baby Don’t dig me- Ray Charles
Claudie Mae- Ray Charles

We the people- Catherine Russell
Walkin’ Blues- John Hammond (live)
Change will Come- Todd Wolfe Band (live)

Have a Bowl

The final portion of the meal is served hot and heavy….There was a jazzy taste followed by a couple of shakes of soul searchers. Washed down with some flavors from the edges of foreiGn shores…….feel free to slurp the bottomed of the bowl:

Swing Thing- 11 Acorn Lane
Spectators- Chris Joss
Blue Shops- Skeebo Knight

Señor_Blues- Horace Silver
Tirititran Catalan- Miles Español
Return to Silence- Carmen Rizzo
the Murf- Rendezvous

Dia Luna Dia Pena- Manu Chao (the Polish Ambassador remix)
Humanised- Sola Rosa FT Bajka
Opt Chop Intermission- the Beekeepers
Bab Manara- the Dunes FT Snakkr Horn Mix

Gordito Cabezon- Jose Conde
Yejmaya- Conjunto Cespedes (live)
Voy la Hacer Feliz- Joaquin Diaz (live)
Ofrenda- Lila Downs (live)
Fiesta Campesina- Los Pleneros de la 21 (live)

Dog with a Rope-Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno
Metele Mano- Chico Mann (Aja West/Cheeba Remix)


The second portion of the show easily took off with the spread….you know you’ll have one slice too many as you wait for the soup to be done……keep stirring:

Insomnia- Freekbass
High Speed Chase- Miles Davis
Nervis-Trombone Shorty FT Cyril & Ivan Neville
M’Lady- Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra
I’ve Seen that Face Before (Libertango)- Burnt Sugar
Brianvision- Justice

Basta Mafia- Zdob si Zdub
Sufijski Cocek- Raya Beass Band
Mehndi Laga ke Rakhna- Red Baraat (live)

Ne te Fâche pas- Orchestre Poly Rythmo
Achuta- El Rego
Do you Feel- KG Omulo
Get it Together- Sola Rosa

El Pelejito Bailarin- Juaneco y su Combo
Cangote- Céu (live)
Shameless Dub- Groove Armada ft Bryan Ferry
Talkin’ About the Peace- See I
Machete- Illuminati Congo ft Lee SCRATCH Perry
It’s on Fire-J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science ft Lateef the Truthspeaker

the Globe- Big Audio Dynamite
Lagos Speedway- Captain Planet

Soup ’til Noon

Cobwebs filled my sockets from a night with Bandallamas at the Barrymore. It was well worth hanging with the all star cast of cool cats to feel slightly battered and beer’d…….Today’s four hours again with be divided into three shows the first has the chopping to do as the soup gets prepared….here’s what happened as the broth cooked:

Danger and Dread- Brown Bird
One More Night in Brooklyn-Justin Townes Earle

Fonky Bayou- Michael Doucet
Mid Summer’s Dream (reprise)- Big Daddy Love
She’s Murder-Reverend Raven & the Chain Smokin’ altar boys

the Sweetest Thing-JJ Grey & Mofro FT Toots Hibbert
Sweet Jane- Lou Reed Ft Sharon Jones
Control- Girl in a Coma
Rise- Yeah Great Fine
Mouth Party- Skip Roxy
Grima- Sea Bell
Tainted Love- Imelda May
Johnny’s got a Boom Boom- Imelda May

Come get Summa This- the Funkmasters
Message from PBS-Porter/Batiste/Stoltz ft Page McConnell(live)
Cadillac- the Original 7ven
One Note Disco- Ivan FUNKBOY Bodley

B.W.O.J- The Dø
Slippery Slope- The Dø
Football Game- David Lynch
Colossus- the R’s

What is in Time

Getting on to the final portion of the Saturday marathon…..This set is sure to have your wicky wickied and your itches scratched. The sounds in here are to move you, grOOve you and even take some time to sooth you.

