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Now that I have decided to use my laptop in cooperation with CDs, there is the occasion when one will fail…Luckily, this dilemma only lasted a short while as SuperTECH Matt Rock came to my rescue. But with the laptop being down for a bit and not knowing if the issue would resolve, I had a chance to spin some of the longer tracks I have collecting in the music bag. It was a treat to be able to find the riGht space finally to air them out into the earspace for consumption…..Here is the first of three sets from today’s show:

My Heart (reprise)- Tricked out Country
Circle 2- Mice Parade
Use Somebody- 2 Cellos
Gat in Dhamar- Ravi & Anoushka Shankar (live)
Prince Open- Pear ft Prince Diabaté
Samurai- Sky Saw
Eye of the Dove- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Who can I Turn to- Oscar Peterson

GTFD- Former Champions
Let it Grow- Big Daddy Love
Grandma June- the Heavy Pets ft David Grisman

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