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The second portion of Sunday’s proGram was a gift from the earth. While just doing my on airness, the phone rinGs and it is Brother Larry McDonald. He was ringing in from Florida while tuned into the show. He was down the visiting and for the celebration of life help for Cedric IM Brooks. We spoke about Cedric with heavy hearts and fond memories of a man, who knew and took care of business. His horn was next to his head as the Ethiopian priest conducted the ceremony….We also reflected upon Larry’s visit to Stevens Point to do a talk on the HIS-story of Reggae music. Finally, Larry reminded us of his final show coming up this week with SCRATCH and gang in NYC, so catch it if you can. The music that was released in the ferns arms:

Diamond- Matuto
Ghillie Callum- Thomas Lukassek
Sister River- Chris Berry

Nothing to Show for it- Femi Kuti
Smokey Places- the Tritonics
Jah Protect Us All- Bugle
**Impromptu live on air chat with Brother Larry McDonald**
A Misa Fait Na- Cross Border Players Ft. Bongo
Put your Guns Down- Gaudi Ft. Michael Rose
I Start to Pray- Gaudi Ft. Lee SCRATCH Perry & the Orb

Waynkoum Ya Reejal- Gnawa Kronik Ft. Yassir Chadly
Koumba- Alif Naaba
Allah Wawi- Vieux Farka Toure
Las Esvegras de Angora- Ruth Yaako
Im Nin’Alu intro- Watcha Clan
Im Nin’Alu- Watcha Clan


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