Out Field Pointing

The middle portion of the proGram this week was in game shape from the get:

I Got Burned- Tommy Castro
I Caught A Break- Tommy Castro
Peace Will Come- Tony Holiday Ft. Southern Avenue
Right Shoe Wrong Foot- Colin Linden

Like A Snake- Boogie Beasts
Heart Stealer- Rusty Ends Blues band
Dallas Man- Sue Foley

Looking Back- Dagnasterpus
White Pigeon- Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns
Marshville Station- Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns

Chain Reaction- Mister T.
Spicy Brown- Hot Mustard
Tulum- Brothers Of Brass

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction- YORK
Devil and the Deep Blue Sea- The Fontanas
Hepcats in Heat- Trog’low

It’s Log

The beGinning portion of this week’s show started the rolling of steady and able:

B-Flat Earth- Swamp Tooth
Gold- Red Clay Revival & Doug McElvy
First Bird To Sing- Bruce T Carroll
Today And Every Day- Dar Williams

Ugly- Bren Holmes
Bummed- Andrew Gabbard
Keep A Little Light On- B. Hamilton

Who Do You Love- Tom Rush (live)
***pre-recorded Conversation with Mr. Tom Rush***
Wasn’t That A Mighty Storm- Tom Rush (live)
Drop Down Mama- Tom Rush (live)
It’s Complicated- Thunderpaw
Always Free- Jackie Venson
Put A Lid On It- Diane Durrett & Soul Suga
Rise Together- Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps Ft. Snuffy Walde

Songs And Stories With Tom Rush

Tom Rush is a gifted musician & performer, whose shows offer a musical celebration, a journey into the tradition & spectrum of what music has been, can be, and will become. His distinctive guitar style, wry humor and warm, expressive voice have made him both a legend and a lure to audiences around the world. His shows are filled with the deep sincere laughter of terrific story-telling, the sweet melancholy of ballads and the passion of those gritty blues. Mr. Rush’s impact on the American music scene has been profound. He helped shape the folk revival in the ’60s and the renaissance of the ’80s and ’90s, his music having left its stamp on generations of artists. James Taylor told Rolling Stone, “Tom was not only one of my early heroes, but also one of my main influences.” Country music star Garth Brooks has credited Mr. Rush with being one of his top five musical influences. Mr. Rush has long championed emerging artists. His early recordings introduced the world to the work of Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne & James Taylor, and in more recent years his Club 47® concerts have brought artists such as Nanci Griffith and Shawn Colvin to wider audiences when they were just beginning to build their own reputations. Mr. Rush has always displayed an uncanny knack for finding wonderful songs, and writing his own – many of which have become classics re-interpreted by new generations. Today, Tom Rush lives in New England when he’s not touring. His voice has grown even richer and more melodic, and his music, like a fine wine, has matured and ripened in the blending of traditional and modern influences. He’s written a number of new songs. He’s doing what he loves, and what audiences love him for: writing and playing …passionately, tenderly…knitting together the musical traditions and talents of our times.

I had the chance to catch up with friend of the proGram, Mr. Tom Rush about his upcoming show at the Bur Oak in Madison on September 28th. During this “Evening With Tom Rush”, he will be accompanied by a young creative talent, Matt Nakoa. Mr. Rush and I get into a little about how excited he is to getting back out there and sharing songs, stories and time with real people. We talk about the life of his songs and those stories as well as a what he has been up to during the times away from touring. We talk a little about this year’s 50th Shaboo Inn anniversary event he was a part of where one other bands in attendance did a song he does and did. We pondered if a superhuman can capo a pacemaker? And with many adaptations throughout the years, Mr. Rush continues to be a prominent musical voices for people who observe the every day with eyes wide. After tuning into this chat, the only way to really get why Mr. Rush is so important, is to be in a live room with him. Hope you can.

