It’ll Stay That Way

“if you keep making that face…” the second half of the proGram was filled up time spent with our good pal Victor DeLorenzo and another edition of Frail Pagans….we took time to catch up on the paths each other have been on since last we spoke. Victor produced a new album with Astrid Young, Neil’s sister and toured portions of Canada with her in support of it as well as much work with 1913 and an upcoming birthday show in Milwaukee…after that, Oliver Wood rang in and we talked about the upcoming event at the Stoughton Opera House, mutual friends and the power of a well written song. You would think that would be all the show could handle, but there were these sounds that went with:

Frail Pagans Theme- Victor Delorenzo
** A Live on air edition of Frail Pagans with Victor DeLorenzo**
Hey Vanilla- Astrid Young
Green & Gold- Victor and Malachai DeLorenzo (Go Pack)
ShooFly Pie- the Wood Brothers (live)
Spirit- the Wood Brothers (live)
Atlas- the Wood Brothers (live)
***A Live on air conversation with Oliver Wood***
Personal Thing- King Johnson (live)
Sham Time- MSMW
Salassie Strut- the Funk Ark
Soul on Fire (reprise)- Akashic Record
The Push- Akashic Record
Rock the Wah Wah (eclectic soul)- the Wah Wah Collective
You are Somebody (eternal inspiration)- the Wah Wah Collective

The Sticks- the Budos Band
Here we go Again- Lack of Afro ft. Jack Tyson Charles
Thunderlips- Beat Funktion

Sissoko- The Shaolin Afronauts
Imokiraria- Joni Haastrup/Monoz Mono
The Song I Sing- Cookin’ Bag
Grout- Forq
Here Comes Shlomo- Cocek Brass Band
I Got That Feeling- Lowdown Brass Band
Grazing in the Grass- Treme Brass Band

Lai Sing- Khun Narin Electric Phin Band
Gassi Babbi- The Toure Raichel Collective
Hurriya (Banco de Gaia Remix)- Gaudi


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