Swan SUM

The first part of this week’s proGram looked good and is fierce.

You Are My Sunshine- Allie Jean
Surrender To Love- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams [live at Levons]

Stand Up- Stef Paglia Trio
Blue Eyes- Stef Paglia Trio
The Shoals- Barbara Blue
Tell Mama- Barbara Blue
By My Side- Diane Blue – [Live At The Fallout Shelter]
Maybellene- POWERHOUSE

Bloodletting [The Vampire Song]- Beauty In Chaos

Ninety Nine And A Half- Tony Brown
Family Affair- Tony Brown
Take You Home [To Mother]- Object Heavy

Supreme Beings of Leisure “22”

Yes, it’s been 14 years since their last release, 11i, but Supreme Beings of Leisure is back with a brand new story to take us through toGether. The band—consisting of original members Geri Soriano, Ramin Sakurai, and Rick Torres—had to live life. A whole lot of it. There were marriages, kids, a divorce, the death of parents, a flooded recording studio, the pandemic, even a near-death experience. With their 4th studio album, those experiences have been transformed into music. And so 22 years after their critically-acclaimed, self-titled debut (and two decades since this trio has played together), Supreme Beings of Leisure is back, with an impressive array of guests to boot on ’22’. Stay in the game long enough and you collect enough friends to make a fantastic team effort—which is exactly what22 is. Beyond the core trio, the album features keyboardist Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters), guitarist Marty Friedman (Megadeth), violinist Lili Haydn (Paige/Plant, Funkadelic), drummer Satnam Ramgotra (Hans Zimmer), percussionist Duke Mushroom (Masters at Work, Janet Jackson, Gloria Estefan), bassist Adam Dorn (Mocean Worker), pianist Scott Tibbs (Beyonce), and vocalists Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd, David Gilmore), Frank Navin (The Aluminum Group), and Monica Reed (Sting, James Brown, Deep Purple). Longtime SBoL fans will be thrilled to be back inside of the sonic bubble known as ’22’. There’s so much richness and depth, all packaged in the incredible storytelling and songwriting you’ve come to expect.

I had the fortune of catching with with Geri and Ramim ahead of the new album’s official drop. We actually go back a bunch of years as this music, their music, is one that paints my landscapes and allows a personal walk or run or hopscotchin’ thru and so I am so thrilled there’s some new places to visit. We got into the seed to flowers way this record came to become and form, how the pieces fell into place and the process by which they work. The music has lives attached to it, with individual heartbeats of what was and has been happening immersed within. We got into a few of the tracks and their tales, their importance and yes, their grooves. As noted above, what a list of stars from many skies that became a part of these stores – so of course there were moments shared about collaborating, and a fun chat about that time Ramin got Marty Friedman’s autograph [and vice-versa]. Worth the wait is all I can advise and keep ’22’ on repeat as you go through some of these new normal type days. EXCITING.

Making Ghosts Move

The final part of the proGram this week knew the sound penetrates deeper and different.

Un Dia Es Un Dia- Mike LeDonne, Jeremy Pelt & Eric Alexander [Heavy Hitters]
Hub- Mike LeDonne, Jeremy Pelt & Eric Alexander [Heavy Hitters]
Bluesit- Mike LeDonne, Jeremy Pelt & Eric Alexander [Heavy Hitters]

Jasmine Tree- Enrico Pieranunzi/Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana/Michele Corcella
Lu Dull Ice Flower- Richie Goods & Chien Chien
Embrace the Now- Richie Goods & Chien Chien Ft. Big Yuki

Velvet- Tyler Mitchell Octet Ft. Marshall Allen
Care Free- Tyler Mitchell Octet Ft. Marshall Allen
Cosmic Hop- Tyler Mitchell Octet Ft. Marshall Allen
Love In Outer Space- Tyler Mitchell Octet Ft. Marshall Allen

Tree Me Lake Viewer

The middle part of the proGram didn’t have to climb to high for the looksee.

Moonsong- Vacant Church
Dark Moon- Okonski

No Turning Back- The Asimov Soul Orchestra
Looking Out- The Asimov Soul Orchestra
Ogbonge Funk- The Voice Of Lajorun Ft. Josh Hoyer
Rosalie- Tim Carman Trio
Love and Happiness- Tony Brown

Blues for G-C- 3D Jazz Trio
What If- Kenny Barron
Isfahan- