Backyard Tire Fire w/Ha Ha Tonka

Chicago’s Backyard Tire Fire brought its redneck rock along with finely crafted songs into Madison on Friday to the Annex. Opening was Missouri’s Ha HA Tonka. The show was plugged in and rip roaring. In support of the new album, The Places we Lived, Backyard Tire Fire featured many of their new tunes but also hit the crowd with many of their “let’s drink beer and have a party” style rock -n- roll, certainly enough force to make the Annex in Madison, a heavy hitter. Ha Ha Tonka was a nice surprise for me as well, they can jam, keep it simply sweet and man o’ man could those fellas sing. It is always nice to see artists matched up well in a live setting, and this was certainly the case. The windy city and the roaring Ozarks were representing proper on this night!

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