Cosmic Hug- Global Noize
Family Rap-Breakestra ft. Chali 2na & Double K
Brothers & Sisters- Brother Ali
The Preacher- Brother Ali
Dame Agua- Captain Planet
Waters of March- Sergio Mendes ft. Ledisi
Love Dubbed- Dawn Landes
Radium Girls- Chris Joss
Chega- Da Cruz

The Space left Behind- Carmen Rizzo
Parva- Loga Ramin Torkian

Interesado- La Otrabanda
Moon on the Rise- Thunderball ft Roltz
Magik-J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science ft. Aima the Dreamer/Raasham Ahmad
Aviator- Kutcorners
Here we Come- Illuminati Congo ft. Cosmos Ray
Get my Bruce Lee on- Illuminati Congo
At Ease- Tall Black Guy
Run for your Life- DJ Shadow

A Troll’s Soiree-CSC Funk Band (Brooklyn Chimp Remix)
End Titles- Jamshied Sharifi (Solar Lion Remix)
Ain’t Dubbin’ my Goodbyes- Tom Vek
Rovert- Eoto (live)
the Love Feeling-Nicodemus ft. The Pimps of Joytime (Christian Prommer Remix)
Bad Position- Little Shalimar
Electric Avenue- MC Zulu
911- Jas Who (Santiago & Bushido Remix)


I want to give a special thank you to Steely for making sure I was able to bring you a couple of the members of the supergroup, Bandallamas before they play the Barrymore on 11-11-11. A big greenarrowradio thank you to both Wally Ingram and Victor DeLorenzo for talkin’ music, Wisconsin football and well, more music on the proGram today. It was truly a pleasure to have these two cool cats as part of the action. Here’s the shape it took:

Tavernitsa- Raya Brass Band
Hey Jamalo- Red Baraat (live)
Danny Baricuda- TriBeCaStan
Fuzzy Lentil- Marchfourth Marching Band
Janxta Funk- the Pimps of Joytime
Cholera- El Rego
Je Taime- Staff Benda Bilili

the Night- Orchestra Morphine (live)
Stand-Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra
Honky Tonk- Charles Earland
Opus de Funk- Horace Silver
Chocolate Chip- Miles Davis
Confused World- Paul White
Pinky’s Dream- David Lynch

Country Death Song- the Violent Femmes
Island Love Song- the Bees
La Bamba- Mono Blanco (live)
Se Termino el Carnaval- Guarco
Gimme Shelter- Playing for Change

Danced in the Moonlight- Bandallamas
Supermarket Blues- Eugene McDaniels
Silver Hall- No Surrender
Don’t Look Down- Bandallamas

***On air conversation with Wally Ingram***
Satisfaction- Bandallamas
Heavy Right Hand- Deep Street Soul

Waiting for the Bus- the Violent Femmes
***On air conversation with Victor DeLorenzo***
Sylvie- Bandallamas

Unflowing Go Way

This was a long show day. Did six hours and change of live broadcast time today, with two wonderful interviews and a large range of styles of sounds. Check out the next three posts as I divide the sounds into shows. I didn’t focus as much on the neiGhborhood flow of the sets today….It was more of a songs show…’s is the starting point:

Blues for Stephane- Florin Niculesc
Brasse le Gombo Vite- Michael Doucet
Paper in my Shoe- CJ Chenier
Shake Rattle and Roll- Jeff Healey
Boo Boo/Lord Medley- Leftover Salmon
Calling all Cows-Elvin Bishop’s Raisin’ Hell Revue (live)
PT’s Home Cooking-Reverend Raven & the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys

Rehab- Keller & the Keels
Tits up- Spesus Christ
Home Tree- Big Daddy Love
Black River- Lizzy Ross Band
Knocking at your Door- Girl in a Coma
Swim Wheels- Leviticus Appleton
White Hat- Big Harp
Asi ya no me Quiero- Adanowsky
It’s Me- Adrian Younge Sound Orchestra
Be yourself- Randa & the Soul Kingdom
the Gettin’ to it- Breakestra
It’s Later than you Think-Kermit Ruffins & Rebirth Brass Band (live)
Big 12- Trombone Shorty
Costa Nostra- the Pasito All Stars

the Sandman- Mickey Hart’s Mystery Box