In the second half of the early morning fill in, I was pleased to introduce listeners to Rob Hoatling, the CEO of Verbi Inc. Rob’s work on a unique security system that could possibly be the tool to help save lives with real time information. I will say that the Kickstarter campaiGn is the best way to get your own feel for the company, the sincerity of what drives the product and I certainly know (unfortunately first hand) that there is a overdue need for a solution since those we have voted into office to make these decisions, can’t. So, kudos to Verbi for the smarts of recognizing important discussions that need to go beyond….into solutions. There was music that did it’s part to try and help out also.

Live on air Conversation with Rob Hoatling of Verbi, Inc.
Good For You- Takashi Tsuzuki
Flicker Free- Takashi Tsuzuki
NYC Hustle- Karikatura
My Name is Happy- Oy

Govardhana- Arun Ramamurthy Trio
Lion’s Den- Elizabeth Shepherd
66 6ths- Dread Scott Trio
The Curfew Tower- Black Gold 360 & Fumihito Sugawara
Gestalt- Black Gold 360 & Fumihito Sugawara
Zegieuh- The Nile Project (live)
Principe Charro- Troker
Reel it In- Nikhil P. Yerawadekar and Low Mentality

Acknowledgement of Truth- Frank Catalano


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