Burnt It Up

The middle part of the proGram took that fire and let it burn things up:

Pleasant Valley Sunday- The Fishheads
Heart Full Of Soul- Yardbirds (Live At B.B. King Blues Club)
***pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Jim McCarty***
Shapes Of Things- Yardbirds (Live At B.B. King Blues Club)
For Your Love- Yardbirds (Live At B.B. King Blues Club)
Making up and Breaking up (And Making up and Breaking up over Again)- Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings [Live at the Apollo]
Stranger- Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens (Live at the Apollo)
Slip Away- Charles Bradley Ft. The Extraordinaires (Live at the Apollo)

Route 68- Alan Evans Trio
Midnight Mirage- Alan Evans Trio
Glaze- Kerbside Collective
Tail of the Tiger- Danny Mayer

Pepper Fan

The first part of the proGram this week had a whole lot of colorful spice:

Other Shore- The Del McCoury Band
High And Lonesome- Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Last Kind Words Blues- Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

She Loves the Way They Love Her- Colin Blunstone
Rooming House- Eric Martinez
Great Divide- Royal Horses
Little Honky Tonks- Steam Donkeys
Human Condition- Gary Bennett

greenarrowradio promo- Mississippi MacDnald
That’s It I Quit- Mississippi MacDonald
Bird With No Name- Jimmy Herring & Circles Around The Sun
Too Much To Ask- Kenny Roby & Amy Helm
No One Above You- Marcus King & Eric Krasno

Enter The Kettle From OSS

“Enter The Kettle” is the second album on Alex Paterson from The Orb’s new label Orbscure. Released November 19th on CD, download & stream with the LP to follow in 2022, it’s primarily an album with him and old friend Fil Le Gonidec, who together are OSS. Other guests on the album include official-other-half-of-The Orb Michael Rendall, plus Jah Wobble, Roger Eno & George Holt – whose credits include Depeche Mode & Erasure. OSS have played at Glastonbury, Fuji Rock, supported Kraftwerk and played chess with Robbie Williams, who also stole their speed. They were originally known as Orb Sound System – a half DJ/half live version of The Orb, which could gig more nimbly than the main machine. Early shows saw reggae-heavy selections and sometimes featured toasters, but seeing as they never actually had a soundsystem, can’t play out at the moment and have made a record – it’s currently just OSS, which now stands for On Sum Shit. Loosely speaking, on“Enter The Kettle”, the hard-edged metallic clang comes from “hardcase Yorkshireman” Fil, while Alex’s soft southern influence brings dubwise steppers, ambient house & a trademark surrealist humor. In case that wasn’t enough, Omnibus Press recently published Paterson’s new book ‘Babble on an’ Ting: Alex Paterson’s Incredible Journey Beyond the Ultraworld with The Orb’, the first full account of his life story, featuring first-hand interviews with Youth, Andrew Weatherall, Primal Scream, Jah Wobble, Jimmy Cauty and a parade of other friends, collaborators and starship mechanics.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Alex to talk about the new release from OSS, “Enter The Kettle”. We got into how it went form nothing to something and how his relationship with Fil made the smooth move forward. We talk about the plans for the label *and its mates) to make music and tour and how the interchangeable pieces will make up some amazing wholes. We even get into the new book about…well…him. Of course, one of the common threads of this conversation is the music of and the versatility of The Orb…sounds that helped shape my inner being.

She Walks In Beauty with Jim McCarty

Jim McCarty is the original drummer in the legendary Yardbirds, a musical force of nature since the 1960s and still active today with Jim as the sole remaining original member. Acclaimed as one of the most influential rock bands of all time, their music is rooted in the blues, but their amazing forays over the decades into jazz, folk, rock, pop, raga, improv, distortion, guitar feedback and, of course, the blues, is the stuff of legend and incredible influence…so much so that the band was deservedly inducted into the Rock and Hall of Fame in 1992. The Yardbirds dazzling guitar pyrotechnics, which in the band’s earlier days featured the talents of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, are the stuff of rock legend. Jim was and is the steady anchor for this high-flying outfit…his rock-solid drumming keeping the band grounded during the band’s awe-inspiring flights of musical frenzy, both then and now. He’s the only band member to be a member of every lineup since the band was founded in 1963 up through the present day. Of course, you may remember, the last lineup of the early Yardbirds, called The New Yardbirds, which included Jim and Jimmy Page, eventually morphed in to Led Zeppelin. Jim, who is also an accomplished singer and songwriter having released numerous solo albums over the years, has just released the second installment of his memoirs, entitled “She Walks in Beauty”, which is a follow-up to his initial autobiography, “Nobody Told Me”, which was released to great acclaim in 2018. “She Walks in Beauty” continues with Jim’s life journey – inside and outside of music – expanding on his storied musical career while also giving the reader a very personal and intimate look at Jim’s personal lifelong quest to unravel the mysteries of the life that exists beyond the world in which we live. The book tells of his travels to remote areas of the world – including China, India, & the Himalayas – as his search explores the world hidden just out of reach, the shadows that are just out of sight and the certainty that there is an enduring connection between the living and the dead. It’s an intimate, honest, fascinating look inside the life of a rock legend whose boundless curiosity for a life often unseen and/pr understood makes for a compelling read.

