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Change Of Scene With Scott Sawyer

Scott Sawyer displays his musical diversity like a badge of honor, re-visiting his blues & rock roots while continuing to explore the jazz tradition & beyond. He’s performed at major festivals, concert halls, and beer-soaked dives here and abroad (Central America, Asia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East) including Monterey Jazz Festival, Herbst Jazz Festival, St. Lucia Jazz Festival, Playboy Jazz, 2002 Silde Jazz; Ottawa Jazz Festival; Detroit Jazz Festival, Berlin Chamber Music Hall; Blue Note (NYC); Catalina Jazz Club (LA).Born in Chicago, Sawyer was introduced to jazz and other music at an early age via his father’s record collection, which included recordings by John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Lou Rawls, Nancy Wilson and others. Early on, Jimi Hendrix & Michael Bloomfield caught his ear and that led to blues and blues/roots influenced rock. Paul Butterfield, Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, Tim Buckley, The Doors, & Tom Waits were early inspirations. By the time he was a junior in high school, Scott had lived in Chicago-land, Maine, & Texas. Already immersed in the Chicago blues, he was exposed to Southern roots/rock music fusion. Over time, jazz became a priority. Guitarist Jim Hall caught his ear and sparked a deeper interest in jazz guitar/harmony; lessons with friend of this proGram John Scofield & Mick Goodrick added fuel to the fire. He landed a steady gig in Greensboro at Sammy’s, with vibraphonist Jon Metzger & bassist Charles Dungey that lasted a couple of years. From 1984-1996 Sawyer’s trio and special guests performed most Wednesdays at the legendary Pyewacket in Chapel Hill, NC. Sawyer has shared the stage and/or recorded with many artists of note, including John Abercrombie, Charlie Byrd, David Murray, Oteil Burbridge, ‘prima ballerina’ Marie-Christine Mouis, Bob Cranshaw, Buster Williams, Ron Brendle, Ed Thigpen, Grady Tate, Kobie Watkins, Dave Finucane, Bill Anschell, Ed Paolantonio, Keith Waters, Willie Pickens, Tony Williamson, Kate McGarry, Nnenna Freelon, Lois Deloatch, Carolyn Ghezzi, Danny Aiello (to name a few). With many recordings under his belt now, it’s time for one more. Maybe a little Change Of Scene.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Scott as he is set to release a brand new album, ‘Change Of Scene’ with Oteil Burbridge and Scott Amendola. We got into the state of mind and being Scott was in when first approached about the idea of putting out a new album. Right off the bat you can hear how influential his brother and executive producer on the record, Jon is. It is always nice to hear that when a new energy is added to the mix the flow remains constant and forward. Sounds like that’s what happened when this trio got toGether and set forth the vision. It is always exciting to find out how a track or two developed into its final state, so we learn a little about some of the tunes, but the best way to do that – get your won copy.

Above The Land

Final part of the proGram this week had it’s head up in the…

Round Midnight- Enrico Rava & Fred Hersch
Part X- Keith Jarrett [live]
Part VIII- Keith Jarrett [live]
Yo- Claudia Acuña
Eclipse de Luna- Claudia Acuña Ft. Christian McBride

Interstellar Suite- Parallel East
Asteroid Belt- Parallel East
7/4 Vamp- Parallel East
InstruMind- Alberto Rigoni & Michael Manring Ft. Lars Lehmann
Seven- Alberto Rigoni & Michael Manring Ft. Bryan Beller

American Dream Girl- The Company Stores
Why?- Ghost Funk Orchestra
Comb Away the Tangles- Smoota
Ghost Walk- The Mighty Mocambos

**pre-recorded conversation w/comedian Steven Wright**

Furthering Out

The middle part of the proGram went for it and thinks it got there.

