Underground Rolling Rock-n-Roll Show

Well…After chatting with Little Steven and him getting me all worked up about judging the go-go girls competition, I actually made it to the show at Foxwoods. I mingled with the young lady selling the goods, and hope to see her again in November to see what the fortune was?! There were Rolling Rock Girls there too, raffling off a Little Steven signed Gibson…I didn’t walk away with that but I know it was close. I did manage a tee-shirt and a hankerchief. OH YEAH the MUSIC..The Zombies were the headliner and were worth the drive. Still mysterious after all these years and the rhythms were tight. But for me, the MOONEY SUZUKIs stole the show. They sweat rock and roll. They strut and strangle guitar strings and remind those notes who is the boss. This band of NYC was worth the price of admission, not to mention that there were 3 other acts too. I have to admit, the mingling with the promotions people was more appealing to me then the 2 opening acts. I hope to make it to the next two shows, and advise you…IF YOU LIKE ROCK AND ROLL…this is the show for you. LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL.

Mister G—->9/20/06


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