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DA CRUZ Scream Baladas da Luta

The 6th album by DA CRUZ (Bern/São Paulo) is called “Baladas da Luta” (“Ballads for the Fight”), and that’s exactly what it sounds like. Profound, Brazilian urban music in an attack position against hatred, delusion & political short-sightedness. There are guests on this album like the British-Nigerian pidgin rap guru Magugu or Arnaldo Antunes, who was chosen by “Rolling Stone” as one of the hundred best artists in Brazilian music. There is heavy-blooded Afrobeat, angry Hip-Hop or a Brazilian disco flair. There are touches of Krautrock, Baile Funk or Soul – all held together by the warm voice of Afro-Brazilian singer Mariana Da Cruz. Mariana Da Cruz grew up as the seventh child of a cotton picker and a cook in Paranapanema, a small provincial town in the state of São Paulo. Recordings, concerts, music lessons; all that was unaffordable. Music, however, was an escape point even then – Mariana absorbed it through a small transistor radio in her nursery. She was already singing as a teenager in a club in the nearest big city, Campinas, where she studied to become a teacher: Bossa Nova, MPB, Elis Regina, Jorge Ben – all the classics – it was her basic research. But curiosity drove her first to Lisbon in the early noughties, later to Bern, where she lives today. It stands to reason that she would reflect on the world’s dislocations through her first home, Brazil. A country that anticipated all the developments we see everywhere today. “There is a fundamental alienation between politics and the people, there is burgeoning racism, social divisions, there is an ever greater injustice in the distribution of wealth, and there is this inexplicable yearning for authoritarianism”, she says. And she sings against all this. For more than 15 years. A key driver of her music is her engagement with her African roots. Whereby the situation here – as for all Afro-Brazilians – is somewhat complicated: “We know that our ancestors come from Africa, but we don’t know from where. You can’t do any research on that,” explains Mariana Da Cruz. “We’ve travelled a lot in the last few years for this search for traces, been to Burkina Faso, Bahia, Rio – and all these experiences and impressions flow into my music. Da Cruz is a radical independent project. All of their albums so far have been recorded, mixed & produced in their own studio. They have been released on their own label Boom Jah Records, except for two albums released with the American label Six Degrees Records. The core of the band besides Mariana includes Ane H., former singer and programmer of the industrial band Swamp Terrorists, Bernese guitarist Oliver Husmann and drummer Pit Lee.

I had the honor of chatting with Mariana and Ane H. of DA CRUZ about the new release, “Baladas da Luta”. We get deep into the need and reasons behind this album and how the music stands with Brazil as times get very unrecognizable. The power of the songs are clearly explained by Ane and Mariana and if you wonder if music does have the power to make a stand against or stand with a group who is in need of a shouting voice, this album will take you by the ear and show you. Not only do we talk about the music, the situations on a global level that do affect us all, there are questions asked on how we find one language to speak…to SHOUT…to unite. For me, these people making this music always opened my body to the grooves of the sound, but this record has my eyes and mind in concert with my heart and sense of equality and justice. There is power in these songs. Check for yourself.

CODAFEST 2022 and Ugochi

Her created sounds have been described as ‘lively, energetic music that makes your feet move & heart think’. With over 2 decade of experience in the literary & music industry, UGOCHI has gained quite a notable reputation for her solo career & collaborations. Not content to rest on her gnash, UGOCHI are always laying foundations for the next release, adding more classics to their repertoire. She has shared the stage with several established artists such as Common, Eric Benet, John Legend, Femi Kuti, Edwin McCain, Seun Kuti, Maxi Priest, Malik Yusef, Umphrey’s McGee, Richie Stephens, Blitz the Ambassador, Yellowman, J. Ivy, Queen Ifrika, Luciano, Wayna, Femi Kuti, Shaggy, Richie Stephens, Queen Ifrika, Vieux Farka Toure, Tony Allen, Bushman, Fatoumata Diawara, Wayne Wonder and Stephen Marley, King Sunny Ade, Me’Schell Ndegeocello. Ugochi & A.S.E.’s music is not just a unique flavor of soul music cooked up in her cosmic kitchen of sounds, styles & accents; it is also an introduction to world affairs for Africa enthusiasts all over the world. Her music honors her musical influences thru the expression of heart felt lyrical poise & soul swept instrumentation, giving birth to an incredible sound that fills a need that may have been previously unknown.