I had the honor of catching up with Mr. McCarty to discuss “She Walks In Beauty”. We got into the reasons now was the time for these stories to not only be told, but shared. We speak of things that many shake their heads about, but many others have experienced and I believe this book is a great way to think back through the nw and then but also the here and there. I can tell you about our conversation, but ultimately you either have to check it out, or better yet, find a way to get the book and find the common threads you may have neglected to remember or notice. Be open. I am thankful for Mr. McCarty sharing these stories (not a whole lot about music in this chat or in this book), they really open a window into him and beyond.

That Spot There

The final part of this week’s proGram had that perfect spot figured out:

Blow The House Down (North Street West Clean RMX)- Active Ingredients
Live Slow Ft. Herbal T- The Jazz Defenders
Virus B-23- Dubinator Ft. William S. Burroughs
Rebellion- Loud Apartment

Pay Black Women Interlude- Melanie Charles
The Music Is The Magic- Melanie Charles
Detour Ahead- Melanie Charles & Sarah Vaughan
Free- Joey DeFrancesco
Roll With It- Joey DeFrancesco

Rock, Flag & Eagle- Consider The Source
Objects In Motion, Objects At Rest- Consider The Source
Vueltas- Henry Cole & Villa Locura Ft. Duke Amayo

Where To Canoe

The middle part of this week’s proGram thought about winterizing…next time maybe:

Coolest Fools- Delta Moon
Yellow Moon- Jon Spear Band
3AM in Chicago- Eddie 9V (live at Brooklyn Bowl – Nashville)

The Seeker- Jamie and The Numbers
Magic Touch- Jamie and The Numbers
Can’t Stop the Rain- Neal Francis
Bnylv- Neal Francis
Full Time Job- Dionne Bennett

Here & Now- Danny Mayer
Sunset Trails- Alan Evans Trio
Strangest Thing- Alan Evans Trio

The Sticks- The Budos Band (Live at the Apollo)
Make the Road By Walking- Menahan Street Band (Live at the Apollo)
How Long- Charles Bradley Ft. Menahan Street Band (Live at the Apollo)


The first part of this week’s regularly schedule proGram had a time of it all:

Daughter of a Railroad Man- Loney Hutchins
Paradise- Loney Hutchins
Somebody Was Watching Over Me- Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
I Wonder If You Know What You’ve Begun- Colin Blunstone
Mary Won’t You Warm My Bed- Colin Blunstone

Midnight In Harlem- Mike Mattison
Night Trains, Distant Whistles- Scrapomatic
Once Again- The Del McCoury Band

Free To Go- Warren Haynes
Time and Trouble- Bob Weir, Jay Lane & Dave Schools
Raining Straight Down- The Allman Betts Band

Someone To Watch Over Me- C Joynes
Nuevo Tango- C Joynes

Fuzzy Closer

The second and final part of this open schedule fill-in proGram got a closer look into what all the fuzz is about:

Listwar Zanset- Small Island Big Song Ft. Emlyn & Putad
Battered Mars Bar- Werkha
Olooh, A Gathering Cry (Deerhoof Remix)- Kasai Allstars

Un Grand Sommeil Noir- Aquaserge
Sream- Oriel

Atangi- Silla and Rise Ft. Theland Kicknosway & Risten Anine
Supijuq-Silla and Rise Ft. Risten Anine Gaup
Iparauti- Silla and Rise Ft. Theland Kicknosway
Chaldyg-Khaya- KHOOMEI BEAT

