Plastic People of the Universe

I am almost at a loss of words—Last night I saw and heard a great night of foreign music that I lost track of where I might actually be. Well…sort of. Gypsy Rock anyone? Well then Little Cow is for you. They write brilliant rock songs with hut spa and dance starting Hungarian rhythms that had the Annex crowd creating an interpretation of the sounds like no one was watching. Then the reason for ears, the Plastic People of the Universe emerged onto the stage and progressive rocked my avant ass into a psychedelic state of being, that I could see in Plastic for a moment in time. The history of this Czechoslovakian group inspired by Zappa and the attempts of their own government to shut them up and silence their lyrics and music (they often went against the grain of the Communist regime and due to its non-conformism often suffered serious problems such as arrests.) This was a rare event in Madison and I was not missing it. The Plastic People were funky with heavy rock and spiritually trancing jams with vocals that were as haunting as they were moving. If you have never heard of either act here, well, I hope you take some time to introduce yourself to their music and their lives as they exist outside of our united States and know that these people know how to make music…..real music.

Budapest’s LITTLE COW

plastic people.jpg
Prague’s Plastic People of the Universe

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