That’s the way, UH HUH!!

This final of the three sets featured some interesting jazzed up electro rock and the thick grooves to get lost in…..then all new music that has it’s own heartbeat and finally….if you haven’t hEAR MC Zulu‘s version of “Electric Avenue”…..well, like the listeners said “I have never hEARd it done that way”…..and that’s the way I like to try. Big thanks to our friend Todd Clouser for being a part of the show, talkin’ new music, live show and where the money is when playing out these days.

You can Make it if you try-Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra
For True- Trombone Shorty
Curtis- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
Bobby White in the City- Todd Clouser’s a Love Electric
***On air Conversation with Todd Clouser***
The Border of Pachacan-Todd Clouser’s a Love Electric
This That and the Other Thing- Skeebo Knight
Mustache- Razl
First Prayer- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Second Prayer- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Third Prayer- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Paper Moon- George Benson
a Good Idea- Reuben Wilson Trio
Crazy & Wild- Me’Shell NdegéOcello
Brain Surgeon’s wife Served Lunch- TriBeCaSten
Polio- Staff Benda Bilili

Make you Mine- Gringo Starr
Border Crossing- DJ Shadow
I’m Green- Icebird
the new Pneumonia Blues- Little Shalimar
Electric Avenue- MC Zulu

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