a Prayer for your Soul

There are some who make a mark on you and there are some that are the ones. This set of music was created for you! There are portions meant to give you a soul massage, there are some meant to give your smile some extra time and then, there is the spirituality behind the feeling(s) of the music. The connection. I want to thank Nawal for being a part of this show as she enlightened me to her belief in a one world, one religion, prayers for peace not just songs on an album approach in her rebellious ways of living and creating. She will be here in Madison on Thursday as part of the world music festival and the meditative being within me looks forward to the connection her live show will bring my soul, and how I can translate that back to yours.

Jesus Children of America- Deep Blue Organ Trio
19 20 21- King Johnson
Soul Makossa- Revolutionary Snake Ensemble
Teo- the Microscopic Septet
Jammin’ at the JCT-the Stein Brothers Quintet
UFO’s- Skeebo Knight
Therapeutic Space-the Natacha Atlas & Marc Eagleton Project
Compassion- Soname
My Horse- Soname
Basanth Mukhari-Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon
Tamatant Tilay/Exodus-Herbie Hancock w/Tinariwen/K’Naan/Los Lobos
War/No More Trouble-Playing for Change
Fafa- Vieux Farka Toure (live)
Kalan Nege- Issa Bagayogo
You can Run- Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80
Nobody Beg- Femi Kuti
Native Sun- Blitz the Ambassador

What are you Waiting for?- Mr Something Something
Psycho- Herve Sambe
Potatisvals- Frigg
Kokodoi- Dikanda

Rope on Fire- Club d’Elf (live)
Mantra for Four Chakras- Nawal
Mama Baraka- Nawal

***On air conversation with Nawal***
Mystic Baraka- Nawal
No Means No- KG Omulo
Rally Cap- Mamarazzi
Masterpiece- Deep Soul Strut
The Importance of Elsewhere- Lack of Afro

Got to be a Love-Greyboy FT Quantic & Sharon Jones
Stampede- J Russell FT MC Zulu/Moorea Dickason/Matt Schoening
Shooby Shooby do Yah-Mocean Worker ft Steven Bernstein
Locuraleza- Jontre

Only You- Portishead

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