an Evening w/the Derek Trucks Band

With opening act Greyhounds(who had Kofi on the flute for one tune), the Derek Trucks Band reminded me of what sound can sound like. From straight blues to the soul of the earth to a tweak and tuning adjustment of jazz to the slide of strings buttered with improvisational jams reinventing the very sounds we have come to know. The Kofi, Yonrico, Todd, Mike, Count M’Butu and Derek connection makes the stage into a exploration laboratory fit for musical mystery. With the opening group Greyhounds joining on stage for a wild rendition of the Lee Dorsey original Get out of my Life Woman ,featured trade offs galore between the entire collage of artists. There was a great crowd of energized music goers, each applauded the scene at various points for various personal interpretive moments in time that made them feel like, well…Its all about the music.

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