(see Bur Oak Covid policy here)

Photo: Bob Stegmaier

Plant Glows

The final part of this week’s proGram had that certain lit up effect happening to your natural worlds:

The Days in Brazil- YORK Ft. Guida de Palma
Roughneck- Eddie Roberts

Lover- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield
Misery- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield
Bla Bla- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield
Somebody’s Watching Me- Mr. Confuse Ft. John Winston Berta
Sweet Extasy- The Supertights

Upsetter- Danny Mayer
Roast Fish & Cornbread- Lee “Scratch” Perry
Evil Tongues- Lee “Scratch” Perry
Free Up The Weed- Lee “Scratch” Perry

The Spiral- Theon Cross Ft. Afronaut Zu & Ahnansé
Pressed- Atmosphere ft. Anwar HighSign, BlackLiq, Sa-Roc, Haphduzn, & Lateef the Truthspeaker

Don’t Be

The middle portion of the proGram wanted us all to remember to get out there and take that chance:

The Tastiest Combo- Jess Grant
Don’t Let The Tears- Howlin’ Rain
Cold As Ice- Lamar Williams Jr.
Cool My Head- Mo’ Gigs
Is This Love?- Allen Stone

Tam- Shinji
Roll It- Handsome Jack
Deli Style- Hot Mustard
Golden- Brothers of Brass Ft. Rogers Bros

Love Somebody- The Allergies
I Love My Friends- Kiefer

You Can Run, But You Will Only Die Tired- Thunderpaw
Going For Gold- Thunderpaw

Soulgroove ’66 Pt.1- The New Cobras
Gasline- Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns
Temperanceville- Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns

Juicy Ingredients

The first part of this week’s proGram had the things mixed in that made it just right:

Good For Both of Us- Jay Wadley
At The End Of The Rainbow- Sierra Ferrell

Carefree Kids- Backyard Tire Fire
**pre-recorded conversation with Ed Anderson**
Little Wren- Backyard Tire Fire

Weight of the Earth, on Paper- Mega Bog
City Is Burning- Strange Majik
Let’s Get Together- The Ronnie Wood Band Ft. Mick Taylor (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)

Hustle- Tommy Castro
greenarrowradio promo- Elly Wininger
Alabama Blues- Elly Wininger
A Taste Of Malt Liquor- The Porkroll Project
4 Cars- Colin Linden

Sinners Strut- Rusty Ends Blues Band
Gimme Some Skin- Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps Ft. David Millsap

Backyard Tire Fire Is Back

Backyard Tire Fire is back! The Midwestern alt-country band’s forthcoming EP ‘Black Dirt Blue Sky’ dropping today via Black Dirt Records/Royal Potato Family. The five-song collection marks the first new music from Backyard Tire Fire in eleven years. The rebirth of Backyard Tire Fire springs forth with an undeniable burst of musical energy. Fans will cheer the band’s return the way families celebrate a long-awaited reunion. The music radiates a spirit of renewal, like a John Deere tractor turning over a patch of rich soil. And the musicians pack more passion into the material than a team of horses in their prime, eager to work. The recordings show how much bandmates Edward David Anderson, Matt Anderson, Scott Tipping and John Ganser are happy to play new songs together after a decade-long hiatus. ‘Black Dirt Blue Sky’ is loaded with moments that coax smiles and recall good memories. “Carefree Kids” inspires nostalgia, while “Truck Stop Shower” negotiates the ups and downs of a life lived hard with guest vocals by Garrison Starr. The band’s experience touring the USA and recording a series of timeless alt-country records in the early aughts informs the present-day energy of tunes like “Little Wren” and “House Of Cards.” Holding up alongside the best of Backyard Tire Fire from years past, the music shines with beauty and joy, like light at the end of a long tunnel. Backyard Tire Fire will return to the stage for a handful of select performances, including their own Black Dirt Music Festival in Bloomington, IL on Saturday, September 11 to be headlined by fellow Illinois band, Wilco.

It’s been a few years now, but I had a chance to reconnect with Backyard Tire Fire’s founding member, primary songwriter and friend of the proGram, Edward David Anderson. We talk about the new music, where it came from and how it was made ready to go down as a BTF collection. We dissect a couple of the tracks, so that feeling of being there when pen hits paper or strings get strummed for their birth is true. We also talked about life, where it was, where it’s been and some hopes for where it could be going and how all that translates into stories, the reason this band means so much to me…it’s the stories and how they are easily relatable for me as both a listener and a music sharer. A few years back when chatting with Cody, (Chicago Farmer), he and I discussed the influences they bounced off one another and same thing goes down in this chat. This is why is we his songs seem to “get us” is discussed. There might even have been mention of a children’s album and book. Say what? If you’ve been waiting, that part is now over and it’s time to get reconnected with a little Backyard Tire Fire of your own. I think this new EP is a great place to (re)start.

