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Liv Warfield Is All That And More

Liv Warfield began building her legend, in of all places, Portland, Oregon. Despite having no formal background in singing, she gained the respect of local superstars and became an icon in her own right. While she takes cues from musical influences like Nina Simone, Etta James, Sade, Tina Turner, & Mary J. Blige, Liv has carved out a style all her own, which can best be described as “alternative soul with a lil’ bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” In 2006, she self-released her debut album “Embrace Me.” By 2009, she caught the eye of the one-and-only Prince and ultimately joined his group the “New Power Generation.”

imaGe used w/permission from LiV

After touring for several years & soaking up as much knowledge as she could from the ultimate music mentor, Liv made her big splash on the national scene in 2014, 1st as a featured artist for Vh1’s “You Oughta Know” campaign, and then with the release of her major label debut album “The Unexpected,” which was executive produced by Prince. What followed were show-stopping performances on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “The Late Show with David Letterman,” and “The Arsenio Hall Show;” a 2014 Soul Train Music Award & nominations for two others; a BET Best New Artist Award nomination; & high-profile cosigns from Lionel Richie, Cindy Lauper, & Nancy Wilson of HEART. That same year, Warfield’s performance closing out Essence Fest was hailed as one of the most memorable after shows at the New Orleans House of Blues. In 2015, the accolades only kept growing, w/Liv and the NPG Hornz being named one of the top 10 bands to see at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. It’s no wonder she has left celebrities like Letterman declaring it’s time to “cancel show business!”

Fast forward a little closer to this moment today and the release of Prince’s Welcome 2 America certainly reminded me of just how much Liv has been instrumental in bringing a special joy to my ear, my heart and my radio proGram. I had the true pleasure of catching up with Liv about the music of Welcome 2 America being released out to the world, working with Prince and the trust & education that comes with it. We spend some time talking about the great new and fresh-feeling music being released very very soon with Joon Moon and how yet another music page is being turned with this effort. I am a true believer that Liv can turn as many musical pages as as can be held in the library. There are stores we share, there is some poetic waxin’ and of course there is the “So…how did you come to the attention of Prince?” was definitely run through. Although, Liv Warfield may be synonymous with the work she has done with a true one-of-a-kind, there is a reason this visionary of life’s art chose her to be on the “team”. Because of this unique dubbing by a king, I am not one to keep this chat only abut the music. Liv and I talk about the person, not just the powerhouse of an artist that she is and I think when you are done getting to know her, you’ll see why I believe now is the time for all of us to Liv better!

Connect with Liv:

Peeking In

The final episode of the Summer’s spin off THE YELLOW LIGHT saw what you were doing and provided this soundtrack:

Every Knee Shall Bow- U-Roy Ft. Big Youth & Mick Jones
Land Back- The Halluci Nation Ft. Boogey The Beat & Northern Voice
Collaboration ≠ Appropriation- The Halluci Nation Ft. Tanya Tagaq

Discognized (Deep Dub Version Alt Break)- Mr. Confuse & Ferry Ultra
Naked- TOKiMONSTA Ft. Channel Tres
America The Beautiful (original version w/Guitar)- Kameelah Waheed
Unclustered- Immersion
Ripples- Immersion

Home Is Where the Hatred Is (I Grade Dub Mix)- The Archives Ft. Puma Ptah
Must Be Something (I Grade Dub Mix)- The Archives Ft. Puma Ptah & Brian Jackson
The Resolution With Not Be Televised- The Archives (I Grade Dub Mix) Ft. Mateo Monk & Kenyatta Hill

