Birdseye Lookabout

The first half of the reGularly scheduled proGram was the early bird and here’s what the worm hEARd riGht before t was too late:

What’s got Over- Dom Flemons
Keep on Truckin’- Dom Flemons

Silver Bucket- Miss Meaghan Owens
Seeing Double- Nikki Lane
Groove’s Too Shallow- Jessica Lee Wilkes
Bury me Good- Mr. Robinson

Crows Intro- Mitch Mann
Crows- Mitch Mann
Give a Little Bit (Tribute to Levon Helm)- Tommy Talton
Show up Sexy- Soul Suga & Diane Durrett
Playin’ with my Friends- B.B. King with Robert Cray
Jekyll and a Hound- Eliza Neals
Don’t Owe you a Thang- Jim Singleton
Jesus Just Left Chicago- Mississippi Fever
Jungle Bride- Guantanamo Baywatch

Bruise- Vomitface
Luckiest Man Alive- Vomitface

Dear Mr. Teddy- Saun & Starr
Everybody is Going to be There- Mister T. Ft. Lucy Lune Gillespie
Snake Bite- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
Always on the Run- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes

Sky- the Pimps of Joytime
Mission to the Sitars- Fort Knox Five



Got another chance to come in a little early and put some sounds into your cup:

Shy Colored Blue Eyes- Braty Bluzu
Interludia- Braty Bluzu
Awaken the World #41- Rob Manzurek & Exploding Star Orchestra (live, Chicago Ill)
Helmets of Our Poisonous Thoughts, Awaken the World #16- Rob Manzurek & Exlpoding Star Orchestra (Sardegna, Italy)
The Arc of Slavery #72 Pt.2- Rob Manzurek & Exlpoding Star Orchestra (Sardegna, Italy)

Mood- Michael Gibbs & the NRD Bigband
Freddy’s Step- Michael Gibbs & the NRD Bigband Ft. Bill Frisell

The Bistro Kid- Frank Evans
Riskily, She Named her Thirteenth Child Friday- Moist Paula’s Electric Embouchere

Resolution- the Mahavishnu Orchestra
Afro Blue- Warmth
Giant Steps- Deepak Ram
Shake- Jesse Cook
Abacyso- Hamsa Lila (live)
Turkish Delight- Beyond the Pale
Variatiuni pe Tema- Toni Iordache
Sârba de la Medgidia- Toni Iordache
Sunshine- Bolo



The third and final sets from the proGram this week took the liGht from the world and presented it throuGh a new way. Glass puzzle pieces your ears can move and form, shape and color – where all attributes are desiGned by listening:

Comendo Melancia Com Colher- Joana D’arc
Interesse- Joana D’arc
Kalkutta Klezmer- Big Galut
Una Manana Muy Transparente- Los Cardencheros Ft. Iraida Noriega
El Alegre Pescador- Los Llaneros

What- the Dolomites
Darling- Mydy Rabycad

Dutchmandu- Beyond the Pale
Elegua Intro- Hamsa Lila (live in Santa Cruz)
Baba Saali- Hamsa Lila (live in Santa Cruz)
Mean Visa Kmean Bai- the Cambodian Space Project
Nekem Oly Mindegy- Illes
Waters- Ivan Ave
Feasting- Young Fathers
Golden Moments (Souleance Remix)- Quiet Dawn Ft. Sarah Gessler

Life is Good- Ephemerals
Looking too Closely (So36 dub)- Fink
Malala (Andy Lewis Instrumental Mix)- Cherry B & the Sound Makers
Slow Down- Quadratic

Santero- Novalima
Singing in Tongues (Morgan Doctor Remix)- Eccodek
Prungen- Jaga Jazzist



The middle sets of the proGram found the hiGh flyin’ sound falling into the earz of those with their doing on the ground:

No Negative Energy- Either/Orchestsra
Big Butt- Either/Orchestra
Feelin’ Alright- Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band
I Love Your Many Ways- Lincoln Chase

Big Wheel- Saun & Starr
Come Inside- Samantha Reed
Foxy- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes

Once- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
Road to the Earth- the Mighty Mocambos w/Peter Thomas
1969 Organ- Venice Dawn

Red Golden- the Pimps of Joytime
Fire in My Belly- Fort Knox Five Ft. Ashley Slater

Hi Life- Ginger Johnson & His African Messengers
From Kinshaha to the Moon- Mbongwana Star
Masobélé- Mbongwana Star
Jakten- Jungle By Night
Pamuromo Chete- Thomas Mapfumo

Mina- Daby Touré
Nah ee Nah- Bolo
Believe System- Nneka
My Love My Love- Nneka

Mogalammakapa- Tidal Waves
Uptown Set- the Expanders
Famasound- Famara



The first third of this week’s proGram will find a way to get itself to you..