Eye To I

The final part of this week’s proGram made that all important connection:

Bill- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield
Footsteps- Digital Liquid Ft. Joseph Malik + Beldina Odenyo
Paradise- Lowdown Brass Band
Truth- Lowdown Brass Band
Who Will Save the World?- Anthony Joseph

Souvenir- Maston with L’éclair
Swiss Franc- Maston with L’éclair
Fiction Island- Zoe’s Shanghai

Wiya Waist- The Garifuna Collective
Faden Sawo- Nakany Kante
One Bright Road- JonQuan & Associates x Elliot Martin
Small Axe- U-Roy Ft. Jesse Royal

Wider Views

The middle portion of this week’s proGram widened some ears to this more complete view:

Anyday- Tedeschi Trucks Band Ft. Trey Anastasio (Live at LOCKN’)
Confess It- Saun & Starr Ft. The Dap-Kings (Live at the Apollo)
Thank You Lord- Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens (Live at the Apollo)
A Brighter Day- The New Mastersounds Ft. Lamar Williams Jr.
Honey Dijon- Hot Mustard

crybaby- Kiefer
Lift Somebody Up- Kiefer Ft. Josh Johnson
The Fall of Phaeton- One Earth Alliance
Scoochie- Tim Carman Trio

Low Era- Geese
Time- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield
Young- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield


The first portion of this week’s proGram took it’s sweet time enjoying every morsel:

Aeolian- Sendelica
Dose of Love- Strange Majik
That Life- Unknown Mortal Orchestra
I Need You Bad- Shannon & The Clams
Crumb Back- Mega Bog
Honesty- Naia Izumi

Praise Him- Mud Morganfield
Don’t Call it Love- Rusty Ends Blues Band
Back to Chicago- Lauren Anderson Ft. Mike Zito
Blow- Colin Linden

Shame Shame Shame- The Ronnie Wood Band Ft. Mick Taylor & Paul Weller (live at The Royal Albert Hall)
Good Lover- The Ronnie Wood Band Ft. Mick Taylor (live at The Royal Albert Hall)
It’s Too Late- Tedeschi Trucks Band Ft. Trey Anastasio (live at LOCKN’)

Found It

The final portion of this week’s proGram made it easy to spot these things with the sounds as a guide:

Smoke ‘Em Up- Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio
Gibberish- Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio
Hippie Twist- Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio

In Our Time- Victor Gould
Minority- Victor Gould
Dear Ralph- Victor Gould

Eberhard- Lyle Mays
Nardis- Marc Johnson
***pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Marc Johnson***
Samurai Fly- Marc Johnson
Whorled Whirled World- Marc Johnson

Up In At It

The middle portion of the proGram knew where to look but it was the how to go there that was just right:

Olivia Benson- Brandee Younger Ft. Ron Carter
Armando’s Rhumba- Jenny Klukken

Moses on the Cross- Carlos Henriquez
Boro Of Fire- Carlos Henriquez
Calypso Trisha- Benn Clatworthy System 6
The Skipper Meets the Pharoah- Benn Clatworthy System 6

Go Happy Lucky- Andrew Cyrille Quartet
Home Cookin’- Leon Lee Dorsey Ft. Manuel Valera & Mike Clark
Chillin’- Leon Lee Dorsey Ft. Manuel Valera & Mike Clark

The Smudge- Joe Alterman (live)

Starting Points

The first part of this week’s proGram had a door to open…into somewhere:

Walkin’ On Bourbon Street- Ericson Holt
Freedom March / For John Lewis- Band of Other Brothers
Right Now Blues- Band of Other Brothers

Duality- Brian Jackson, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge
So & So & So and So- David Ornette Cherry

In Walked Bud- Kenny Shanker Ft. Mike Eckroth/Daisuke Abe/Yoshi Waki & Brian Fishler
Soldiers of the Fields / Soldats des Champs- Kenny Garrett
The Eternal Triangle- Tom Cohen

Apalachicola- Chuck Owen & The Jazz Surge Ft. Sara Caswell/Corey Christiansen & Tom Brantley

Closer Look Still

The second hour of the open schedule gap fill-in’in proGram took a closer and different looksee:

