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the first portion of today’s proGram “Pineapple Power”

Pretty Little Girl- the Chieftains ft Carolina Chocolate Drops
Tip of my Tongue- the Civil Wars (live)
Listen- Graham Whorley

Jesus on the Grille- Willy Porter (live MMM Studio)
Don Quixote Side- Bruce Piephoff

Magical Mystery Tour- Love Camp 7
Greasy Chicken- the Harmonious Five

The Clock Struck Twelve- Bo Diddley
Let your Word be your bond- Billy Cox & Buddy Miles
Blowin’ Smoke- the Radiators
Mambo Jumbo- Davis Coen
Bayou Tortue- James McMurtry (live)
I want you to want me- Zydecosis
Can’t you see- Jimmy Hall/Henry Paul/Bo Bice
Cinderella- the Jamie McLean Band ft John Popper
Crash Burn- Blues Traveler (live)
Mournin’ Light- Pop Levi
Polly- Amanda Palmer
Gratitude- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Howlin’ with Fred- the Apples ft Fred Wesley

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