A Love Electric…it’s riGht!

When the music is riGht, it is just riGht. When I get a chance to hang with Todd Clouser it is often more than just music. Todd’s bandmates in A Love Electric know how to hit my “on” button. The conversations they have with the audience through the sound creation on stage is unique to the moment, like feelings. This electro-jazzed-rock talk is dialogue that crosses genres into something meant for ear share no matter your views on politics or your “I’m not much of a jazz head” persona…..whatever or whoever you are, A Love Electric offers sounds and sights that are above labels of any kind. It’s just plain good! Todd leads the band with his percise guitarmanship, hitting original notes that invite real listening, while begin able to get lost at the same time. As I mentioned in Todd and my latest conversation, the trumpet work often takes my ears to lands where the horn is something new, it dumbfounds. Stand up bass holds the pulse down true and steady while the man on the kit keeps the backbone crooked and keeps the rhythms of the room forward moving.
Madison’s own, Luke Polipnick had his freejazzrockjamtrio “GLACIER” going before Todd took the stage and I must say, that is a perfect way to get the night started. Out of this world sonic smacks to the face seem to be a great way to start an evening of music.

Check out one of my favorite A LOVE ELECTRIC tracks “Curtis”

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