About to Blow the Top

The second set of the proGram didn’t give any warning that it was about to blow…no steam…no pre-rumble….it all of a sudden start to spew out the sounds of funkiness with a hot lava movement throuGh ear-holes and open minds. Check the temperature here:

Baraka- Mickey Hart/DJ Logic
Givin’ em What They Love- Janelle Monae Ft. Prince

Make Believer- Morcheeba
Go- Passafire
Johnny in Dub- Astralasia

Fantastic Man- William Onyebor
New Found Truths- Catalyst
Try it You’ll like it- Master Plan Inc
Ham Gallery- the Poets of Rhythm

Mescaline 6- Calibro 35
the Whipper- Cameron Mizell
Hole in the Bag- the New Mastersounds
Revolution- Soulive
Boogie Stupid- John Scofield
Build an Android- Dopapod
Weird Charlie- Dopapod
Blast- Dopapod

Cambara 41- Da Lata
Soledad- the Bahama Soul Club Ft. Telmary
La Incognita- Juaneco Y Su Combo
My Money- Intended Immigration

Take it Back- Shaheed & DJ Supreme
It’s Yours- A Tribe Called Quest
It’s a Time Warp- Brian Jackson & the New Midnight Band
Recurring Cycles- Brian Jackson & the New Midnight Band Ft. M1

Treat You- Omar (Opolopo Remix)


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