Big Head Joe’s March- Dom Flemons
Going Backwards Up the Mountain- Dom Flemons
Hot Chicken- Dom Flemons

Night Life- Willie Nelson with B.B. King
We’re Gonna Make it- B.B. King with Irma Thomas
When Love Comes to Town- B.B. King Ft. Gene Harris & the Phillip Super Band (live at the Apollo)
Say One Thing- Double Trouble
Get Along- Jeff Jensen
The Decline & Fall of the Clerkenwell Kid- the Real Tuesday Weld
Bone Chain- Tom Waits
Family Ghost- Secret Storm
Lone Wolf- Jessica Lee Wilkes

Milkman- Bully
Obscure Knowledge Pt. III- Guapo
Boozoo’s Blues- Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
Judy in Disguise- Jello Biafra & the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All Stars (live)
Dewdropper’s Dream- Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners

High Street/Saturday- Billy Jenkins & the Voices of God Collective
What is Life- Lee Stone
Dragon Rock- the P.T.S.

Singing the Blues- Freddy Cole


Peace’d 2Gether

The first half of the proGram took the edges of the sharpness and divided it into the smooth ways of goin’ with it. Here’s the selectah’s choices for the starting line moments:

I Lost You- Elvis Costello
Pee Wee’s Nightmare- Nick Holmstrom
Playing Games- Hobex
Sweet Thing- JC Crossfire
Devil’s Hand- Anthony & the Conqueroos

Mother in Law- Jello Biafra & the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All Stars
Avant Gardener- Courtney Barnett

Under the Influence- Dr. Didg
Taxi Brasil- Jesse Cook
Ghost Town- the Specials
Sleepwalking- Tidal Waves
Shaeha Doc Toekkmon (love like honey)- the Cambodian Space Project
Patio del Moro- Ziroq
Kivánj Te Is Nekem Szép, Jó Éjszakát- Meteor & Demjén Ferenc
Postlude- Sam Reed
Not Your Song- Saun & Starr
Do It Like The Strokes- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes

Intro- Butcher Brown
Country Boys- Butcher Brown
Congo Square- Farnell Newton



Did an early morning fill in once aGain before the regularly scheduled greenarrowradio show. The pre-show had a view throught the daffoGrass:

Transmutate- Marc Cary
Music is the Magic- Marc Cary
It’s Too Cold I Need Some Hot- Jacob Shulman
Spanish Sketch- Michael Gibbs & the NRD Bigband
Las Vegas Tango- Michael Gibbs & NRD Bigband Ft. Bill Frisell

Envergo Mas No Quebro- Joana D’Arc
Musica for Puppets- Bicicletas Por La Paz
Robots Dream- Bicicletas Por La Paz
Mas Lento- Bicicletas Por La Paz
Kashmir- Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band

Sunday- Myroslav Levytsky (live)
We Always Fought on Thanksgiving- Moist Paula’s Electric Embouchere
The Dragon- Walsall Youth Jazz
Martinin Sweet- Joy
Praise Poems- Warmth
Alone Again- Jorge Darden
Tribute to Ruffian Pt 2- Innerflight

Son of Macbeth- Marcus Miller


Liquid Line Touch

Did an extra hour on the back end of the proGram – it closed doors behind the spots you dripped and left…Splash.

54 46 Was My Number- Gov’t Mule Ft. Toots Hibbert (live)
Friends and Business- The Skints

Happy Man- Tidal Waves
True Confession- the Bluebeaters
Still Floating- Corduroi
Mermaid Island- Corduroi
This is Real Life- Sonomad Ft. Pallisandra

Du Jour- E1sbar
Run with the Widows- Art of Ballistics
Sunday Morning- Seven Davis Jr.