The Crystal Ship- Scott Sawyer w/Oteil Burbridge & Scott Amendola
**pre-reorded conversation with Scott Sawyer**
What It Is- Scott Sawyer w/Oteil Burbridge & Scott Amendola
Nardis- Scott Sawyer w/Oteil Burbridge & Scott Amendola

Hedgehog- WOLF! Ft. Scott Metzger
Hey Francis- WOLF! Ft. Scott Metzger

New Thread- Adam Larson
Mercy Mercy- Alex Acuña Ft. Otmaro Ruiz, Ramón Stagnaro, Lorenzo Ferrero & John Peña
Chuncho- Alex Acuña Ft. Otmaro Ruiz, Regina Acuna, Diana Acuña, Ramón Stagnaro, Lorenzo Ferrero, John Peña
Bass Intro- Clark Sommers Lens
James Marshall- Clark Sommers Lens

Gilgamesh and the Celestial Bull- Connie Han
Ereshkigal of the Underworld- Connie Han
The Trial- Enrico Rava & Fred Hersch

From Night To

The first part of this week’s proGram had the face of space in mind.

Jet Flight- Sun Ra
TECHNICOLOUR- The Comet Is Coming
THE HAMMER- The Comet Is Coming

Le saule pleureur- Kham Meslien
À travers les orages- Kham Meslien
Changes For Trane & Monk- Billy Drummond & Freedom of Ideas
Little Melonae- Billy Drummond & Freedom of Ideas
Chickmonk- The Jon Cowherd Trio Ft. John Patitucci & Brian Blade

Green Street- John Stein
Hotcakes- John Stein
Four On Six- Tim Fitzgerald
Twisted Blues- Tim Fitzgerald

Steven Wright At The Barrymore

Academy Award winner & legendary mind-bender Steven Wright is a prototype comedian that many others constantly try to emulate. When you’re funny, people want to figure out just how. Deadpan delivery is not for everyone. Upon graduating from Emerson College and holding many odd jobs, he attended an “open mike” audition and became a regular performer at Ding Ho’s Comedy Club & Chinese Restaurant in Cambridge, MA. It was during this time that he got his big break and was booked for his first “Tonight Show” appearance on Friday, August 6, 1982. The king of late night enjoyed the performance so much he invited him to appear again the following Thursday, a rarity. His back-to-back appearances helped put his career into high gear. He soon found himself performing his off-beat routines on “Saturday Night Live,” “Late Night with David Letterman,” & several stops back to “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” Mr. Wright expanded his comedy career to include comedy albums, film & television appearances. He has been nominated for an Emmy Award as a Producer on the 2014 season of the hit FX series, Louie and continued as a Producer for the 2015 season. He guest starred in two episodes of Louie in 2015 & 2011 and was in Louis CK’s critically-acclaimed web series Horace and Pete. Steven is a regular guest with Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers and continues touring the U.S., Canada & overseas. The way he sees life and how it happens is presented in such a way that I for one, appreciate how much he has influenced my way of always questioning everything.

I had the chance to connect with Mr. Wright back just before the pandemic put a halt on everything. This conversation was recorded and placed on the shelf [with a mask]. The show was rescheduled a couple times and we set things up and then then things changed. Just like life. So, here is the re-edited, off the shelf and mask-less chat we had in 2020. Still fun and relevant. People here in Madison can catch him 10/8/2022 at The Barrymore and others can go right here to find out where they can get a dose of this special mind-bender in action. We get into the day in the life of, baseball, the perfect movie role for him and just the things that come up. Check it.

Into The Green

Final part of the proGram had a soulful entrance.

Ilusión de Amor- Jensine Benitez Ft. Thee Sacred Souls
Sparkle In Your Eyes- Jensine Benitez Ft. Thee Sacred Souls
Feel My Soul- Danny Toeman

Chingador- Polyrhythmics
Hypnotise- The Allergies

Kinda Kinky (Ursula’s 20th Anniversary Redux)- Ursula 1000
Mo Wax- farid Ft. Brooklyn Shanti
18th Street- Los Chicos Altos
Right On Brothers- Right On Brothers
Reprise- Fairuz
Ouverture 87- Fairuz

I’m a Man- Smoke and Mirrors Sound System
Sahara- Pierre Kwenders

Intro- Rbsn
Stranger Days- Rbsn
Old Dog- The Company Stores

Guarding The Place

The middle part of the proGram had you covered, land air, or water.

