the One of the Many

Thank you for choosing, this one of the many out there….The first half of today’s proGram had much in there that was desiGned to use the remote to open minds..Hope you diG what I did:

I Know This Place- Guy Buttery (live in KwaZulu)
Wheels- Fink w/the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

I’m on Your Side- Keb Mo
Slow Walkin’ Talk- Robert Wyatt
Zo Zo- Gringo Star
Peephole- Gringo Star
Satan is my Toy- Cass McCombs

I Can Bet- Paul McCartney
Power to the People- Eric Burdon & Billy Preston
Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard- Paul Simon
Different- Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Hush Hush- Kentucky Knife Fight
Nobody Wants- the Bokononists (live CJSW 9/12/2012)

I Don’t See Myself- Stay (live in London)
Girls of Belvoir- Mark McDowell

Careful with That Axe, Eugene- Vespero
This Could be the End of the Line- Zevious
Andromeda- Chrome Hoof

Maringouin- Miriodor
Buy 2 Take 3- Tatvamsi
September 20th (Soterius Lakshmi)- the Claudia Quintet
Doctor Strange- Owl Brain Atlas

Kitt- Scientific
Mighty Bird- Todd Clouser
Of Many, One- Brian Haas/Matt Chamberlain
Drive- Brian Haas/Matt Chamberlain


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