Naw- Eyedentity Ft. Doctabarz & Airto Moreira
Yes I Will- Eyedentity
Let’s Be One- Bakithi Kumalo

Je Viens Vers Toi- Baguette Quartette

Fuzzy Worlds

Did another open schedule gap spackle fill-in proGram where the fuzz was ever so clear:

Salobra (Interlúdio)- Céu
Bim Bom- Céu
The Future of Our Nation- Arema Arega

La Dama, La Isla Feat. Roger Rivas- Phonosonics
Second That Emotion- Smoke and Mirrors
Dancehall Session- Royal Blu x The Autos

Another One Bites The Dust- RE-201 Ft. Doug Wimbish & Dellé
Ghetto People- Nilotika Cultural Ensemble Ft. Spyda MC
Sexi Plexi- Jupiter & Okwess

Hippos in Space- Weedie Braimah Ft. Terrace Martin & Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
Full Circle- Weedie Braimah Ft. The Hands of Time & Munir Zakee
Nice Day- Bakithi Kumalo
Zululand Nation- Bakithi Kumalo

Nubiyan Dance- NOON Ft. Adam Ahuja & Weedie Braimah

The Come Back In

The second half of this open schedule fill-in proGram watched things come on back:

A Forgiving Sort of Place- Cameron Mizell & Charlie Rauh
Rita’s Thee- Cameron Mizell & Charlie Rauh
Bent Yellow- Sylvie Courvoisier & Mary Halvorson

Cakewalk- Oscar Peterson (Live in Helsinki, 1987)
Cool Walk- Oscar Peterson (Live in Helsinki, 1987)
Sushi- Oscar Peterson (Live in Helsinki, 1987)
Struttin’ With Some Barbeque- The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong All Stars Ft. Nicholas Payton/Courtney Bryan/Wycliffe Gordon

More Music- Joey DeFrancesco
God Bless The Child- Melanie Charles
Beginning to See The Light- Melanie Charles & Ella Fitzgerald
Woman Of The Ghetto- Melanie Charles & Marlena Shaw
Soulsea (Cut Chemist Remix)- Gary Bartz Adrian Younge Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Quizás, Quizás, Quizás- Enrico Rava (Live)
Astrology (The One True Science)- Red Kite
Smallest Things, Pt. 2- Jo Berger Myhre
Perils- Jo Berger Myhre
Minerva- JÜ

All For the Pocket- Alexander Flood Ft. Nelson Dialect

Flew Off

Did a little jazzified open schedule fill-in proGram. The first part flew off without a hitch:

New York, New York- Martin Wind Ft. Scott Robinson, Bill Mays & Matt Wilson
Monkeys Never Cramp- Michael Feinberg Ft. Randy Brecker & Jeff Tain Watts
More Elders- Terence Blanchard Ft. The E-Collective & Turtle Island Quartet
Black Acid Soul- Lady Blackbird

Stick & Move- Christian McBride & Inside Straight (Live at the Village Vanguard)
Le Grain Blanc Dans Les Voiles- Jazzlab Orchestra
The Theme- Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers (live, Tokyo)
Moanin’- Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers (live, Tokyo)

Dreaming In Lions: Struggles And Strugglets- Arturo O’Farrill Ft. The Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble
Despedida: Intruso- Arturo O’Farrill Ft. The Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble
Marilú- Dayramir González Ft. Telmary Díaz & Mayito Rivera
Tu Decisión, Cuál Es- Dayramir González
Dime Dónde Estas- Henry Cole & Villa Locura
De Frente- Henry Cole & Villa Locura Ft. Negro González

Thru The Branches

The final portion of this week’s proGram had the stars are aligned for a great story:

Tangled Up In You- The Altons
There Was a Time- Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings (Live at the Apollo)

Far Beyond- Lance Ferguson’s Rare Groove Spectrum
The Swagger Junkie- The Filthy Six
Send In The Rain- United Disco Organisation
Funky Thing- United Disco Organisation

The Fugitive- Jamie and The Numbers
Roots- The Grease Traps
Franklin- Robert Walter
Better Feathers- Robert Walter
A Karmic Equation- Danny Mayer

Technology- Loud Apartment
Interlude (Somewhere in South London)- MF Robots
Change- MF Robots
Mother Funkin’ Robots (Extended Version)- MF Robots