Fairweather Friend- GA-20
**pre-recorded conversation with Matt Stubbs of GA-20**
Just Because- GA-20
I Let Someone In- GA-20

In the Basement- Niecie
Death Have Mercy (feat. Demeanor)- Jake Blount
Who You Working For- Billy Price
Let’s Go For A Ride- Billy Price
Since You’ve Gone Again- Billy Price (live)

Last Night In The Rain- Tedeschi Trucks Band
Another Day- Tedeschi Trucks Band

Willin- Gregg Allman
Everything a Good Man Needs- Scott Sharrard Ft. Taj Mahal & Bernard Purdie
**pre-recorded conversation with Scott Sharrard of Little Feat**
Mercenary Territory- Little Feat (Live)

Whisker Twitchin’- Andy Thorn
Barry’s Bounce- Andy Thorn
Stork Bite- Andy Thorn

Lake Sun Shine

Did a pre-show set into the first part of the reGular program with the reflection off a morning’s lake view.

Madhuvanti- Purbayan Chatterjee & Rakesh Chaurasia
Yaman Drut- Purbayan Chatterjee & Rakesh Chaurasia
Yaman Madhya Laya- Purbayan Chatterjee & Rakesh Chaurasia

I’ve Got Algorithm- Steven Feifke & Bijon Watson
Would You Catch A Falling Star- Del McCoury Ft. Sierra Hull
Low Dog Blues- Nathaniel Rateliff
Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You- Valerie June
Fade Into You- Valerie June

La Pared (Govt. Wall Blues)- The Black Angels
The Sunshine Maker- Black Market Karma
Eulogy to Lenny Bruce- Chris Connelly
Diamond City- Psychic Ills [Live at Levitation]
Incense Head- Psychic Ills [Live at Levitation]

greenarrowradio promo- Michele D’amour
Samson and Delilah- Robert Hill & Joanne Lediger
It’s Gotta Be Me- Detonics
Life’s Your Best Friend- Detonics

Little Feat Run To Madison

Little Feat is one of those bands that can and still does successfully weave many types of genres together into a fusion of an almost collectively unique sound, that seems to have been magnetized to the ears of many. They combined earthy, organic material with individualize talents [having the right pieces in place seems to really work] into a community that leaps over boundaries. Little Feat took California rock, head-boppin’ funk, stretched out jazz, old pick-up truck country/rockabilly, & a New Orleans swamp boogie that has that certain somethin’ somethin’ and stirred it into this rich and chunky gumbo, and continue to bring the life to the party. This is music that I love made by people that seem as real as the day is long, and it shows in how people react to the rhythm of the heartbeat within these tunes, like the pulse is shared by each and everyone one of us. The members of Little Feat 2022 are friends of the proGram, Bill Payne, Keyboards and Vocals; and Scott Sharrard, Guitars and Vocals and Tony Leone, drums; Sam Clayton, Percussion and Vocals; Fred Tackett, Guitars and Vocals, Kenny Gradney, Bass.

I had the chance to catch up with brother to the proGram, Scott Sharrard ahead of the October 4th event at The Barrymore here in Madison. Scott and I get into this special show as part of the 45th Anniversary of ‘Waiting For Colombus’, one of the bands – correction – one of the best live albums ever made. Scott shared a couple of the tunes from this tour that really tug at the nostalgia strings and one that gives him a moment of pause to think of Brother Gregg. If somehow you are of a certain age where maybe this music has escaped you, this is a great time to get yourself familiar with the sounds, the scene and the reasons why for so many people, this is a chapter of their lives bookmarked with album titles and dancing bodies.

GA-20 Is All That And More

GA-20 clearly is on to something big. It’s a movement, a new traditional blues revival. The dynamic, throwback blues trio are disciples of the place where traditional blues, country & rock ‘n’ roll intersect. Guitarist Matt Stubbs & guitarist/vocalist Pat Faherty, & drummer Tim Carman have been at the forefront of this traditional blues revival since they first formed back in 2018. It’s no wonder they skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard Blues Charts. Since day one, GA-20 has drawn inspiration for their old-school sounds from the music they love by artists such as Otis Rush, J.B. Lenoir, Howlin’ Wolf, Junior Wells, Hound Dog Taylor, Lloyd Price, Johnny “Guitar” Watson and so many others. Performing with what feels like reckless abandon, GA-20 brings a timeless immediacy to every song they play with a sound that continues to grow & evolve. Matt Stubbs is a 14-year veteran of legendary blues master Charlie Musselwhite’s touring band, and has performed with James Cotton & John Hammond, among many others. Stubbs met Faherty in Boston, and their mutual love of traditional electric blues, R&B, & rock ‘n’ roll led them to write, perform & eventually record their modern vision of this life-altering music. GA-20 quickly drew a large following, and the band soon signed with acclaimed soul/R&B label Colemine Records/Karma Chief Records, releasing their debut in 2019 to widespread critical & popular acclaim. On ‘Crackdown’, GA-20’s 3rd full-length release, the band creates an unvarnished, ramshackle blues that is at once traditional & refreshingly modern. Expanding on their previous releases (2019’s Lonely Soul & 2021’s ‘Try It…You Might Like It! GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor’) GA-20 finds inspiration on the edges of the genre, where early electric blues first converged with country & rock ‘n’ roll.

I had the chance to catch up with Matt Stubbs ahead of the October 4th event here in Madison at The Bur Oak. Matt gives a quick preview of the event and then we spend a little time getting into this fantastic new release, ‘Crackdown’. We find out how and where it really fits into the catalog, how the title track shaped up and I have to tell you, I cannot wait for people to hear any part of this album stretched out at a live show. Matt gives a peek into what he’s been listening tp and which track off the new album he’d choose to build a set around. This band…this album…this show.

Green Fuzzy Good

The final sets for this week’s proGram rubbed us just right.

Me Duele- Bomba Estéreo & Manu Chao
Peyizan Yo- Wesli
Kay Koulé Trouba- Wesli
Simbi- Wesli
Jealousy- Alhaji Waziri Oshomah
Forgive Them Oh God Amin-Amin Pt 1.- Alhaji Waziri Oshomah
Omhona-Omhona- Alhaji Waziri Oshomah

Easy Method- Empresarios
Dub Fruits- The Appetizers
Just Like You Used To- Jalen N’Gonda
Past Life- Marlowe
Contender- Supreme Beings of Leisure

Lustful Elephants Trumpet Spring- Ancient Future [Live 6-12-21]

Built Up Together

The middle portion of this week’s proGram was build with toGether in mind.

Junior Steps- The Ron Kraemer Trio w/the Nashville Cats
Reggie No. 2- The Ron Kraemer Trio w/the Nashville Cats
The Land of Oz- Jeremy Green Ft. Keith Carlock, Oz Noy & Rich Brown

Frankenstein- Billy Drummond & Freedom of Ideas
The Disco Godfather- Brian Lynch and Spheres Of Influence
M’s Bedtime Blues- Geoffrey Keezer
Sasagin- Carl Stone
LUCID DREAMER- The Comet Is Coming
Kerzen- Lampen

Mercy, Mercy, Mery- Connected Bones
Breevin’- Butcher Brown
Freeze Me- Butcher Brown
Energy- Sly5thAve & JSWISS

In Our Hands- Scone Cash Players
What’s Her Name- Scone Cash Players
Pachyphytum- C’ammafunk

Patchin’ Up

The first part of this week’s proGram knew exactly where the orange met the green.

Sounds Like Fun (PDX Pop Now! Mix)- The Fur Coats
Lady Overdrive- Librarians with Hickeys
Perusing Janet’s Record Collection- Blitzen Trapper
Reckless- Jay Ringer

Soul Shanty- Lureto
Ode to George- Lureto

Oooh – Wow- The Hungry Williams
Gee Baby- The Hungry Williams
Who’ll Be Next- Boogie Beasts
Rumpshaker- Crystal Shawanda
Chicago- John Primer

greenarrowradio promo- Laura Tate
Sexy Ways- John Németh
The Last Time- John Németh
Fairweather Friend (Final Goodbye)- GA-20
Double Gettin’- GA-20

The Grouping Under

The final part of the proGram looked under the seen to find this group of grooves.

Unquiet Respect- Patricia Brennan
Saint-Médard- Trevor Dunn

The Fox Explores- Core Fields
Eyvah Eyvah- BIENSÜRE
Cuchifrito Pa’ Los Pollos- Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat

Angustiado Intro (En Vivo)- Omar Sosa [live]
***pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Omar Sosa***
El Manisero (En Vivo)- Omar Sosa w/Maraly Pacheco [live]

Plazma Plaza- Clear Path Ensemble
Tennis Ball- Clear Path Ensemble
Kihi- Clear Path Ensemble

Norma Arm- Free Form Funky Freqs
Earth- Free Form Funky Freqs

Standing Upwards

The middle sets of this week’s proGram had things perfectly uprighted.

Big Road Blues- Issac Youngblood

I’ve Heard of That- Jim Lauderdale
You’re Hoggin’ My Mind- Jim Lauderdale

Fractals- Beth Orton Ft. Alabaster dePlume, Tom Skinner, Shahzard Ismaily, Tom Herbert
Are They All Monsters- UNA
ATK- Bonobo
Ready For Juju- Karolina Ft. Jenny Penkin
Selfish Soul- Sudan Archives
I’m the Light (God Knows I’m the Light)- The Gruesome Twosome

This Is What You Got- C’ammafunk
Boogie With Your Baby- Funkool Orchestra
Anadira- Scone Cash Players
Golden State- Scone Cash Players

By the River- Jennifer Hartswick
Ain’t No Chevy- Jeremy Green Ft. Keith Carlock, Robben Ford, Will Lee, Mark Levron
Valley of the Crucible- The Shaolin Afronauts

Trip Top Shape

The first part of the proGram was it’s very own journey.

Gonna Lose- Built to Spill
Pomaria, Pt. 1- Lureto
One Rip- Lureto
Chicken Head Man- Buffalo Killers

Feeling Good- John Németh
Rourarou- Laura Tate
Burn It All Down- Lauren Anderson
Hit The Spot- Lauren Anderson Ft. John Salaway
Crackdown- GA-20

Gone For Good- GA-20
We Go Back- Buddy Guy Ft. Mavis Staples
I Won’t Sweat It- John Primer
Blues in My Shoes- Mud Morganfield

Rootin Ground Hog- Lovey Williams

Omar Sosa In Madison

Seven-time GRAMMY-nominated composer, pianist and bandleader Omar Sosa’s musical trajectory has taken him from Camagüey and Havana to touring in Angola, the Congo, Ethiopia and Nicaragua in the 1980s, to a sojourn in the African-descent communities of Ecuador in the early 1990s, to an extended presence on the San Francisco Bay Area Latin jazz scene, to his current engagement with artists from Spain, France, Brazil, Cuba, the United States and many African nations. Sosa fuses a wide range of jazz, world music and electronic elements with his native Afro-Cuban roots to create a fresh and original urban sound – all with a Latin jazz heart. I am excited to announce that he will be heading to Madison this year and it could be a highlight for anyone who decides to make this an event not to be miss. For his Overture performance, Mr. Sosa brings his new Quarteto Americanos, featuring Bay Area artists Josh Jones on drums, Sheldon Brown on saxophones and Cuban bassist Ernesto Mazar Kindelán.

I had the honor of getting a little bit of friend of the proGram, Mr. Sosa’s time as he was between rehearsals/shows/family time. We got into providing the imagination of people a view into what the scene will be like on Wednesday, September 21 in the Capitol Theater at the Overture Center For The Arts. Mr. Sosa provides a window into how this group of talented ‘family’ friends ended up getting together to create. The window opens a little wider to learn what the quartet will bring sonically, experimentally and spiritually as together, we all will be in one unique universe as the sounds surround. We learn a little about each musician – why Mr. Sosa believes he is still on this planet and believe me, if you go catch this event, you too will be grateful.