I had the complete pleasure of catching up once aGain with family to the show, UGOCHI as she and A.S.E. are heading back to Cafe Coda on November 17th as part of CODAFEST 2022. We discuss how a live experience like this is an opportunity to leave all that other stuff somewhere else and make this shared moment an opening to joy and healing. The band always finds this togetherness on a stage, with a community to be healing. Some of the styles of sounds/rhythms are discussed – hint – very similar to the way greenarrowradio flows and the love of how a place like Madison come with open ears, open hearts and especially open minds really is not lost on Ugochi or A.S.E., so, if anyone round here has a couch that is just right for that stage……

Caroline Shaw and Sō Percussion

In the middle of 2021, Pulitzer Prize–winning composer Caroline Shaw released a new album with Sō Percussion, her 2nd project with the New York ensemble that year ‘Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part’ came out on June 25 2021 via Nonesuch Records. Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part is Shaw’s first album to feature her own vocals. The record follows January’s Narrow Sea, which also featured soprano Dawn Upshaw and pianist Gilbert Kalish. The musicians returned to work with Narrow Sea producer Jonathan Low for Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part. (Low recently won the 2021 Grammy Award for Album of the Year for his work on Taylor Swift’s folklore.) The new project also includes Shaw’s reinterpretation of ABBA’s “Lay All Your Love on Me,” arranged for marimba and voice. Friends of the proGram, Sō Percussion has blazed their own unique path in chamber music, redefining the genre for the 21st century with collaborations in classical music, pop, indie rock, and more. On Saturday evening, November 5th, we got a chance to drop into their awe-inspiring work alongside Pulitzer Prize-winning musician, Caroline Shaw, featuring songs from their aforementioned album ‘Let The Soil Play Its Simple Part’. Shaw also received a 2022 GRAMMY Award for Best Contemporary Classical Composition, for Narrow Sea, performed by Sō Percussion, Dawn Upshaw, and Gilbert Kalish. Caroline Shaw brings her unparalleled musical talents as a producer, composer, violinist, and vocalist center stage in this collaborative performance with Sō Percussion. The event was another offering from the Union Theater that opens the mind and senses to newness in rhythm, voice and the combination of arts. As I watched, I could not help but get taken into the very soil, whose job is never over – just like the celebration of the arts, which luckily, we have such a great space for here.

Sometime I See It

The final part of this week’s proGram had some things you could miss if not opened up.

What a Little Moonlight Can Do- Tawanda

Hodu Lashem- Yosef Gutman
You Need to Rock- Owen Broder
McQueen- Ted Kooshian
48th Street- The Pat Petrillo Big Rhythm Band Ft. Nile Rodgers & Lenny Pickett
It Won’t Be Long- The Pat Petrillo Big Rhythm Band Ft. Glen Burtnik

Unison Towers- Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania
Drungudans- Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania
Gongs For Peace 2- Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania

Outer Moat Behavior- Louis Cole
Dead Inside Shuffle- Louis Cole
Dream Another- Makaya McCraven

Inline Outlined

The middle portion of the proGram was ready to color in the middles.

Famous Blue Raincoat- Nathaniel Rateliff
Possession- Ernie Vincent
What Have You Got to Lose?- Smoota
For the Better- Object Heavy
Benjamin- Gold Leader

Battle Cry {liberation suite)- Joseph Malik Ft Kameelah Waheed & Antoine Green [Capital A RMX]
Something for Byrd- Eric Hilton Ft. Brian Jackson
I Got Soul- Flevans
Explorations 006- Scrimshire
Explorations 014- Scrimshire
Hornbeam- Scrimshire
Ripples- Avalon
Impressions- Asta Hiroki & Tristan de Liège

Elevate- Eye of the High
Like Fire Dub- L.A.B
Police & Helicopter- Dubinator Ft. Seanie T (Dub Pistols RMX)
Nova Laze- Stefano De Santis

Tucked In Snug

The first parts to the proGram this week were tucked in perfectly.

Hills Of Tuscany- Janis Ian
Down in Louisiana- Kenny Shore
Against the Grain- Mike Mangione
Come Dance With Me- Mike Mangione

Woman, She Was Gentle- Scott Severin Ft. Stateleigh Holmes
Dusty Box Car Wall- Cliff Eberhardt
Ramblin’ Man- Dr. John

Symptoms of Love- Buddy Guy Ft. Elvis Costello
Back Door Scratchin’- Buddy Guy
greenarrowradio promo- Yates McKendree
Brand New Neighborhood- Yates McKendree
Ruby Lee- Yates McKendree
Love to Flirt- Mud Morganfield
Ain’t Noboddy Gonna Hold Me Down- Guy Verlinde & The Artisans of Solace (Live)

You Want It Darker- Iggy Pop
Alambic- Miriodor
Jazzmorphis- Robeone

Heads Above

The final part of this week’s proGram had it all up there.

Let Them Say- Bitty McLean
Keleya- Orchestra Gold

greenarrowradio promo- John Nemeth
Halloween House- Montao

Acid Blues Bop- Miguel Kertsman & Ernie Adams
Commune- SeaJun Kwon & his Walking Cliché Sextet
Avalanche- Immanuel Wilkins
Song of Soil- Masahiko Togashi w/Don Cherry & Charlie Haden
Wings- Theon Cross
Time Coil- Takuya Kuroda

Your Body- Timo Vollbrecht Fly Magic
**pre-recorded conversation with Timo Vollbrecht**
Art is Live — III. Agency- Timo Vollbrecht Fly Magic
Art is Live — I. Solidarity- Timo Vollbrecht Fly Magic

(Why You So) Green With Envy- Oscar Jerome & Oscar #Worldpeace

Getting Down

The middle part of the proGram went way down.

Blood- Freekbass & Sammi Garett
Your Man’s No Good- Ghost Funk Orchestra
Know You Got Soul- Martha High
AA Side Single- Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Man in Black- Chuck D Ft. Bob Log III
Get Inspired- Genesis Owusu
Speed- Little Simz

Sou Ey!- Batida Ft. João Morgado
Wish You Were Here – Bhaarat- Somesh Mathur
Journey Home- Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion
**pre-recorded conversation with Dianne Betkowski & Miguel Espinoza**
The Storm- Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion Ft. Howard Levy

Casamance- Momi Maiga Ft. Seckou Keita
Dansons Cadencés- Guts Ft. DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson, Annas G

Came Off Easy

The first part of the proGram was one short but kept on without any issue.

Song To J.C.B- Dom Flemons
Foghorn- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
You Can’t Relive The Past- Syd Straw
Big Long Slidin’ Thing- Judith Owen

She Really Likes Me- The Fat James Band (Live)
I Walk On Gilded Splinters- Dr. John Ft. Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real
greenarrowradio promo- Dave Keyes
WGBO Boogie- Dave Keyes
I’ve Got A Feeling- Buddy Guy
House Party- Buddy Guy Ft. Wendy Moten

Get Rhythm- James Hand
Why- Kevin Robertson
Something Light- Tommy Alexander

Love Is the Way- Thee Sacred Souls
Do You Know the Man- The Harlem Gospel Travelers

Timo Vollbrecht’s FLY MAGIC presents Givers & Takers

FLY MAGIC is saxophonist-composer, bandleader & scholar Timo Vollbrecht’s longstanding signature ensemble. A genre-exploding unit with a bold sense of creativity & intent. After 2 acclaimed records and performances in over 30 countries, their 3rd album, Givers & Takers, marks a new chapter: It conjures acoustic delicateness with otherworldly electronic soundscapes of orchestral width. Recorded in the studio while on a 12-date-tour, it captures the unique chemistry the 4 musicians developed on the road while using the stage as their laboratory. It is out now on BERTHOLD Records. Originally from Germany and based out of New York, Timo is a celebrated creative force on the Brooklyn music scene who fuses jazz with post-rock, electronics & instrumental songwriting. Described as a “luminously-fine bandleader” by the NYC Jazz Record, he has performed at landmark stages like the Village Vanguard. He is also the new Director of Jazz Studies at Brown University. Together with Keisuke Matsuno (guitar), Elias Stemeseder (piano & synthesizers) & Dayeon Seok (drums), he formed a band with no bassist. Instead, Stemeseder – who just led his residency at John Zorn’s iconic Stone venue – plays synth-bass while his other hand operates other keys. Thematically, Givers & Takers refers to Timo’s underlying sense of community through music. The album emerges from this place of human interactivity. It features four musically synergetic friends of diverse backgrounds entering into an improvisational dialog marked by mutual trust. Giving & Taking is a natural part of this process. The fact that Givers & Takers is also the name of their favorite bar in Brooklyn underpins the importance that Timo and his bandmates assign to the gathering. With Givers & Takers, Timo is presenting his vision of a band that is truly original, avoids easy categorization, and blends acoustic and electronic sounds enveloped in intricate song forms.

I had the pleasure of getting toGether with Timo to dive into the creation of this project. We got into how one records this open music without a bassist, how working this music out live during a tour assisted in the heart of the music and how this is really friends making music, and how THAT is part of the entire process of seeing the initial vision through. We talk about the diversity of the individuals making the music and how that fits into the music itself with the live spirit of an audience helping to wrap this into its final building. Once again, this kind of music that encourages spaces for created improvisation and the ‘I Don’t Know’ also does the same for a listener in my opinion. Timo tells me what he would drink at the bar with these friends as well as building a setlist choosing two tracks off the new album. FLY MAGIC does just that for me.

Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion W/Dave Hagedorn

Miguel Espinoza Fusion twists jazz, flamenco, Cuban and classical Indian musical forms into intoxicating journeys that thrill audiences! Described by Guitar Player Magazine as “mesmerizing”, Miguel Espinoza has recorded and performed with Bela Fleck, Kai Eckhardt, Kitaro, Tuck and Patti, Rita Moreno and Ben Vareen. April 2022 saw the release of their third CD – Living in a Daydream – featuring Grammy-winning pianist and Hamonicist Howard Levy. Miguel Espinoza Fusion performs to sold out audiences across Colorado, and were the honored winners of Denver’s Westword Magazine 2019 “Best of World Music.” Their first CD, Turtle Dreams, is the winner of Indie Acoustic’s Best Instrumental Album of 2019 – full of original music that has been described as “colorful and vibrant”, “emotional”, a “stunning combination of jazz, flamenco, and subtle world music”, and ”sophisticated rhythmic elements…emotional, natural and organic”. Their second CD, Veneta, was released in August 2020. Visually and aurally stunning, with flamenco/jazz guitar, fiery cello, riveting salsa and Indian tabla, a Miguel Espinoza Fusion show is like nothing else!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Dianne Betkowski and Miguel Espinoza ahead of the November 4th Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion W/Dave Hagedorn event at the North Street Cabaret in Madison. Special guest, Grammy-nominated vibraphonist Dave Hagedorn, will join Flamenco Fusion for a limited series of Midwest showsand this is one of them. Dave is a world-class performer who has recorded with the George Russell Living Time Orchestra on Blue Note Recordings (nominated for a Grammy award), Brian Setzer Big Band, Pete Whitman X-tet, Phil Hey Quartet, the Out to Lunch Quintet, and also with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra on Teldec Recordings. Dianne/Miguel and I talk a bit about what working with Dave adds to this already unique sound and stylings. They share an idea of the who and what’s making this group go and what to expect in a live setting. We also talk about their latest release ‘Living In A Daydream’ featuring Howard Levy of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. [sounds like he and others will be on an upcoming release as well – stay tuned]. We close out the chat with a little discussion of the give back with the work they are doing through Urban Arts Music. Yep, complete package.

Detailed Textures

The final part of this week’s proGram saw it differently.

Body Heat- Martha High
There It Is- Martha High

Sentimental Fool- Lee Fields
**pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Lee Fields**
Forever- Lee Fields
Hang On- The Winston Brothers

Soca Beat- Arturo Sandoval
Hmmm- Batida Ft. Bonga
Sr Mandao- Batida Ft Ikonoklasta, Octa Push & DJ Dolores
House Of Jah- Kwabna w/Sly & Robbie

Kayawa- Fthmlss
Suzie- Phantogram
Mala Mali (Organic Milk Baby Remix)- Dem Juju Poets
Sculpting With Fire- Atmosphere
Therapy pt. 2- Robert Glasper Ft. Mac Miller

Kar kar kar- Kham Meslien

Listen And Sit

Middle part of the proGram found a perfect spot to be at.

I’m A King Bee- Buddy Guy
What’s Wrong With That- Buddy Guy Ft. Bobby Rush
Plum Crazy- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Hot Mess- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
greenarrowradio promo- Malaya Blue
Malaya Blue Your Act Has Worn Thin- Malaya Blue

I Can Heat The Grass Grow- Stay
Parking Structure- Dirty Projectors
Here To Forever (demo)- Death Cab For Cutie
Woman Time- Tenacious D

Tres Hermanos- Hermanos Gutiérrez Ft. Dan Auerbach
El Bueno Y El Malo- Hermanos Gutiérrez

Six Ways- The Jack Moves
Biblical Technology- The Jack Moves
Muck- Euforquestra
Dr. Kiffi- Beat Bronco Organ Trio

Seeds To Be

The beginning part of the regular proGram has the end to the new.

Little Boy Blues- Angela Easterling
Wander Around- Kenny Shore
Funny How Time Slips Away- Dr. John
Gimme That Old Time Religion- Dr. John Ft. Willie Nelson

Cold Country- Elliott Murphy
Blue River- Amy Helm
Thirsty Boots- Bob Dylan

Diddy Wah Diddy- Name Droppers
’68 Coupe Deville- Jeremiah Johnson Ft. Victor Wainwright
Footsteps In the Hall- Grant Dermody
Don’t Boss Me- Grant Dermody
greenarrowradio promo- Robert Hill & Joanne Lediger
France Chance- Boogie Beasts

Little Bit Broken- The Wood Brothers
***pre-recorded conversation with Oliver Wood***
Little Blue- The Wood Brothers
Don’t Think About My Death- The Wood Brothers

Beginning To Be

Did a prelude to the reGualrly scheduled show. It was like this.

So It Goes- Jason Yeager
All Blues- Franco Ambrosetti
Ginas Song- Carlo Mombelli

Virtual Towers- Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania
Gongs For Peace 1- Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania
Rerooting- Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania
O, Yeok, Chil-Chae- Jeremy Rose & The Earshift Orchestra Ft. Simon Barker & Chloe Kim
Interlude- Jeremy Rose & The Earshift Orchestra Ft. Simon Barker & Chloe Kim
The Trace- Jeremy Rose & The Earshift Orchestra Ft. Simon Barker & Chloe Kim

Um Beijo Selvagem- Mata Atlântica
Haiku Pelt- Dierk Peters
Long Ago- Michael Varverakis

Pom- Flowk

The Wood Brothers Head To Madison

Dubbed “masters of soulful folk” by Paste, The Wood Brothers formed after brothers Chris & Oliver Wood pursued separate musical careers for 15 years. Chris already had legions of devoted fans for his incomparable work as one-third of Medeski Martin & Wood, while Oliver toured with Tinsley Ellis before releasing a half-dozen albums with his band King Johnson. With drummer Jano Rix added as a permanent 3rd member, it’s become quite clear that The Wood Brothers is most definitely the main act. Blue Note released their debut ‘Ways Not To Lose’ in 2006 & ‘Loaded’ 2008. The band moved to Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Artists for ‘Smoke Ring Halo’ with ‘The Muse’ to follow in 2013. After relocating to Nashville, The Wood Brothers released ‘Paradise’ in 2015 recorded at Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye studio. In 2016, the band returned to Levon Helm’s famed Woodstock Barn and recorded ‘Live At The Barn’ which captured their sold-out performance that night and showcased the kind of singularly eclectic & electrifying performance style that’s earned them devoted legions of fans around the world. On February 2nd, 2018, The Wood Brothers released their 6th album, ‘One Drop of Truth.’, the most independent album they have done and the end result is undeniably The Wood Brothers’ most dynamic recording to date and was recognized as such when it received a Grammy Award nomination for “Best Americana Album.” That is until 2019’s ‘Kingdom In MY Mind’. To me, this album really has all cylinders firing and the dynamic ability of this group really taking on a new shape and sound. This one left me wondering what is next.

I had the pleasure of catching back up with family to the proGram, Oliver Wood ahead of the November 3rd event featuring The Wood Brothers at The Barrymore Theatre. Oliver gives us the low down on how he would describe the group to a friend’s friend. We get in there on the what that they do. We go a little back in time and talk King Johnson and think forward with other projects, but most of all the tease of what the soon coming album will sorta kinda be like. Oliver twists and turns through how the new music came together, including spontaneity, togetherness and using all the tools in the toolbox. Oliver even builds a setlist around those potential sounds, leading one to really be hankering for the album to drop. As always, it’s nice to talk music with friends.

Sentimental Fool Heads To Madison

Legendary soul singer Lee Fields makes his full-length Daptone Records debut with his long-awaited new album, SENTIMENTAL FOOL, which drops officially on October 28. Mr. Fields’ first new album in three years. The album was produced by Daptone Records founder ‘Bosco Mann’ – producer/musician Gabriel Roth – at his Penrose Recorders/Daptone West studio in Riverside, CA. Mr. Fields recently wrapped a West Coast headline run and will celebrate Sentimental Fool with an eagerly awaited North American tour, which got underway October 15 at Space Ballroom and then traveling through a very special New Year’s Eve show at Brooklyn, NY’s Brooklyn Made on December 31. Hailed by Rolling Stone for “his classic American soul sound,” Mr. Lee Fields is arguably the greatest pure soul singer alive today. His prolific 5 decades career spans more than 20 albums & over 40 singles, an ever-evolving body of work which continues to grow via samples by such artists as J. Cole, Travis Scott, Rick Ross, & A$AP Rocky as well as outside-the-box collaborations like the worldwide dance club hit, “Jealousy,” with French DJ/ producer Martin Solveig. In 2001, Roth opened the doors on Daptone Records, with Mr. Fields releasing a handful of singles. Now, more than 2 decades later, he has officially joined the Daptone roster, reuniting him with Roth on the 25th anniversary of their first meeting to record ‘Sentimental Fool’, a deep, blues-tinged collection expertly showcasing the beauty, power, and raw humanity of Mr. Fields’ voice. The album – features backing from an all-star lineup of Daptone family members including guitarist Thomas Brenneck, bassist Benny Trokan, drummer Brian Wolfe, keyboardists Victor Axelrod & Jimmy Hill, saxophonists Neal Sugarman & Ian Hendrickson-Smith, trumpeter Dave Guy, along with an array of additional guest musicians/ backing vocalists. It’s clear with this new album, the top of his game is where Mr. Fields is at.

I had the pleasure of catching up with family to the proGram, Mr. Lee Fields ahead of his Saturday, October 22nd show in Madison at The Majestic Theater. It is always thrilling to have an artist be their complete self during a conversation and this one is a fine example. Mr. Fields expresses himself completely with just how happy he is with the Sentimental Fool tour kicking off and how the new record of the same name has turned out. We get into how he and ‘Bosco Mann’ got back together and made the vision of one, the success of two. Oh…laugh when you’re happy.

Also premiering in November is the new Lee Fields Documentary

[here’s a earlier conversation I had with the co-directors]

Colored Glasses Even

Final part of the proGram felt only good things inside and outside. Take the time.

Black Cow- The Pat Petrillo Big Rhythm Band Ft. Oz Noy
Side Step- Scott Sawyer w/Oteil Burbridge & Scott Amendola
Cottonmouth- WOLF! Ft. Scott Metzger

Exit the Void- Parallel East
Oort Cloud- Parallel East
Meet the Wobblers- Parallel East
Grains Of Sand- Alberto Rigoni & Michael Manring Ft. Billy Sheehan
No Escape- Alberto Rigoni & Michael Manring Ft. Adam Nitti
The Changer- Evolfo

Monkeys in the Jungle- MichRyc & Emapea
Hulushi Dub Pt 1 (Subatomic Sound System Remix)- Piper Street Sound Ft. General Pecos & Andy Bassford
Illusions- Naya Rockers Ft. Kiddus I

Time Goes- Apollo Brown and Philmore Greene

Wind Be Free

The middle part of the proGram had the air beneath and above.

Mr. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore- The Boneshakers
One Foot In the Groove- The Boneshakers
Bring Me Your Sin- Malaya Blue
Where Are My Friends?- Tedeschi Trucks Band

Songbirds- Silversun Pickups (live at the Orange Peel)
Los Chicos Tristes- Hermanos Gutierrez
Chickens In Space (Pt 1)- Photon
Mama Say- FènixDion
Keep On Movin’- King Canyon

Get It Together- Martha High
Too Funky In Here- Martha High
Bobo- Polyrhythmics

El Que la Rompe la Paga- El Combo Batanga
Sabor del Ritmo- Garrett Saracho, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Noble Metals- Adrian Quesada

Asbury Daze- The Pat Petrillo Big Rhythm Band Ft. John Popper & Felicia Collins

Seed Fly Blow

First part of this week’s proGram had it’s natural ways on full display.

Ernest T. Grass- Carley Arrowood, Wayne Benson, Travis Book, Joe Cicero & Sammy Shelor
All These Dam Things- Sarah Lee Langford & Will Stewart
Witness- Angela Easterling
My Body, My Voice- Kirby Heard
This Life- Kendra Morris

greenarrowradio promo- Lil’ Red & the Rooster
Shake ‘Em Up- Lil’ Red & the Rooster
Cool Trap Boogie- Lil’ Red & the Rooster
Dancing In the Streets- Rory Block
Devil in the Dark- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Wheeler Dealer- Janice Harrington

Welcome To the DeVille Lounge- The Rusty Wright Band
Goin To Nola- The Rusty Wright Band
Babblin’ Blues- Mark ‘Pocket’ Goldberg
greenarrowradio promo- The Mighty Soul Drivers
Cold, Cold Night- The Mighty Soul Drivers

Wolfman Can’t Come- The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
I Let My Guitar Do The Talking- Buddy Guy