The middle portion of the proGram followed the glow to the sounds:

It’s Alright- GA-20 (live)
All Good Things- Jane Lee Hooker
Good Lookin’- Danko Jones

Spoonful- Jeffrey Alexander and the Heavy Lidders
Hermits Of The Ridge- Jeffrey Alexander and the Heavy Lidders
They Are Beautiful, They Will Never Die- C.Joynes
Tigers & Lions- C.Joynes

Floating Against the Night Sky- Los Days Ft. Tommy Guerrero & Josh Lippi
Progress- IDLES

Milk Symposium- White Manna
Society of Spectacle- Muun Bato
Secolo Breve ● the Short Century- Accordo dei Contrari
Thoughtography // Toughtography- Ghost Rhythms

Glowing Air

The first portion of this week’s proGram took the night’s sky and slept with it until morning:

EMD- Barry Waldrep Ft. Tammy Rogers, John Jorgenson and John Cowan
Pinball King- Loney Hutchins
Hillbilly Ghetto- Loney Hutchins

Willow Jane- Britton Buchanan
All The Luck In The World- Billy Strings & Circles Around The Sun
Phone Don’t Ring- The Bluesbusters
Ain’t Got That Smile- Scrapomatic
Atlas- King Johnson

Ridin’ High- Dave Specter
Come To Bed- P.D. Martin

Big Talk- Jon Spear Band
Tell Mama- Dionne Bennett

Saw It Coming- Sammy Rae & The Friends

Can’t Leave

Did an extra hour after the reGular show…just couldn’t make like a tree and….:

Badlands Train (Barry Adamson Remix)- Stubbleman
Electricity- Ibibio Sound Machine
Cruise Control (Nightmare On Wax Remix)- Mr. Doris & D-Funk
Swapsies- The Filthy Six

Crimson Lake- LTTL
Spacecafe- The Deli
Heart of Stone- Sundur Ft. Adam Theis
To the Top- Sundur Ft. Keith Lawrence

Greatest Of Lights- River Nelson
Alla a Soudane (Ben Arsenal Remix)- Moktar Gania & Gnawa Soul
Tuxedo Connection- Hitomi “Penny” Tohyama

Time Zone- Una

Go Don’t Leaf

The final part of this week’s proGram had a bunch of everything, including a reminder to be yourself:

Color Blind- The Grease Traps
Gurami- The Diasonics
Yagana- Pigeon
Justify Me- Steven Christie Ft. Joseph Malik & Nicole Cassandra Smit

Prison Poem- Nikki Giovanni
Poem For A Lady Whose Voice I Like- Nikki Giovanni
Ego Tripping- Nikki Giovanni

Be Yourself- Divinity Roxx
***pre-recorded conversation with Divinity Roxx***
Just When You Think- Divinity Roxx Ft. The Alphabet Rockers & Bahamadia [Kidz Version]
Feeling Good- Divinity Roxx Ft. FYÜTCH

It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop- DJ Nu-Mark
Hot In Herre- DJ Nu-Mark Ft. The Traffic
Nagu (Extended Mix)- Sam Redmore
On the One- Sam Redmore Ft. Mr. Auden Allen & Renegade Brass Band

Worldwide- DJ Abilities
The Badman- DJ Abilities

Still Drankin’

The middle part of the proGram just kept on soaking it in:

Freeway To The Canyon- Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band
Travelin’ Light- Widespread Panic

How High- The Record Company
Touch Me Like A Teddybear- Tom Rodwell

greenarrowradio promo- Lauren Anderson
Poor Black Mattie- Little G Weevil (Acoustic, Live)
Do Me Right- The Ragged Roses
Sugar Coated Lovin’- The Ragged Roses
Got To Find A Way- Dave Specter

Blues On The Ceiling- Mandy Marylane
Sugar Hip Ya Ya- Dionne Bennett
So Put Out- Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Love Don’t- Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

The Good Life- The Super 20
Elephant Head- Alan Evans Trio
Shake- Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers Ft. Melanie Masson & Alan Evans
Wet From The Press- Robert Walter

Drinkin’ It In

The first part of this week’s proGram had that feelin’ of ear-hydration satisfaction:

Avalanche And Landslide- Malcolm MacWatt Ft. Jaimee Harris
The Curse Of Mary McPhee- Malcolm MacWatt Ft. Laura Cantrell