Two For The Road lead to Madison

Eric Vloeimans (trumpet) is one of the best-known musicians in his native country, the Netherlands. He has led a wide variety of ensembles over the years and is a frequent guest soloist with bands & orchestras of all sorts. He has won 4 Edison prizes (the “Dutch Grammy”) for his recordings and has toured throughout Europe, Asia & the US with his own groups & artists such as Mercer Ellington, John Taylor, Peter Erskine, The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Wayne Horvitz, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and so many others. Will Holshouser (accordion) is a veteran of the New York music scene who has performed all over the world with artists including violinist Regina Carter, clarinetist David Krakauer, & improvisers Han Bennink & Michael Moore as well as with his own projects. He has also performed with Antony & the Johnsons, Kiran Ahluwalia, Uri Caine, Guy Klucevsek, New York City Ballet, New York City Opera, Martha Wainwright, Loudon Wainwright, Suzanne Vega, & many others. This dynamic duo hit the road September 11 – October 2 for a twelve city tour of the US & Canada to celebrate their expressive & playful live album ‘Two for the Road’. The album was officially released September 1, 2022 via V-flow/Challenge Records. The album was recorded during a live concert tour of the Netherlands in 2021, during a window in the pandemic when musicians & audiences could finally come together. The 2nd album from this duo, it showcases their expressive writing, playful & virtuosic improvising, & omnivorous range of influences, stretching the format to include a colorful range of sounds from their vibrantly vast musical backgrounds.

I had the opportunity to catch up with these two open minded conversationalists ahead of their event on Friday, September 23 at Audio for the Arts, here in Madison. We got into the two great tastes of accordion and trumpet working it out toGether and we dive deep into the new record. While there are moments one could consider ‘jazz’, there much more to this sound and rhythms. We learn about Eric’s beautiful “Innermission” series composed during lockdown: several pieces that range from introspective, almost Schubert-like meditations to joyful rhythmic romps. We also get into Will’s long-form composition/suite “Redbud Winter,” which was commissioned by the American Accordionists’ Association, and touches many feelings during its play time. I think this is music to soak in live and be amazed, but also to take home and use as needed.

More To Munch

The final part of this week’s proGram had to rest up before continuing on.

Comet, Come to Me- Antonio Sanchez Ft. Meshell Ndegeocello
I’m Gonna Leave You By Yourself- Steven Bernstein’s MTO
Put It Right Here- Steven Bernstein’s MTO
Word For Word- Julian Lage

Deep Gap- Eric Vloeimans & Will Holshouser
**pre-recorded conversation with Eric Vloeimans & Will Holshouser**
Innermission 9- Eric Vloeimans & Will Holshouser
Innermission 11- Eric Vloeimans & Will Holshouser

Busting out All Over- Jeff Coffin Ft. Alana Rocklin/David Rodgers/Mike Baggetta/Derico Watson/Jordan Perlson
Ruthie- Jeff Coffin Ft. Kris Myers, Jeff Babko, Bob Lanzetti & Jonathan Wires
Galactic Longitude- Free Form Funky Freqs
Galactic Bar- Free Form Funky Freqs

Pressure- Brothers Of Autumn

Beginning Ends

The middle part of the proGram had it’s start right where it was.

Exit Music- The Filthy Six
Wonder- Boogie Belgique

Volta- Lehto
Malca- Sababa 5
Ya Energy- Maxine Scott X Alf.E
Limitless- Sol Messiah Ft. Evidence
Black Mother Queen Reflection- Brandi and the Alexanders
Diligent One- Brandi and the Alexanders
Fire- Brandi and the Alexanders

Temporary Answer- Massimo Discepoli
Absorbia- Syamese Ft. Mental Overdrive
Cr8tive De$truction- Smomid

Tadalat- Imarhan
Dubai Market- Dub Spencer & Trance Hill
M-Power- Antonio Sanchez Ft. Rodrigo Y Gabriela