Vibrationz- Kuf Knotz
Old Rock and Roll- Young Fathers
Compatible- Kev Choice

Promenade a la Mer (Samba Lounge Remix)- Intended Immigration
Mon Gateau (Chatango Remix)- Intended Immigration

Are you There- Klint
Cryovaced Space Noodle Break- the Polish Ambassador
Space Escalade- the Polish Ambassador
BK Gypsy/Dancehall- Brooklyn Gypsies Ft. Bajah of Dry Eye Crew
Socialize- MC Zulu



From the school of funk where the Space Queen resides, we are always pleased by the presence on the proGram of Kim Manning. This time round we talked it up about her upcoming headlining gig at the WORT Block Party, her many transformations and projects as well as the way she can do all that she does – the knowledge share of versatility. The second half of the show had music too:

Sunshine- Saun & Starr
Powhatan- Butcher Brown
3 A.M.- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes
They Wanna Funk Me Up- Randy Roberts & the Capital Strokes

Antelope- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
Not Get Caught- The Mighty Mocambos w/Derobert

Pressurize the Cabin- Fort Knox Five Ft. Vokab Kompany
Stankies Revenge Part Doo- Farnell Newton
Good Feeling- Jay W. McGee
Bliss- Rosie Brown (Quantic Remix)

Step Forward- Jamie Filay (Mr. Fraziers Mix)
Wanda Landa Landa- Frank Motley
Summertime- Red Saunders

Hand Down Your Head, Tom Dooley Your Tie is Caught in your Zipper- Incredible Bongo Band
Okey Dokey- Incredible Bongo Band
African Sunshine- Eddie Gale
Dank Janky- the Pimps of Joytime
Brain Storm- Naughty Professor
Third Past- Naughty Professor

Mamma’s Haunted House- Kim Manning
Red Hot Mama- Kim Manning
*** Live on air Conversation with Kim Manning***
Bunny Bear- Kim Manning


Bubble Sky Above

The first half of the proGram took the skies by surprise as they took a break to bubble up…join the ear atmosphere:

Shocking Pink- Leah Callahan
The Dance- Bicicletas Por La Paz
Babylon’s Nemesis- Bicicletas Por La Paz
Gigante Elefante- Bicicletas Por La Paz
Rhythm Future- Ameranouche

History Eraser- Courtney Barnett
Diskprept4- Aphex Twin
diskhat2- Aphex Twin
Estivation- Chui Wan
Neck Bone- Wolf! Ft. Scott Metzger

Talkin’ Overseas Pirate Blues- Ian Siegal
Don’t Put me Out- Michael Williams Band
Heart Trouble- Tas Cru
Thief in the Night- Wesley Pruitt
It is What it is- JC Crossfire

Highway Cruiser- Johnny Hoffman & the Residents
Ooh Poo Pah Doo- Jello Biafra & the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All Stars (live)
Don’t Mess With my Toot Toot- Jello Biafra & the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All Stars (live)
Bernadette- Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys

Brookyln- Caramelo
Astrobelt- Sam Reed
Malala (Andy Lewis Vocal Mix)- Cherry B & the Sound Makers
Gettin’a little Closer- Turkuaz


Lining Up

Filled in the Morning Show and took a group neatly lined up on a journey around the Globe.

Batèl- Made Grindam
Khafeef er-Roh (Angelic Soul)- Chicago Classical Oriental Ensemble
Ala Baladi al Mahbuh- The Three Musketeers
Om Tara- Hamsa Lila (live in Santa Cruz)
Maya- Shahrokh Yadegari & Azam Ali & Keyavash Nourai
Samsara- Shahrokh Yadegari & Azam Ali & Keyavash Nourai
Nirvana- Shahrokh Yadegari & Azam Ali & Keyavash Nourai
Ceútara- Copal
Kabutare Sefid- Rita
Navai- Sussan Deyhim
El Sarvi Ravon- Sevara
Set à mon Père- Chuck et Albert
Is the Big Man Within?/Tilly Finn’s Reel- Altan with the RTE Orchestra
Back to the Beginning- Beyond the Pale
Klezmer/Latuari Suite #2 Hangu de la Nord- the Other Europeans
Historieta- Pablo Mayor
Gostozinho- Choro Ensemble
Saludo al Sol – Hijos de Agüeybaná


