Shore You Will

The first half of the proGram was the moments before the anchor dropped…and the decision was made to go around a few more times:

Belle Election- April Verch
Clickin’- Whistling Britches
Peter Rumpkin- Willa Mae Bucker
Manman Mwen- Leyla McCalla

Huck Finn- The Statesboro Revue
Devil’s Been Talkin’- NeedToBreathe (live Austin City Limits)
Something in the Water- Pokey LaFarge
Randolph County Farewell- Blackberry Smoke
Holding All the Roses- Blackberry Smoke

Smooth Criminal- 2 Cellos (live Arena Pula)
Saigon (intro)- decker.
ODB- decker.
It Shook Me Up- J.D. McPherson
Happier Times- 6 String Drag

Lee Remick- the Go Betweens
So Long So Long- Lulubelle III
Bees Take to Honey- Complicated Animals
Turned Wild- Crook & the Bluff
I Don’t Know What I’m looking For- the Adventures of the Silver Spaceman

Twelve Gates to the City- Rory Block
This is the Soul of a Man- Muerte Pan Alley
Packin’ Up- Quinn Deveaux & the Blue Beat Review
Dance Dance Dance- Chris Daniels & the Kings Ft. Freddi Gowdy

San Ho Zay- Magnus Berg
greenarrowradio promo- D.A. Foster
Smack Dab in the Middle- D.A. Foster

No Cities to Love- Sleater Kinney
Something New- Summer Cannibals
Guilty- Dirty Dishes


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