Emaali- Rachel Magoola
Serubonera- Rachel Magoola

December Poems- Guy Buttery Ft. Mohd. Amjad Khan & Mudassir Khan
Kya Baat- Guy Buttery Ft. Mohd. Amjad Khan & Mudassir Khan
Sweetest- Katayoun Goudarzi, Shujaat Khan, Shaho Andalibi, Shariq Mustafa

New Arrival- Leon Lee Dorsey Ft. Manuel Valera & Mike Clark
Freedom Jazz Dance- Leon Lee Dorsey Ft. Manuel Valera & Mike Clark
Hey Chick- Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trios
Townhouse- Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trios
Old School- Dan Siegel

This Is One Of Those

Did a little open schedule gap fill-in’ in proGram. The sounds of this, I think were that?

Cataliz- Immersion & Scanner
Waimalien- KUNZITE
Elements- DJ Revolution & Planet Asia

When We Move- Common Ft. Black Thought & Seun Kuti
Felabration- Mister T.

Space Station- Pachyman
Sunlight- Fortunate Youth
Unusual Times- Dubbest Ft. Elliot Martin

Hermitage- Eric Hilton
Forming Star- Eric Hilton
Mesta- Oceanvs Orientalis & İlhan Erşahin
Keep Coming Back (Azam Ali Remix)- Cheb i Sabbah Ft. Peter Murphy

Overpass By Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson was born in Nebraska in 1953, and he grew up in Texas. By age 19, he was working professionally with the Fort Worth Symphony, and while at North Texas State University, he played & recorded with fellow student Lyle Mays. After graduating he toured & recorded with Woody Herman, before becoming, at the age of 25, the bassist with the Bill Evans Trio, following in the footsteps of masterful players including Scott La Faro, Gary Peacock and Eddie Gomez. Mr. Johnson’s many recording credits since then include discs with Michael Brecker, Bob Brookmeyer, Gary Burton, Jack DeJohnette, Eliane Elias, Peter Erskine, Bill Frisell, Stan Getz, Joe Lovano, Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny, Ben Monder, Paul Motian, Enrico Pieranunzi, & Wolfgang Muthspiel, among other visionaries. His first ECM recordings were with his own Bass Desires quartet, who released 2 important albums, Bass Desires & Second Sight. The bassist subsequently recorded for the label as a member of John Abercrombie’s trio and appears on the guitarist’s discs including Cat’n’Mouse & Class Trip. He has also contributed to ECM albums by guitarist Ralph Towner (Lost and Found), pianist John Taylor (Rosslyn), saxophonist Charles Lloyd (Lift Every Voice) and bandoneón master Dino Saluzzi (Cité de la Musique). Leader dates have included Shades of Jade and Swept Away – both featuring Eliane Elias, Joe Lovano, & Joey Baron, with John Scofield also appearing on Shades. Overpass, recorded in January and February 2018 at Nacena Studios, in São Paulo, was produced by Marc & Eliane Elias and is set to be released on 8/27 on ECM Records. With Overpass, recorded in Brazil in 2018, Mr. Johnson makes a decisive & intriguing contribution to ECM’s solo bass recordings. It is an album that takes note of that tradition and Marc has said that Dave Holland’s Emerald Tears was among the solo recordings that fired his imagination almost half a century ago and builds upon it in a personal & imaginative way.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Mr. Johnson about some of the ins and outs of the new album, Overpass. We dissect a couple of the tunes to get that feeling of being inside the music, as well as the process by which the album was put toGether. A Solo double bass album, this music while some may be familiar by name, provides me, as a listener and a sharer a chance to see/hear….feel the same differently. I invite you into that same feeling by checking out our conversation, but also by finding the tunes on this album, that do the same for you.