Under Tito Jackson’s Spell

Tito Jackson has spent his entire life tempting music lovers w/soulful harmonies interwoven w/curvaceous rhythms as a member of Motown’s greatest discovery, The Jackson 5, and presently as a multi-faceted solo artist. His unyielding passion for blues, R&B, pop, and other music forms is the secret to his boundless energy & unique achievements in the ever-changing & at times heartless business. In 1962, before the Jackson 5 & the Jacksons, Tito performed in a local group called The Jackson Brothers. After competing & winning local talent shows in and around Gary, the precocious brothers were victorious again on the most prestigious amateur stage of all — Manhattan’s Apollo Theater. In that same year Tito & his brothers made their first studio recording, titled “Big Boy.” Not only did it turn out to be a local hit, but it set the stage for a partnership with Motown Records and appearances on the top-rated Ed Sullivan Show, American Bandstand, Soul Train, & later, their own primetime television series in 1976, on CBS. In addition to this, Tito and his brothers’ soaring popularity with America’s youth was so captivating that they were captioned in a Saturday morning, ABC TV animation series. Tito and his brothers signed with Epic Records and officially came under a new name, The Jacksons, in 1976. In 1978 he co-wrote the songs “Everybody,” “Destiny,” and “Push Away” for his new record label. As the group The Jackson’s, including Tito, they self-produced the Destiny album. Later, for the Victory album Tito produced, wrote, and sang on “We Can Change The World,” which was featured on their popular Victory Tour. A father of three men (Taj, Taryll, and TJ), known to the music world as 3T, Tito works closely with his sons. This is consistent with the fine direction that he received from his loving mother Katherine & his caring father Joe. In addition to working with sisters Janet, Rebbie, & La Toya, Tito has worked with countless fine musicians, singers, and producers. One of the performing highlights of the remarkable career of Tito Jackson is the unforgettable reunion performance on one of histories most watched television specials, Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (1983). The show signaled a pivotal point in his dazzling career and an auspicious focus on likely the greatest performer to ever grace a stage, Michael Jackson. In 1997 Tito and his brothers were ceremonially honored as inductees of the well-respected Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In September 2001, nearly 17 years after their last performance together, all 6 Jackson brothers reunited for 2 performances at Madison Square Garden for a 30th anniversary special commemorating Michael’s solo career. Tito’s initial success with the recording masterpieces “I Want You Back,” “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “I’ll Be There,” (best selling single in Motown’s history), and other mega-hits is the start of an amazing journey thru modern musical immortality. Tito also rocks the world through various riveting live shows with his brothers, his own band & the BB King Blues Band. His brother Michael had this to say about him, “Tito is very quiet and soft, but can be really strong when necessary. He’s always there when we need him and manages to project an inner calm which is vital within a family unit”. Those statements have proven to be consistently true through the ups and downs of the exciting but rigorous show business lifestyle. As an international artist, Tito has garnered great respect from peers & fans alike. His emphasis on fairness & loyalty in the music business community is a hallmark of his selfless style. This legend’s mark on music history & the rich legacy that he established is one that has stood the test of time and is one that will flourish for as long as there is a song to sing!

I had the complete honor to sit down and chat it up with this living legend, Hall Of Famer and a true gentleman, Mr. Tito Jackson. Mr. Jackson and I spent time discussing his new release “Under Your Spell” on Gulf Coast Records. We get into a few of the tracks and how the amazing lineup of accompanying artists added their “them” to the project. We talk about the lead single “Love One Another” and moreover, the video for this anthemesque tune that reminds us all about this simple thing…and its the list of the who Mr. Jackson has in the video to help get that message out. Of course, no good chat with a one and only member of the most influential family in pop music/culture goes on without some stories of the then and how it got all of us to the now, toGether. I am honored to have had the chance to do my little part to help spread this message and hope you’ll dig into the album and this conversation to see what’s what (and even a hint of what’s possibly next…did someone say Sly Stone?).

Getting Warmer

The final part of the proGram might have found the spot:

Africa, One Of A Kind- Angelique Kidjo Ft. Mr Eazi & Salif Keita
Omon Oba- Angelique Kidjo Ft. Zeynab & Lionel Loueke
Winter In America- The Archives Ft. Puma Ptah & Brian Jackson
Who’ll Pay Reparations On My Soul?- The Archives Ft. Puma Ptah & Mustafa Akbar
A Toast to the People- The Archives Ft. Raheem DeVaughn
Macumba De Marea- Quantic & Nidia Góngora

The Real Royal Turkey- Besarabia
Quin enrenou- Fenya Rai
One- Shujaat Husain Khan, Katayoun Goudarzi, Shaho Andalibi, Shariq Mustafa

Prelude- Adi Meyerson Ft. Eden Girma
Ancestors Are Calling- David Ornette Cherry
Ethiopian Sunshower- Brian Jackson, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge
Baba Ibeji- Brian Jackson, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge


The middle portion of the proGram is still out there checking for more of those goodness grooves:

Running Game (Son Of A Slave Master)- Prince
Check The Record- Prince
Break The Bough- Yola

America The Beautiful (North Street West Vocal RMX)- Kameelah Waheed
Up All Night (North Street West Dub)- King Brasstards Ft. Lisa Miller & Gary Davis
I Got Soul (Mogul Remix)- Cliff Beach
Discognized (Deeb Dub Version)- Mr. Confuse & Ferry Ultra

Purple Haze- 2B3
Crazy Fingers- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Bumper Crop Of Strange- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Dove’s Army Of Love- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey



The first part of the proGram had it’s buzzers-a-buzzin for you:

Coming Up Tough- Chubby and The Gang
Get Up- Andrew Paul
The Junkman- The Delevantes
I Felt it To- Bette Smith
Soul Stripper- Lea McIntosh

greenarrowradio promo- Jeff Taylor of Altered 5 Blues Band
Holler If You Hear Me- Altered Five Blues Band
All In The Family Blues- Tito Jackson Ft. Eddie Levert & Kenny Neal
You’re Gonna Push Me Too Far- Tito Jackson

Little Birdie- Izo FitzRoy
Don’t Throw Me To the Lions- Mo’ Gigs Ft. Pugs Atomz
Fondle Rock- The Poets of Rhythm
Survival Of The Freshest- The Poets of Rhythm
With a Bit Kurkuma- YORK Ft. Yane Singh
Avalanche!- Shinji

Jazzy Worm Drop

This week’s episode of THE YELLOW LIGHT, was gonna keep the mouthy ones happy:

Bopstacle Course- Gerry Gibbs
The Fat Man- Gerry Gibbs
Hardly- Billy Test Trio

Strummin’ While Nawlins Swims- Dennis Mitcheltree
Tune For Tai- Dennis Mitcheltree
Fungii Mama- Roy Hargrove & Mulgrew Miller (live)
O.W. (encore)- Roy Hargrove & Mulgrew Miller (live)

Adroitness, Part II- Kevin Sun
Cheroot- Kevin Sun
Talck-overseed-nete- Kevin Sun
Young Muhammad- Brian Jackson Adrian Younge Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Jenny (Perfect Little Rows)- Selina Albright

Flippin’ The Day

The final portion of this week’s proGram took it, flipped it and made it fit right into the plan:

Foxey Lady- 2B3
Julia (rehearsal)- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Songs Of The Viper- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)
Oklahoma Stomp- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)

Apple Blossom Dew- Elements
Kingston Bolero- Emanuele Della Valle
Bun It- Kenya Eugene
Rock & Groove- Drumwise Ft. The Steppas & Fiji
Soulshine- Roots of Creation

Greener Lines

The mid-section of tis week’s proGram added a hint of tint and tilt to the scope:

Rock Me Baby- Tito Jackson Ft. George Benson & Claudette King
Love One Another- Tito Jackson Ft. Stevie Wonder, Bobby Rush & Marlon Jackson

I’m a Sinner- Bette Smith Ft. Jimbo Mathus
***pre-recorded conversation with Bette Smith***
Signs And Wonder- Bette Smith Ft. Luther Dickinson
Human- Bette Smith
Is That You?- Tim Reynolds & Michael Sokolowski
Glow Worm- Photon
Estimated Prophet- Dave McMurray

Basic Goodness- Danny Mayer
Born 2 Die- Prince
Same Page, Different Book- Prince
BF Holiday- Let Your Hair Down

On That Wire

The first portion of this week’s proGram looked to the line for some questions:

Strasbourg / St. Denis- Tray Wellington
Unpacking my Feelings- alexalone
The Stories That Speak- Great North Star
King Blame- FHANG
Servin’ Somebody- Handsome Jack
Black Days- El Perro

Short Bed Blues- The Delevantes
What I’m Thinking- Grant Swift

greenarrowradio promo- Tiffany Pollack & Co
Notorious Woman- Elizabeth Hangan
The Fire Is Coming- Lea McIntosh
All Night Long, All Night Wrong- Johnny Tucker Ft. Kid Ramos and The Allstars

Living Today- Alastair Greene
***pre-recorded conversation with Alastair Greene***
Back At The Poor House- Alastair Greene
The New World Blues- Alastair Greene

The Good The Bad The Bette

Wild rock & soul singer Bette Smith traces elements of her life-affirming new album “The Good, The Bad and The Bette” to her childhood in rough Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Musically, it connects to the gospel music she heard in church and the soul music on the corners. This injection of soul music and gospel into rock & roll powered a breakout in 2017’s “Jetlagger,” which received raves from NPR, Paste, American Songwriter, Billboard, MOJO, and a feature in the New York Times. Not just a critics’ darling, the album rose to #1 on the Roots Music Report chart and topped off a banner year with a celebrated appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival. For this latest release, out now on Ruf Records, the Brooklyn, NY native enlisted Drive-By Truckers’ Matt Patton and engineer/drummer Bronson Tew as producers at Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, MS; Patton has previously helmed projects by Jimbo Mathus and the Dexateens as well as contributed to albums with Dom Flemons, Seratones, and Candi Staton. He played bass on “Jetlagger,” which was produced by Jimbo Mathus and the two found a kinship and shared vision. She says, “When I called on my producer Matthew Robert Patton, I told him that I wanted a southern rock soul/Aretha Franklin/’I once was lost but now I’m found’ theme.” He in turn enlisted guests North Mississippi Allstar Luther Dickinson (guitar on “Signs and Wonders”) and fellow DBT member Patterson Hood (vocals on “Everybody Needs Love”) to join him on the new album.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Bette about the upcoming event at the High Noon Saloon on August 15th. We really get into how the people at the reason Bette brings it out on the road. She hopes to get to know the folks who feel the music, feel the stories and just feels it. We spend time walking, almost dancing though some of the tracks on the album, where they came from and how they piece toGether that almost diary feel to this record. This album has many angels to it, the soulfulness one would come to expect, the bluesiness one needs and that rockin’ feel that one might have been hoping for. Seriously now, if you like to allow your body, mind AND soul to be moved, Bette is your guide. Bette also takes a little about the artists she might think round out a set along with her new music and to me, I am think an extended set of Bette Smith is just what the doctor ordered.

Sticking Out

This week’s THE YELLOW LIGHT had many great points to be pointed out:

Reclamation- Brandee Younger
Música Problemática- Trilitrate
Saturnais- Trilitrate
Abedul Centeno- Trilitrate
Dignity- Angelique Kidjo Ft. Yemi Alade
Choose Love- Angelique Kidjo Ft. Shungudzo

Another Beginning- Mission Brown
Mrs. Wood- Immersion
So Much Green- Immersion

Three Piece- DJ 2-Tone Jones
Joe D. DaDaa- DJ 2-Tone Jones
Woes- Atmosphere
I’m the Man, That Will Find You- Alice Russell
Tomorrow (BadBadNotGood Remix)- Brittany Howard

Make You Dance (interlude)- Paul Alexander
It’s Ovah (Kiwi Dreams 2020 Mix)- Kiwi Dreams/Darrell Martin/Omri Angel
Dance M.F. (Interlude)- Tituss Burgess

New World Blues With Alastair Greene

As Alastair Greene’s prolific and acclaimed career rounds the corner into a third decade, he finds himself arriving at a new, yet familiar destination. Following a 2018 live album that celebrated the 20th anniversary of his noteworthy Alastair Greene Band, the singer-songwriter/guitarist returns with an inspired solo collection, “The New World Blues”, and a tonic for these times. “I’m not a prophet by any stretch of the imagination,” Greene says. “But, this record is even more relevant now than when I wrote it in 2019. A much in-demand guitarist and vocalist, Greene traveled the world, touring with the legendary Alan Parsons Live Project from 2010 – 2017, as well as stints with Starship featuring Mickey Thomas and, most recently, Blues Music Award-winner Sugaray Rayford. His work with Parsons, in particular, sparked a conversation with renowned multi-instrumentalist and producer Tab Benoit at a Las Vegas blues festival. In 2019, Greene signed with Benoit’s Whiskey Bayou Records label.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Alastair ahead of the August 11th show along with Tab Benoit here in Madison at The Barrymore Theater.. We painted a brief picture of what is to be expected when he hits the stage. Believe me, if you are fans of Tab Benoit, you’ll want to pay attention to this. We spend a good amount of time talking about the album that came out late last year that he is touring on the back of “The New World Blues” and how it was recorded and where some of the songs originated from and how the openness of working with Tab opened new sonic doors, thus created an album of songs that have a feel of each artist within it. Alastair was also kind enough to think of a few artists he might build a set around one of the tracks off this brilliant album, to me that list could really extend all over that bluesy/rocksy scene and well beyond. Check out the show, check out the album and feel this music for yourself.

Up Change

The final part of the proGram this week proved that sometimes up is different than just looking towards the sky:

Daily Wheatgrass Shots- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)
Gracemont- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)
I Mean You- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)
The Eleven- Dave McMurray

Shanna Shuffle- The Dave Mullen Ensemble
Closet Monster- Joshua Jern Jazz Orchestra
The Alchemist- Scott Reeves Quintet

Long Tall Sunshine- Barry Altschul’s 3Dom Factor Ft. Gabriel Ferrandini/Joe Fonda
Smoke & Mirrors- Keith Loftis
Shady Grove- Sam Blakeslee & Wistful Thinking
Lonely Days- Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio

Offering Part IV- Douglas J. Cuomo Ft. Nels Cline & Aizuri Quartet
Rejoicing Part I- Douglas J. Cuomo Ft. Nels Cline & Aizuri Quartet

Still Up

The middle portion of the proGram looked up from another spot:

Up All Night (original Vocal Mix) – King Brasstards Ft. Lisa Miller & Gary Davis
Diggin’ Dirt- Magic In Threes
Soul Shower- Mister T.

I Remember This Picture- Kiefer
Hot Summer- Prince
Welcome 2 America- Prince
Promised Land- The Allergies

Heartbreaker (Sefi Zisling Remake)- Alice Russell
History Repeats (Georgia Anne Muldrow Geemix)- Brittany Howar
Guruji- Kutiman
Majan- Kutiman
Mother Nature- Angelique Kidjo
MiRALA- Los Mocosos (live)
Mala- Los Mocosos (live)
Bansuri- Mitchum Yacoub

The Rise

First part of the proGram made it easy to get on up:

Let Love Be You Guide (For John Lewis)- Dan & Claudia Zanes
Downhill From Everywhere- Jackson Browne
Year Of The Spider- Shannon & The Clams
Scooby Doo- Punk Rock Factory
Surfboard City, USA- Andrew Gabbard

greenarrowradio promo- Debbie Bond
What’s The Matter- Johnny Tucker Ft. Kid Ramos and The Allstars
Born Under a Bad Sign- Chris Daniels & Hazel Miller Ft. Dana Marsh & Freddi Gowdy (live)
Harlem Tonight- Adam Schultz Ft. Michael Angelo
Phillips Goes Bananas- GA-20
662- Christone “Kingfish” Ingram
Not Gonna Lie- Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Loser- Dave McMurray Ft. Bettye LaVette & Bob Weir

Slide Into The Ear

This week’s edition of the Summer Spin-Off THE YELLOW LIGHT had that soundslide set up just right to get it all in there and grow:

Hara Siva- Alice Coltrane
Lost A Dream- Uma

Maré- Rodrigo Amarante
Sina de Cantador- Raymundo Sodré
Redencion- El Italiano
El Pecado- El Italiano

Talwit- Abdelli
Grace- Fadhilee Itulya
Afrika- Fadhilee Itulya
Jo Po Wants to Know- desmond the songwriter

She’s Not Bothered (Interlude)- Paul Alexander
Elastic (808 Beach Dangerous Power Remix)- Crickets
Frequency (Cenzig remix)- LCSM
World Order Is Chaos (NameBrandSound Remix)- LCSM

Weed Lace

The final part of this week’s proGram, just laid on its’s back and apprecciated this view:

Eyes Of The World- Dave McMurray
Dark Star- Dave McMurray
Hover- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)
Don’t Let it Bring You Down- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)
Lola & Alice- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)

Gimmme Some Lovin’- Wayne Alpern
Hero Stomp A Future Past- Theo Croker

Invitation- Roy Hargrove & Mulgrew Miller (Live)
Sonny Monk (If I Were A)- Mike Clark & Michael Zilber
Like Rashaan- The Dave Mullen Ensemble

Under And Out

The middle portion of the proGram went from below to way up”:

Triumph- Lee Turley Ft. Marcus Rezak
greenarrowradio prommo- Cole Bales
Leather And Lace- Black Light Animals
**pre-recorded conversation with Cole Bales of Black Light Animals**
Montage-Black Light Animals
Dark Fantasies- Black Light Animals

Neighbour- Kings & Associates
Lay It Down- Claudio Corona
Push And Go- ATA Reccords
Going Galactic- ATA Records

Black Pearl- Cochemea
Nahsuareo Bwikam- Cochemea
The Big Man- The Jazz Defenders

Roots Roll

The first part of the proGram went from the ground up:

Jump In!- Lisa Bouchelle & The Bleu Ft. G Love
Last of the Better Days Ahead- Charlie Parr
Down Home Blues- Chris Daniels & Hazel Miller Ft. Dana Marsh

Howlin’ for My Darling- Sean Chambers
Give Me Back My Wig- GA-20
Hawaiian Boogie- GA-20
My Bad- Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Twistin The Night Away- Doogie White
This Flight Tonight- Doogie White
Emerald- Doogie White
Swamp T’ing- Gary Lucas
King Strong- Gary Lucas

Super Inertia- 10,000 Russos
So Tired Of Waiting For You-Sorrows