Drop Slide Leave

The second half of the proGram has dripped it’s way onto the freshly grown leaf with no path to follow until one is carved out. Here is where that carving beGins:

I’ll Go- Samantha Reed
Real Free Sound- Samantha Reed

Promises- Monophonics
The Fader- Turkuaz
Open Up the Door- Greg Hester
Beast Chase- Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz
Dunk Funk- Farnell Newton
Hot Shot- Saun & Starr

The Jump- the Pimps of Joytime
Keep it Poppin’- Fort Knox Five Ft. Mustafa Akbar
Fobhliv- Butcher Brown
Cairo- Butcher Brown

Flight- Snarky Puppy & Metropole Orkest
The Preakness- Bob McChesney
Let a Woman be a Woman and a Man be a Man- Hailey Niswanger

Low Rider- Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band
Peg A Voga Cabeludo- Os Brazoes
Gee I Love You- John Mckinney & the Premiers
Satisfied- Billy Emerson

Bello e’bola (Mira la Luna!)- Los Crema Paraiso
As They say in the Biz- Naughty Professor
Santero- Novalima
Reality- Lemanjo

Breakdown (Altered Tapes Rework)- De La Soul
Echo In- Vessels



The first half of the proGram has a lot of pieces in place. We had a guest spot filled the entire of the show by DJ Ellery. Her popularity is great for the show. The music went a little something like this:

The Red Eye- Leah Callahan
Rattling Roaring Willie/The High Dive- Childsplay
Hawkeye Pierce & the Honeycutt Blues- Tellico
You Don’t Like the Summer- Underground Railroad to Candyland

Can’t Help Falling in Love- Eels (live Royal Albert Hall)
In the Vespers- Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld
Holding Pattern- the High Line Riders

Lance Jr- Courtney Barnett
Leave Yourself Alone- Porcelain Raft

Seven Chances- Chui Wan
Calk Walk- Wolf!
Humdinger- Wolf!

Blues is Blues- Kellie Rucker
Kean & Peachy- Ian Siegal

UFO Alert- 11th Hour Band
Freezer Burn- “Monster” Mike Welch
When the Blues COme Around- Slam Allen
Les Blues de Bosco- Rodney Crowell
Rockin’ at the Mardi Gras- Jo El Sonnier
Baby Please don’t go- Cedric Watson

Washington Hall Stomp- Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
House of the Rising Sun- Jello Biafra & the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All Stars (live)


Brushed It On and Off

The second half of the proGram featured a great thing. I was honored to have Mr. Freddy Cole on the proGram as he is set to headline this years Isthmus Jazz Festival. We touched on how a song develops and his love of the music but we really hit it off talking college football and basketball. What a nice gentleman who has a talent that far surpasses his name. There was also the music to surround the conversation and here is the tracks that brushed on and off your eardrums:

Where are You Now- Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators
Your Face- Saun & Starr
Right on it- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra

La La La Love Me- Monophonics
Ready to Roll- Farnell Newton
Glimpse- Farnell Newton
Body Party- the Pimps of Joytime
I Don’t Mind- Greg Hester

Say What is is- Hailey Niswanger
B’s River- Marcus Miller
Shakin’- Frank Catalano
Prune Juice- Naughty Professor

Humdinger- Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
Bang Bang Boogie- Freddy Cole
I Saw Stars- Freddy Cole
***Live On air Conversation with Mr. Freddy Cole***
Muddy Water Blues- Freddy Cole
Cloud Three- Henrik Schwarz
Tommy & Me- Jesse Cook Ft. Tommy Emmanuel

Ipsissimus- Metallic Taste of Blood
Kuchibeni- Lorenzo Feliciati
Fish Bowl- Lorenzo Feliciati

Riptide- Direwire
Suer Fantasy- E1sbar
Moon Light- Michal Menert Ft. JK Soul/Matt Van der Heubel/Marcelo Moxy
The Harshest Light- Torres
I Got a Man- Mydy Rabycad

Speedline Miracle Masterpiece- Tunde Adebimpe Ft. Sal P & Sinkane
Cicada- Hiatus Kaiyote
Shaolin Monk Motherfunk- Hiatus Kaiyote
Oban (Todd Terje Remix)- Jaga Jazzist