The Ones Who Do

The final part of this week’s proGram had so much going on within the time frames:

Patient Boy- Dragondeer
Alejandro Escovedo- Backyard Tire Fire
Early Morning Rain- David Ferguson
Tokyo Dream Time- Tim Motzer
Wiyathul (Longing For Place)- Gurrumul
Can’t Let Go- Robert Plant & Alison Kraus

What’s on My Mind- Johnny Tucker and The Allstars Ft. Kid Ramos
Guilty of a Good Time- Altered Five Blues Band
In the Name of No Good- Altered Five Blues Band

That Kind of Love- Tito Jackson Ft. Grady Champion & Kenny Neal
***pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Tito Jackson***
Under Your Spell- Tito Jackson Ft. Joe Bonamassa
Wheels Keep Turning- Tito Jackson Ft. Kenny Neal

greenarrowradio promo- Kate From Lung
Opium Eyes- The Speed Of Sound
Zombie Century- The Speed Of Sound

Keep On Growing- Tedeschi Trucks Band Ft. Trey Anastasio (live at LOCKN)

The Smoker Set

Well, this part of the proGram lives up to the title “The Smoker”:

Fall In Love Again- Alanna Royale
Survivor- Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Window Seat- Hot Mustard
A Brighter Day- The New Mastersounds W/Adryon de León
Pizza Pie- Let Your Hair Down

Mi Conga Es De Akokan- Orquesta Akokán
Olá!- Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 w/BBC National Orchestra Of Wales

Yes- Prince
***pre-recorded conversation with Liv Warfield of New Power Generation***
Stand Up And B Strong- Prince
1000 Light Years From Here- Prince

Feel It- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield
Modal B- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield

Home Of The Bees

The first part of this week’s proGram kept things in and out of the hive:

Stop That Train- U-Roy Ft. Rygin King
Champion Sound- Pachyman
Roots Train- Pachyman
Equal Rights- Kingston Express Ft. Ranking Joe

Accidental Badman- JonQuan & Associates Ft. Carlton Livingston
It’s Your World (I Grade Dub)- The Archives Ft. Puma Ptah & Brian Jackson
Revolution Disguised As Change (I Grade Dub)- The Archives Ft. Mutabaruka & Puma Ptah
Kite Zo A- Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray

Fire On The Mountain- Dave McMurray
Franklin’s Tower- Dave McMurray

Liv Warfield Is All That And More

Liv Warfield began building her legend, in of all places, Portland, Oregon. Despite having no formal background in singing, she gained the respect of local superstars and became an icon in her own right. While she takes cues from musical influences like Nina Simone, Etta James, Sade, Tina Turner, & Mary J. Blige, Liv has carved out a style all her own, which can best be described as “alternative soul with a lil’ bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” In 2006, she self-released her debut album “Embrace Me.” By 2009, she caught the eye of the one-and-only Prince and ultimately joined his group the “New Power Generation.”

imaGe used w/permission from LiV

After touring for several years & soaking up as much knowledge as she could from the ultimate music mentor, Liv made her big splash on the national scene in 2014, 1st as a featured artist for Vh1’s “You Oughta Know” campaign, and then with the release of her major label debut album “The Unexpected,” which was executive produced by Prince. What followed were show-stopping performances on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “The Late Show with David Letterman,” and “The Arsenio Hall Show;” a 2014 Soul Train Music Award & nominations for two others; a BET Best New Artist Award nomination; & high-profile cosigns from Lionel Richie, Cindy Lauper, & Nancy Wilson of HEART. That same year, Warfield’s performance closing out Essence Fest was hailed as one of the most memorable after shows at the New Orleans House of Blues. In 2015, the accolades only kept growing, w/Liv and the NPG Hornz being named one of the top 10 bands to see at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. It’s no wonder she has left celebrities like Letterman declaring it’s time to “cancel show business!”

Fast forward a little closer to this moment today and the release of Prince’s Welcome 2 America certainly reminded me of just how much Liv has been instrumental in bringing a special joy to my ear, my heart and my radio proGram. I had the true pleasure of catching up with Liv about the music of Welcome 2 America being released out to the world, working with Prince and the trust & education that comes with it. We spend some time talking about the great new and fresh-feeling music being released very very soon with Joon Moon and how yet another music page is being turned with this effort. I am a true believer that Liv can turn as many musical pages as as can be held in the library. There are stores we share, there is some poetic waxin’ and of course there is the “So…how did you come to the attention of Prince?” was definitely run through. Although, Liv Warfield may be synonymous with the work she has done with a true one-of-a-kind, there is a reason this visionary of life’s art chose her to be on the “team”. Because of this unique dubbing by a king, I am not one to keep this chat only abut the music. Liv and I talk about the person, not just the powerhouse of an artist that she is and I think when you are done getting to know her, you’ll see why I believe now is the time for all of us to Liv better!

Connect with Liv: