Still Going

The middle pieces of this week’s proGram kept on getting there.

Mix It Up- Aaron Nigel Smith & Red Yarn
Make Some Change- Aaron Nigel Smith & Red Yarn Ft. Father Goose

Hot Mess Express- Steve Terry Project
Delirious- Prince & The Revolution (Live In Syracuse, March 30, 1985)
Darling Nikki- Prince & The Revolution (Live In Syracuse, March 30, 1985)
Automower- Joe Sturges & Lucas de Mulder

The Dirty- True Loves
Mary Pop Poppins- True Loves
Have A Break- Chicken Grass
Woman (Monte Carlo Magic Mix)- Chicken Grass

Driftin- Tim Carman Trio

World- Machine
Trails- Machine
Forbidden Fruits- Cavolo Nero

About To

The first part of this week’s proGram was just thinking about starting off.

Working For Somebody Else- The Brothers Comatose
I-5 Drifting- Silver Lake 66

Work Sauce- Umphrey’s McGee
Small Strides- Umphrey’s McGee
Desire- Rogers & Butler
Going Wrong- Triptides

Pharisaismic Plebeian Bureaucracism- :nepaal
Po Mokrim Krisham (on wet roofs)- Menk

She’s into Something- The Phantom Blues Band
Stepping up in Class- The Phantom Blues Band
***pre-recorded conversation with Charlie Wooton***
8 Ball Lucy- Supersonic Blues Machine Ft. Sonny Landreth

Georgia Women- Hank Williams Jr.
Full Moon Blues- Mick Pini Ft. Audio54

More With Charlie Wooton

Over the years, Charlie Wooton and I have gotten together to talk about all the projects he has been touching for many years. We go back. From the times with Bonerama and Royal Southern Brotherhood, to his work with/as Zydefunk and his very own Charlie Wooton Project. The guy can play that bass in ways we have only seen a few do before and that can certainly lead to gigs, jobs and music that comes from certain places. Charlie can groove and funk with the best of them. He can make Zydeco sound like it did when it was born or add a little future to it even. This time around, he is heading up to Madison as part of friend of the proGram, Mr. Sonny Landreth‘s band at LA FÊTE DE MARQUETTE on July 16th.. We get into just how the opportunity to make some live music happenings with a childhood hero came about. That story starts off in a space we know well. Charlie relives a moment in Japan with friend of the show, Rafael Pereira, São Paulo native who brings his rich understanding of Brazilian rhythm to Janelle Monae and many others and how their collaborative groove was an introduction to their band Zabadodat, and from there, we get to Mr. Landreth. The tales wander, just like the innovation of the onward mobing artist – and Charlie has some stories and ways to share that will entertain, make you shake your head and of course probably gives you a want to catch this event live.

After all is said and done, Charlie not only opens up about changes to himself thru the years of our hanGin’, but also to where the desire to give back starts and grows. Blue Monday Mission is a nonprofit that takes care of elderly musicians that can’t work anymore. Most musicians live hand to mouth. Blue Monday Mission folks come in and help in anyway possible, from medical help to cutting lawns to just visiting. Blue Monday Mission is also educating younger musicians about the business so they can one day return the favor. It’s run by John Williams. Charlie also shared his thoughts on a potential Congo Square music-documentary that resides in his thoughts but seems ready to spill out in the world.

Blurred Rays

Some extra sets from this week’s proGram found the unexpected light not known to be there.

Blues At The Barn- Julius Rodriguez
Power- George Burton
Carl’s Blues- John Lee

Below the High Rise- John Yao’s Triceratops

Adumbration Four- Josh Sinton
Cut To The Chase- Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias

Summer Rising- Joey Alexander
Elder Dance- John Scofield
Qin Shi- ARC Trio & The John Daversa Big Band


The final sets from this week’s proGram had the look looking.

I Think We’re Past that Now- Antonio Sanchez Ft. Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross

Baby Bota Halloceanation- Anteloper
***pre-recorded conversation w/jaimie & Jason of Anteloper***
Inia- Anteloper
Delfin Rosado- Anteloper

Umbhedesho- Linda Sikhakhane
Hymn for the Majors- Linda Sikhakhane
Ital is vital- Shabaka
Get Ready- Brandon Coleman

Astral Walk- Brandon Coleman Ft. Keyon Harrold, Ben Williams & Marcus Gilmore
Mutha Afrika- Brandon Coleman
El Cambio Es Necesario- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Garrett Saracho
Ebun- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Tony Allen

Phillip’S Thump- Julius Rodriguez

Fields And All

They are bound to go and the middle sets captured them as lonG as possible.

‘Lude 2- Lettuce
Change The World- Lettuce
Gonna Get In My Way- The New Mastersounds/Eddie Roberts/Lamar Williams Jr. Ft. Chad Pike
Copacetic- J.A.S. Ricci Quartette
Boneyard Baile- Ghost Funk Orchestra

Take Me There- Freedust
Beleedat- Freedust
New Beginnings- Midan & AHNAMUSICA
Cool Jazz Lovers- Midan & AHNAMUSICA
Mandarins- Midan & AHNAMUSICA

Obio- Sai Galaxy Ft. Gabriel Otu
Kibosh- Death by Dub
I Wanna Talk To You- Eccodek Ft. Oranmiyan Ajagundade
Exaltation- Eccodek Ft. John Orpheus
GMT- Nyamekye Junction

Hidden Wings

Beginning part of the proGram had a spot to be, unscene.

Throw Caution To the Wind- Wyatt Easterling
Down & Out- Yosh & Yimmy
Love Is the Only Thing- Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings

Didn’t It Rain- Jake Blount
He Needs Me- The A’s
Somethin’ To Say- Viktor Karlsson
Muscles- Pink Mountaintops

Aileen- Kamikaze Nurse
Refuse- Bubblemath

Too Hot- Skunk Baxter
I Can Do Without- Skunk Baxter

Easy On The Eyes- GA-20
We’re All Going Down- Cass Clayton Band
Hard Times- Brad Absher & The Superials

Anteloper’s Visit And New Music

Anteloper is a duo of psychedelic sonic compatriots starring a pair of raggedy celestial sound warriors: trumpeter jaimie branch and drummer Jason Nazary. These longtime friends/collaborators met as young explorers and consider this electrified duo a continuous experiment into an unknown sonic abyss. Improvised organisms, abstract bangers, and mind-bending head boppers are guided by a unique desire to hear what has not been heard before. This here is music made of and for the moment, tipping towards the future, moving feet to the new-new beat. When prompted about the duo’s name, branch comes back rhyming: “An Anteloper, is an antelope, interloper,” adding in a jovial manner, “an antelope walks up to a party, but you know, people don’t want him around.” Turns out, she had the name before the band was formed, and once the duo started rehearsing, it was apparent that THIS was what an Anteloper sounds like. Another creature pops up in the title of the duo’s new album: Pink Dolphins. branch explains that the name is in part a nod to her Colombian heritage (from her Mother). “There’s these amazing pink river dolphins that live in the Amazon – they can swim in salt water, they can chill in fresh water, or they can rock in mixed up brackish waters. They are uniquely ‘aquadelic’ in that way. Aquadelic and super endangered.” In many ways branch & Nazary are like those dolphins – adaptable to varied terrain and moving in many directions through sound. What makes this album special is the way that the duo bravely abandons the known as they leap forward into a path less-travelled. There’s no pre-made template here, only sound. Only a starting point, the destruction of that point, and the telepathic creation of a new way out. The electronics incorporated by both players are navigational devices, transportation sound-crafts. The resulting output is freewheeling, other-worldly, improvisational music, inspired by the unknown and at home in the astro-world. But the driving force behind Anteloper’s psychedelic space-music is not escapism, rather a complete immersion in the hyperreality of the present. Their music is made for destroying concepts of a past & a future, for confronting and embracing the moment, for the betterment of the here and now. It’s music that is as rare and bewilderingly beautiful as that aquadelic pink dolphins surfing through the Amazon River.