In Motion- The Freeway Jubilee
Heartbeat Of America- Billy Strings
Borrowed Time- Goodnight, Texas
Devil Don’t Sleep- Nashvillains

Why You Been Gone So Long- Barry Waldrep Ft. Jimmy Hall
***pre-recorded conversation with Barry Waldrep***
Blue Railroad Train- Barry Waldrep Ft. Marty Raybon
9 Pound Hammer- Barry Weldrep Ft. Pat Simmons

Hot Poutine- Andrew Gabbard
I Don’t Want To Drive You Away- The Mother Hips

Peachfuzz- The Pro-Teens

Ready, Set, Go! With Divinity Roxx

This fall brings the release of Ready Set Go!, the energetic debut family album from the internationally acclaimed, award-winning bassist and songwriter, Divinity Roxx, released November 5. Ready Set Go! is a celebration of self-love and positivity specifically designed for kids aged 8 and under. The upbeat and sunny collection features 8 original songs filled with powerful messages that encourage kids to become the best versions of themselves. Divinity made her entrance into the family music scene earlier this year and instantly gained attention with her infectious bass beats & unique approach to meaningful music for kids & families. The lyrics of two of the songs from the album, ‘Happy & Healthy’ (11/15/21) and ‘Me + You,’ (12/1/21) are being released and published as picture books by Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company, as part of the Company’s ongoing commitment to provide authentic and inclusive books to support family and community engagement. The books are illustrated by NaShantá Fletcher. The mighty Divinity is a Grammy-nominated recording artist, composer, & musician, with three solo albums (Ain’t No Other Way – 2003, The Roxx Boxx Experience – 2012, ImPossible – 2016). In addition to her own work, she is well known for touring and performing with Beyoncé (2006–2011) as her bassist & Musical Director. Her career as a bass-player skyrocketed after attending a bass camp led by the legendary 5 time Grammy award winning bass virtuoso, (and friend of the program Mr. Victor Wooten where she was invited to join him out on tour.

I had the honor of chatting it up with Divinity about this brand new and first time family/kids album. We talked about the timeline of events that got it from seed to flower, the wonderful array of talent she surrounded herself with on the endeavor and most of all, we talked about the reasons why making music for this important demoGraphic, the kids was definitely in her plans for a long while. Divinity is the type of person who gets it, and wants to share it with all of us, but she isn’t about to forget the ones who matter the most. Not only will this music make the kid in all of us shake our parts all over, it will surely strengthen egos, guide others to think of others and mostly…thru it all….BE YOURSELF.

Celebrate Tony Rice With Barry Waldrep

In the era of modern music, describing any artist as the “greatest of all time” can often be met with resistance — if for no other reason than the ever-evolving tastes of both musicians and fans alike — but if the topic is bluegrass guitar players, there’s a universally correct answer to “who’s the best”; the late, great Tony Rice. Rice was unequivocally one of the most influential, inventive, and beloved musicians in all of bluegrass & Americana music, and after he passed away in late 2020, his songs and stylings continue to live on in the droves of musicians he inspired. This year, on the one-year anniversary of Rice’s passing, bluegrass instrumentalist and producer Barry Waldrep will be releasing quite the tribute to Mr. Rice with the 21-song, special-guest laden Barry Waldrep and Friends Celebrate Tony Rice. When looking through Waldrep’s list of friends, its apparent how far Rice’s music reached beyond just bluegrass. Americana greats Rodney Crowell and Jim Lauderdale and Jam-band royalty Warren Haynes and Oteil Burbridge make appearances alongside Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Spooner Oldham and Patrick Simmons & country superstars Vince Gill & Emmylou Harris. And that’s just a fraction of who’s contributed to this celebration of the music of Tony Rice. “Barry Waldrep and Friends Celebrate Tony Rice” will be available everywhere on December 24th.

I had the chance to catch up with Barry Waldrep to talk about someone we both grabbed onto early on in our ear careers. We talk about what is is about Mr. Rice’s ways that attracted us to him. Barry and I spend a whole lot of time dissecting the new album from songs to artists to give an insiders perspective into how this special collection became a reality. It is so clear that an open mind is part of the key to feeling the true impact of Mr. Rice’s music. There should be no boundaries. Our chat is not quite as great as the album – but I think the two go hand to ear or ear to hand. Check out some of the specifics: