Medeski Clouser & G.

What a treat the final third of the show was. Good friend to the proGram Todd Clouser rang in to discuss his solo show on May 9th at the Frequency. The making of A Love Electric‘s new album “The Naked Beat” and how adding the sinGing to his work became a natural proGression, but still on to get used to. It is always a treat to chat with Todd about his and others music. Speaking of others….Todd recently played a few gigs with John Medeski, who happened to be our bottom of the hour guest. John and I discussed in lenGth the making of his new album “A Different Time“, and perhaps his reasoning behind making this album “to be different”. We discussed how music and songs heal as well as the shared space we have in our ears for sound. It was a thrill to be able to talk to him about both Todd and friend of the show, Micro Rivard, the leader behind my Sun Ra, Club d’Elf….and to get a sort of feel what it is like for John to join this amoeba of characters making inspirational improvisational music.

Here are some of those shared spaces:

Massive Move Forward- Afro Q Ben Ft. Zelly Rock
Cruel Intention- Simian Mobile Disco (live)
April Showers- the Mackrosoft
Sweat- Major Lazer Ft Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite
She’s so Cheeky- MeZZo

Kids You’re Late for School Rag- David Chesky
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy- the Wolfe & Clark Expedition
Monster of Solitude- Sean Noonan
Early Bird- Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom

Ride my Radio- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
**Live on air Conversation with Todd Clouser**
Not Hurt- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Zamparo- Sex Mob
Epistrophy- Mark Egan/Karl Latham/John Hart (live)

Waiting at the Gate- John Medeski
**Live on air Conversation with John Medeski**
A Different Time- John Medeski
The New Yorker- David Chesky

Black Belt- John Grant


Eye of the Earholder

Sometimes we see things differently, the joy of differences…sometimes what we hEAR is captured with siGht and creates an image…This middle portion of the show has tracers and spacers desiGned for the Eye of the Earholder…Here’s what your ears miGht have seen something to:

LeGal Id/Show promo- Lucky Peterson
Hot Southern Night- Ana Popovic Ft. Lucky Peterson
Long Face- Shannon McNally Ft. Dr. John
Straight Jacquet- Roomful of Blues
Let’s Dance- Ruff Kutt Blues Band

Oh, Pretty Woman- Albert King
Castle Top Jam- Shuggie Otis
Reach Out (and give me your hand)- Tickled Pink
The Stretch- 13th Amendment

Honey- Moby
Soul Chicken- Bobby Allen & the Exceptions
Monkey in a Sack- Lil Buck & the Top Hats
Rick’s Booogie- Rick Steff
The Cooker- Redtenbachers Funkestra Ft. Lenny Pickett
Dark Gold- Ceila Baron

Mighty, Mighty Cahin of Love (pass it on)- Brother Joscephus & the Love Revolution
King Solomon’s Marbles- Jazz is Dead
G Vibes- Mahala Rai Banda Ft. Errol Linton
I Start to Pray- Gaudi Ft. Lee SCRATCH Perry & the Orb
General Generations- A Tribe Called Red


This Happy Face

The drawing has desiGns of making you…taking you….hopefully SUM of these tracks will accompany the upward mouth motion:

Morning Bell- Eldar Djangirov Trio
Beethoven 5- Project Trio ->
Classique- Project Trio

The Astronomer- Una
Pointillism- Jazz Mandolin Project
Radio Eyes- Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
My Gun- the Rubens
This is Our Song- Black Sugar Transmission
Three Dollar Bill- The Shouting Matches
Bonfire- the 4 on the Floor

Lacks One, Lacks Both- Last Good Tooth
16 Tons- the Dandy Warhols

Things will Change- Treetop Flyers
Such Great Heights- Iron & Wine
This Old Guitar- Chris Daniels
Time to Run- Lord Huron

Jennifer Eccles- the Electric Stars
Wendigo- the Soft Hearted Scientists

Let it Go- Victoria Vox
ShooFly Pie- the Wood Brothers
Won’t get Fooled Again- Richie Havens
Sweet Mama Janisse- Taj Mahal (live 4/18/1970 the Royal Albert Hall)
Alcohol Rodeo- Whiskey Rodeo
Hey Gypsy Boy- Jimi Hendrix


Coachella Fella part two

in the second half of the proGram, not only was it a day to support our local record stores, but we had a follow up “Frail Pagans” episode from Coachella, as Victor and I had a chance to talk about the Violent Femmes first show in six years, and the performance they were about to perform. We spoke of our record stores from the past (including our first records we remember procuring) as well as the importance of the upcoming Femmes gig at Summerfest. There was also music that got your blood rushing, as if you miGht be there….wherever that “there” is for you…here’s there:

Live cut away to Strictly Discs to support Record Store Day
The Battle- John Brown’s Body
Niamey Jam- Bombino
This is ONly the Beginning- Femi Kuti
Na So Wee Se Am- Femi Kuti

Be Free- Jaimeo Brown
Nadia Gray- Sex Mob
Speak Eddie- Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom
Fenster- Reggie Quinerly

Frail Pagans Theme- Victor DeLorenzo
*Live Coachella Two edition of “Frail Pagans” with Victor DeLorenzo*
Carry Me- Victor DeLorenzo
Don’t you Remember- Victor DeLorenzo

Crash- THEESatisfaction
Endeavors for Never- Shabazz Palaces
Villain- Junip
We don’t Sleep- Har Mar Superstar
BLondes- K-OS
Quarantine- Boundry

Towers- Bonobo Ft. Szjerdene
Antenna- Bonobo

No Lies- Dub Gabriel Ft. MC Zulu
What you Asked for- the Herbaliser
Gravediggress- Coco Rosie


Store Record Day

Today is that special day where vinyl lovers can get some first glimpses, listens and walk out of their local record store with some new or old music. It is a day to support where you get your hits, the soundtracks to your days/weeks/moments and remembrances…I cut to a local record store to have them talk live with the owners and the alum of this thankfully, line around the corner, busy day in Madison. I also played two shows worth of new and old sounds myself..the soundtrack of today…here’s the credits:

Lilac Breeze- Eels
Daffodil- Victoria Vox
Old Man Das- Chris Daniels

Tell me Why- Neil Young (live Massey Hall 1971)
The Eagle & the Hawk- Blind Pilot
Summertime- Langhorne Slim & the Law
Glass Onion- the Bevis Frond
Sandman (Flying Dutchman)- John Cage

Lady Day- Lou Reed (live St. Ann’s Warehouse 10/28/08)
Holy Man- Venice Gas House Trolley
*Live cut away to Strictly Discs to support Record Store Day*
Not too Late- Scott Tournet
Mother, When- the Shouting Matches

We Fell Hard- Marcia Ball
Boys Night Out- Ana Popvic
Can’t pin a Color- Shannon McNally Ft. Luther Dickinson
Can’t let you go- Nicole Hart & Anni Piper

Boogie Children- Ecklectic Mick
The Fawcett Negotiation- the Gene Dudley Group

*Cut away to Strictly Discs to support Record Store Day*
Stop Stuffin & Tart Sho Nuffin Prt 1- Ray Weatherspoon
Funky Screw- Lee Fields
Funky Barbarella- Redenbachers Funkestra

Sparkle City- Shuggie Otis
Strike- Union
Cultura- Dusty

Watermelon Man- Fred Wesley & the JBs


Brother Larry McDonald

It is always my pleasure to have true friends on the proGram telling us what is new via the way of what has been and crossing the paths of these stories. That’s exactly what good friend of the proGram, and of the G, Brother Larry McDonald is going to be doing this Tuesday at the UW Stevens Point. He is going to be giving a talk on the origins of Reggae music. ToGether he and I spoke of the ways it went from Ska to Rock Steady to Reggae. Larry spoke of the time Taj sent him off to get Bob Marley’s keyboard player, touring with SCRATCH at Coacheela this year and this was just a nice starting point for Brother Larry to prepare for Tuesday’s time with the youth. I am proud to have him as a friend, as a guest and as a musical partner through all these soundscapes. Here is a link to the event at UW Stevens Point. This sort of felt like a bonus portion of the show, so there was a little music with this:

Drum Say- Larry McDonald Ft. Ras Tesfa
**On air Conversation with Brother Larry McDonald**
World Party- Larry McDonald Ft. Shaza
Flight (of the Bugs)- Ox Cohen


the Words of the Path

This portion of the proGram was mostly filled with the words from artists as they make their way to and through. The first was Dessa, who will be in Madison at the Sett on the 19th. We spoke of her five piece touring group that will have both a band feel and that rapper on staGe feel. Her family in the Doomtree Collective was tops on her mind and how she makes her new album (soon to be dropped), with a hard hitting approach that will certainly be felt by the ears that give it a try.

Am a Do- Bob Marley & the Wailers
Still is Still Moving to me- Toots & the Maytals Ft. Willie Nelson
Fire Power- Lee SCRATCH Perry
Set the Children Free- Larry McDonald ft. Toots Hibbert
Seven Doors- Dub is a Weapon
Ran- John Medeski
Color Me- Amp Lee
Earthseed- THEESatisfaction
Into the Spin- Dessa
**** Live on air chat with Dessa****
The Crow- Dessa
Lamma Badda- Dead Can Dance (live)
…..The it was time for another episode of “Frail Pagans”….but this time it was an exclusive and a long distance affair. Victor was at Coachella with the Violent Femmes as they prepared to be back at it for the first time in six years. We spoke of their time preparing at the L.A. studio “3rd Encore” where Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath were right next door working. We spoke of Jonathan Winters and his abilities to make it happen in the moment without script of prior knowledge of the situation and how that translates into what the Femmes do at a live show. The exclusive was that they were going to play the entire 1st album as their time back toGether starts at Coachella.
Frail Pagans Theme- Victor DeLorenzo
***Frail Pagans the Coachella Femmes Edition***
Dr. Um- Victor DeLorenzo Ft. Gordon Gano


All miXXed in

The baGG was full of it and it was mixxed into a space for the time…the 1st half of the show is mostly the musical adventure where the 2nd part (posted early tomorrow) is filled with interviews and exclusives and a whole lotta love….Here is what the baGG had to say:

Wildfires of the Mind- the Sandman’s Orchestra
Therapy- Chris Daniels
Matchbox- Willie Nelson & Family

Oxford Town- Richie Havens
**On air show pluGG with Mr. Dance**
Tomorrow May not be Your day- Taj Mahal (live 4/18/1970 Royal Albert Hall)
That’s my Story- Gary U.S. Bonds
Shidara Stomp- Kicksville
I Got to Ramble- Marshall Lawrence
Texas Devil- Whiskey Rodeo
Street People- Shannon McNally
Liquid Diet- Jason Vivone & the Billy Bats

Invisible Pistols- Purgatory Hill
Picadilly Willie- Os Mutantes
Devil Take my Soul- Son of Dave

Ghetto Funk- Duracha
Miss Pretty- Shuggie Otis
Churn the Butter- Eddie Buster Band
Ease it on in- Sunrise

I put a Spell on you- Celia Baron
Shake it off- the Soul of John Black
Giving me the Blues- the Lucky Peterson Band Ft. Tamara Peterson (live at 55 Arts Club Berlin)


From the Golden Tree

I want to thank Gerald Clayton for being a guest on the show, this set is appropriate to include him as he keeps genuine cool. We spoke of the new album with his trio “Life Forum”, the show that evening in Madison and how the super group he is working in keeping pop songs of the 90’s alive in jazzed up way called Next Collective. If it were to have fallen..I am sure it came from the Golden Tree….the second half of the proGram was littered with golden leaves and the sounds as they feel went like this:

Catcher’s Mitt- CSC Funk Band
Profundo Grosso- Billy Martin’s Wicked Knee
Hummin’= Wolff & Clark Expedition

Radio Song- Esperanza Spalding
Shadamanthem- Gerald Clayton
**Live on air Conversation with Mr. Gerald Clayton**
Future Reflection- Gerald Clayton
Africa- Next Collective

It ain’t My Fault- Preservation Hall Jazz Band Ft. Mos Def/Trombone Shorty/Allen Toussaint (live)
Treme Song- Glen David Andrews (live at 3 Muses)

Bitch- THEESatisfaction
I Feel it- Chico Mann Ft. Alecia Chakour
Vos Sako Rv- Lindstrom (Todd Terje Petit Vocal Edit)
D.H.E.A.- (Inst)- Amp Lee Ft. James Melo

Money Come, Money Go- Fiction 20
Get Down- Pillowfight

Boi Peixe Theme- Beta Hector Ft. Boi Peixe
Ninao- Leech
F & M Suite- Pharaohs
The Eye- Kaleidoscope Jukebox

Heaven for the Sinner- Bonobo Ft. Erykah Badu
Canterbury Pt1- Dam Mantle


Fire Bark

For the risk takers and danGer climbers..the following tracks were selected to let the funkfire burn:

Citizens of Dawgnation- David Grisman’s Quintet
Twin Town- David Grisman’s Quintet
Chicken in the Corn- Brushy One String
No More Diggin’- Roscoe Gordon

Twelve Bar Blues- Nicole Hart & Anni Piper
Workin’ Hard Woman- Kelly Richey Band
Cowboys & Indians- Shannon McNally Ft. Derek Trucks

99 Shades of Crazy- JJ Grey & Mofro
Special FX Machine- Former Champions
Standard Deviation- Whitewater Ramble
Passing a Message- Villagers

The Day- the Black Angels
Inside Out- Jimi Hendrix
The Hunter- Albert King
Untitled Instrumental- Albert King
Blues Soup- Monetrik

La Cienega and Out- Orgone
Cop it Proper- Third Coast Kings
Day After Day- Susan Cadogan & the Crabs Corporation
Listen to my Heartbeat- Little Beaver
The Way we Live- Raw Soul Express

Your Professor- Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom
A Real Gone Guy- Joe Krown Organ Trio
Booganova- Ed Alstrom
Doctor Funk- Organissimo


Lined in a way

This final portion of the show was filled with conversations. First was an artist I have been spinnin’ for yEARS and it was great to talk with Ron Levy about his new album and book…we swapped some quick stories about a shared beloved pal, Melvin Sparks and chords and harmonies/B.B. King and how he uses his ear memory. It was just like a conversation on this proGram was first started and intended. Then, ringing in riGht after Ron was Sallie Ford who made up for not ringing in the day before..we spoke of her show that evening at the Majestic and the new album. I was able to spin a few more tracks between that chat and a thrill of a good time convo with Freekbass. He and I talked about his Cincinnati Reds and my Red Sox, his album Concentrate and the work with Bootsy Collins on it, as well as almost all his records…Freek will be playing bass on tour in the Kelly Richey Band, and will stop here in Madison this Friday at the Harmony Bar. He also mentioned tales of a new album that included the words nasty and dirty, so now…that sounds like something to look funkward to. Here’s what the show looked like:

Hunk O’ Funk- Jack McDuff
Can’t Get Satisfied- the Greyhounds
Something to Drink- Ed Alstrom
Ron Levy ID/Show Promo
**On air Conversation with the Road Dog, Ron Levy**
Badd Mannish Boy- Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom
**On air Chat with Sallie Ford**
Lip Boy- Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

The Drunken Drummer Blues- Organissimo
This That & the Other Thing- Skeebo Knight
Trashtruck- the Greyboy Allstars
99%- Billy Martin’s Wicked Knee Ft. Shelley Hirsch
Infinite Depth at the Bottom of the Sea- That1Guy & the Magic Pipe

Rust Belt- Charlie Hunter/Scott Amendola
Spaztastic- Rock Candy Funk Party
Once Upon a Groove- Electrik Peach Fuzz

Grinder- Freekbass
Funkin’ all Nite- Freekbass Ft. Bootsy Collins

***Freekbass Conversation live on air***
I went Down Easy- Kelly Rickey Band
Leavin it all Behind- Kelly Richey Band
Fast Drivin’ Mama- Kelly Richey Band


Leaf Freeze

where more than the wooly mammoth was found….there is the sound of the ancients…the song of the times long aGo…Here is the middle set of the other days fill in show where the where you came from remembers:

Pema- Kiwi
Sooner or Later- Soothsayers
Number One Sound- Bones Ft. Gregory Issacs (Jungle Mix)
Starver- John Brown’s Body

Amdokwe- Vusi Mahlasela (live)
La Vie est une Danse- Herleo Muntu
La Liverte- Khaira Arby (live Festival au Desert)
Orere- Elejiglbo- the Lijuda Sisters

Djinn Djinn- Mickey Hart Band (live Jersey Shore 8/17/2012)
Djoulo Diata- Ba Sissoko
Zankay- Baba Salah
City Woman- Bongos Kwue

I am Somebody (part2)- Johnnie Taylor
Put the Flame on it- Charles Bradley

37 degrees 56’39” by 111 degrees 32- Curtis Hasselbring
If only- the Kadinsky Effect
Jazz Rule- Johnny Hawksworth & Hampton Hawes

Prelude- Gerald Clayton
A Life Forum- Gerald Clayton
Oceans- Next Collective
God is Black- the Burnt Sugar Arkestra Chamber


Drip to Earth

The drop of the drip like a needle on the record….splashdown sound on the ground…The first set in this Sunday fill in show left no puddle, but the drips dropped atop the icey land to the beat of its own coming down:

Greasy Coat- Chance McCoy & the Appalachian String Band
Soul Shakedown Party- Leftover Salmon

->Stir it Up
-> One Love

Rio Samba- Larry Carlton/Robben Ford (unplugged/live)
Subterranean Homesick Blues- Koby Israelite
Panamanian Express- Occidental Gypsy

Bock to Bock- the Derek Trucks Band
Destiny- Brushy One String
Take me to Tomorrow- Dave Matthews
Bad Luck- Langhorne Slim & the Law
Dear Mr. Bankman- Whitewater Ramble Ft. Andy Hall

Hound Dog- Big Mama Thorton
Gotta Gimme Watcha Got- Julia Lee
Clap your Hands- Nicole Hart/Anni Piper
Get on A Harley- Johnny & the MoTones
Crosscut Saw- Albert King
Personal Manager (take 15)- Albert King

Florabama- JJ Grey & Mofro
I Feel my Stuff- David Byrne & Brian Eno
Pattern Recognition- Superhuman Happiness
Amelie- Les Racquet


Trapped under In

The tunes selected in this set reflect the key needed to become untrapped under in…get out and get up to get down:

Wow! (Sir Cumsized Version)- Divine Pocket Bouncers
Like Earth- Divine Pocket Bouncers
Throw it Back- Electrik Peach Fuzz

Rain Rain- Taj Weekes and Adowa (live)
B.A.S.I.C. dub- the Resonators
Dem Neva Mek it- Damian JR GONG Marley
Number- Christopher Ellis

Private Dancers- Red Baraat
Jackson- Slavic Soul Party

Rockability- Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside
Do Me Right- Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside
Addicted- Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside

Veneto- Occidental Gypsy
Occidental Stomp- Occidental Gypsy
Weeds- Rupa & the April Fishes

Tou Samake- Leni Stern
She Said (Africa Mix)- Rhythms del Mundo Ft. Plan B
Chicken Teeth- Matuto
Toronto Tiene su Cosa- Alberto Alberto
Le Reveil de la Louisiane- Lost Bayou Ramblers Ft. Dr. John/Nora Arnezeder
Sarawoga- Oliver Mtukudzi