I had the opportunity to catch up with jaimie and Jason ahead of the July 13th Anteloper event at The Bur Oak here in Madison. We created a mental mosaic for anyone unfamiliar with the scene that is created live by jaime and Jason. We spent time discussing the brand new release, ‘Pink Dolphins’ and how it pieced toGether, which is a whole lot like what we will experience in a live setting. The starting point, was in fact, also the whole point. I get that. We talk relationship and vibrational connection and how the two put aside each one, and become….Anteloper.

Photo by Tim Saccenti


Just simply buGGed.

Seven Noisettes- Kind & Kinky Zoo
Baby, I’m a Star- Prince And The Revolution Live Syracuse 3/30/1985

Not a Tear- Tim Carman Trio
The Seventh (Michel Menert Remix)- Electric Beethoven

Love & Hate- New Blade Runners Of Dub Ft. Santa Davis & Ama B
Game Over- The Black Seeds
Fire House Rock (Prince Jammy 12-inch Mix)- Wailing Souls
Oxygen- Jhelisa Ft. Greg Osby & Oteil Burbridge
Mi Piedro- The Playing For Change Band

Oakland- Satya
Kill Us All (K.U.A.)- Meechy Darko

On the Avenue- Bright Dog Red
Niffty Teddy- Kuma

Plants Grow

The beGinning part of a shortened down proGram just wanted to remember.

Dirty Martinis- Eric Martinez
Redneck Woman- Stratcat Willie & the Strays
Sinkin’ Low- Kat Riggins
The Getaway- Johnny Sansone

Is It All- Supersonic Blues Machine Ft. Joe Louis Walker
Laughin’ and Clownin’- The Phantom Blues Band

My Old School- Skunk Baxter

Easier Said Than Done- Thee Sacred Souls
Side By Side- The Meltdown
The Truth- Cliff Beach Ft. Mesito Beat
So Into You- Cliff Beach

‘Lude 3- Lettuce
Get It Together- Lettuce
Altin Maske- Alexander Korostinsky

Dropped Let

Xtra sets turned out to be.

Ricecar- The Range
Puedes Decir De Mí- Adrian Quesada Ft. Gaby Moreno
Eso No Lo He Dielo- Adrian Quesada Ft. College Of Knowledge

Maybe Isle- The Frightnrs
Profilin- The Frightnrs Ft. Preet Patel
Chrome Optimism- New Blade Runners Of Dub Ft. David Lynch (BETAFISH RMX)
Thief and Joker- Eccodek Ft. Charleston Okafor

Something’s Going On- Kokoroko
We Give Thanks- Kokoroko
Victory Dance- Ezra Collective

Origins Pt. II- DEEPFAKE

Where It Is At

The final parts of the proGram certainly make up the entire.

African Lady- Abbey Lincoln
Black Man- Butcher Brown Ft. Michael Millions
My Body- Femme Deadly Venoms

Ritual Rubbin’- Harriet Tubman
***pre-recorded conversation with JT Lewis/Melvin Gibbs***
Prototaxite- Harriet Tubman
Blacktal Fractal- Harriet Tubman Ft. Wadada Leo Smith

Rebirth- Shabaka
Call It A European Paradox- Shabaka
We Change Part 1- Brandon Coleman Ft. Kamasi Washington
Love Brings Happiness- Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Ft. Lonnie Smith & Loren Oden

Aladdin’s Carpet- Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Experience
Hide And Go Seek- Paul Motian Quintet

Chive On

Middle set of the proGram this week look and taste just the way we wanted.

Want for Nothing- Michael Rault
Look Up!- The Harlem Gospel Travelers

In Common- The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
***pre-recorded conversation w/Tim Felten of SFSE***
High Times- The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright- Lettuce
The Warm Up- Marco Benevento
Ballad of a Broken Wing- Marco Benevento
Rumba Cyclique- The Shaolin Afronauts
The Simien Fox- The Shaolin Afronauts

Help Me- The DisArrays
The Hardest Day- The Mandatory Eight
In Pursuit of Shai Hulud- The Sorcerers
Pigeon Pit- Lexsoul Dancemachine
Rendezvous- Sai Galaxy Ft. Vanessa Baker

Je Jouais Le Piano- Jacques Higelin
New Orleans Girl- PJ Morton Ft. Cheeky Blakk & Rebirth Brass Band
Take Me With U- Prince And The Revolution (LIVE Syracuse 3/30/1985)

Hooked On

The 1st part of the proGram this week gotcha hitched on in.

The Song That Made Hank Williams Dance- Peter Rowan
Columbus Stockade Blues- Jacob Jolliff
Large Garbage Barge- Jacob Jolliff
All Night Long- Blue Dogs

House Is Rockin’- Brad Wilson
Such a Night- Steve Howell & The Mighty Men
Leaving San Francisco- Dave Thomas
Stuff You Gotta Watch- The Phantom Blues Band

Do It Again- Supersonic Blues Machine Ft. Ana Popovic
Money- Supersonic Blues Machine
Strong as Steel- Janiva Magness
Blowin’ Fire- Johnny Sansone

El Jardín- The Black Angels
Find the Truth- The Sheepdogs
Espejo- Eljuri

A Freedom With Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman is a musical collective formed in 1998 by guitarist/vocalist Brandon Ross, bassist Melvin Gibbs & drummer JT Lewis. Harriet Tubman was an African-American woman born into slavery in 1822 in the southern US state of Maryland. Tubman is renowned as a liberator of other African-American slaves who like she, chose to defy the system of Slavery and seek freedom by escaping to the North. She accomplished this with the help of a secret network of safe houses, or “stations” on what was known as “The Underground Railroad”. Far from being underground, Ross/ Gibbs/Lewis have collectively performed w/some of the most important musical innovators & visionaries of the last half of the 20th century: Herbie Hancock, Henry Threadgill, Tony Williams, Don Pullen, Tina Turner, James Blood Ulmer, Sonny Sharrock, Leroy Jenkins, Cassandra Wilson, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Oliver Lake, Muhal Richard Abrams, Aretha Franklin, Lawrence Butch Morris, and so many others. The music of Harriet Tubman is both familiar & fresh, while allowing the listener to experience the music free from distracting labels of style or genre. At the same time, it is easy to perceive sources that have seeded the musical development of the trio. From the electric explosion of fabled Miles Davis bands of the 70’s; to the transcendent spirituality of the music of the Mississippi Delta & beyond; to the anointing cry of John Coltrane’s musical apex; to the open rhyme scheme of the rhythm invention of the American Urban 80’s; to the imagined sound of the endless expanse of the African savannah – Harriet Tubman uses ALL of their musical experiences to communicate a vision of musical freedom and musical invention for those who choose to take the journey.

I had the honor of catching up with two thirds of one of my guilty pleasures out there in the sonic landscape creation, Harriet Tubman and the collective within/around it. Friend of the proGram, JT Lewis and Melvin Gibbs took a moment to discuss what the scene on June 24th at Cafe Coda in Madison has the potential to be. We get deep into the paths of the music, from an ancestral calling and receiving to a future moment that awaits. We share in the belief of the unity and togetherness of the music, and how in a live setting, that can enrich the exploration and experience for both artist and audience. Whether you can make it to this show or not , and we are just a few of the lucky ones, if you have yet to discover these cats or this project – there is not better time than now. They can help you locate what your freedom feels like.

Photo by James Andrew

Step Down With The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble

After hearing a bunch of the amazing albums from Daptone & the Truth and Soul Records artists such as El Michels Affair, Menahan Street Band, Budos Band, Lee Fields, etc., Tim Felton (organ/electirc piano) was highly inspired and realized he needed to put together an ensemble to make gritty recordings & perform this music fused together by all of his eclectic influences. These influences ranged from Afrobeat, Soul-Jazz, Trip Hop, Soul/Funk, Ethio Jazz, Jazz-Funk, & psychedelic music from around the world. Tim started in a few smaller soul-jazz & instrumental funk quartets, but he was craving a bigger sound. The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble was fianlly born in 2012. Under Tim’s direction, SFSE started with some material he had been working on for a few years, and before too long, they collectively began writing new tunes. The band have also partnered with one of the top independent Funk/Soul labels in the world: Colemine Records.

I had the pleasure of catching of with Tim recently to get the low down on the brand new album from Colemine Records, ‘Step Down’. We got into the seed to flower of the album and it’s tracks, finding out a couple of ways certain songs were brought into this world. Tim also is in his element when he build a setlist out of songs off the new record and other artist’s art. Since I have shared almost all the tunes on air, this was certainly a path listeners will want to walk down. Speaking of walking down…Tim is based out of San Diego and is an avid hiker and tester of new beers, so he provides a trail recommendation to take with a certain new beverage of choice. To know him is to well, have words with him. Tim is also the editor/engineer for one of my favorite radio proGrams, ‘A Way With Words‘. [Martha & Grant are friends of the program] so we find out what a day in the life is for that Tim and I may have wondered out loud if there’s ever going to be a segment where he answers questions around the ‘music’ topic?

Iris Upon

The X-tra set this week was a nice as a front yard dog-tonGued iris…woof.

Thad’s Theme- Thaddeus Tukes
***pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Thaddeus Tukes***
Vibestown Stomp- Thaddeus Tukes
Thad’s Groove- Thaddeus Tukes

My Man from College- Ebi Soda
Peach Tea- Bright Dog Red
Step Out- The Andy Rothstein Band
Just Don’t Stop- Joe Tatton Trio Ft. The Haggis Horns
Big Fish- Joe Tatton Trio

Up a Creek- The Still Point

Root Of It

The final portion of the proGram got to the heart of the matter.

Is This A Dream- Marco Benevento
Natural High- ZOOLOOK
We Love (interlude 1)- Carvalho
African Yute – Carvalho Ft. Zem Audu

Ya No Me Quieres- Adrian Quesada Ft. Jaron Marshall
Hielo Seco- Adrian Quesada Ft. Marc Ribot & Money Mark
Moça- Dendê & Band

Yolele- Cheikh Ibra Fam
Jungle Groove- Youthie Ft. Macca Dread

The Wake Up Re-Call- Starita + Otis McDonald Ft. Illa J, Zay Bcuz, NicX
Sphere- Ron Trent Presents Warm Ft. Jean-Luc Ponty
Engatinhar- Nikitch & Kuna Maze Ft. Joao Selva
H – Bar- Pan Amsterdam & Damu The Fudgemunk

Lake View

The middle portion of the proGram says finally – a place with this view.

Roughrider ’89- The Sheepdogs
So Far Gone- The Sheepdogs

Junco Partner- John Scofield
504 Enjoy Yourself- Soul Rebels Ft. 5th Ward Weebie
Knockin’- Ledisi w/George Porter Jr, Ian Neville & Ivan Neville

‘Lude 1- Lettuce
Lett The World Know- Lettuce
Waffles- Lettuce
Dakar- The Blaxound
Ojo Por Ojo- The Blaxound

Yen Ni Agoro- Kaleta & Super Yamba Band Ft. Osei Korankye
***pre-recorded conversation with Kaltea***
Wo Nkoa Na Mendo- Kaleta & Super Yamba Band Ft. Osei Korankye

Abrabanel St. Funk- Hoodna Orchestra
Angel of Libra- Nathan Johnston & Angels of Libra
Bus Stop Boogie- The Harmony Society
Secret Universe- Earl Dawkins

Star Points

First parts of the proGram had the directions known eventually.

Come Along Jody- Peter Rowan
Frog On The Lily Pad- Peter Rowan
One Night In Glasgow- Jacob Jolliff
Revenuer- Rod Picott
To Meet Myself- Reverend Baron

Another Door Closes- Eva Carboni
Gettin’ Stoned- The Strongman Blues Remedy
Little Mama- The Gabbard Brothers
Chamomile and Cocaine- Katie Knipp (Live)

The Road You Don’t- Blue Dogs Ft. Jerry Douglas
Young Love- Blue Dogs
That’s What Love Will Make You Do- The Phantom Blues Band
Your Own Fault, Baby, To Treat Me the Way You Do- Lightnin’ Hopkins

Weather Alive- Beth Orton
Green Assemblies- Mount Maxwell
Field & Stream- Mount Maxwell