Random Wood

I did an early morning fill in before the reGularly scheduled proGram and you know, that is when I like to let it go….and here is how it went:

Arfvedronite- Wadada Leo Smith/Jamie Saft/Joe Morris/Balazs Pandi
When We Arrive- Lars Bartkuhn
JTC II- J.J. Wright
Beautiful Beatrice- Adam Meckler Orchestra

The Trial- Russ Kaplan + 7
What’s Mine- Russ Kaplan + 7
Nightfall- Russ Kaplan + 7

Self Serve- the Bad Plus
Stoned Soul Picnic- Billy Childs Ft. Ledisi

And Son We’ll Be One- Snarky Puppy
Audrey- Bill Laurance
The Adjective Noun- Jonathan Scales Fourcehstra
Contortionist Ballet- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
Erin’s Song- Elephant Wrecking Ball

Sunday’s Stuff- Olli Ahvenlahti


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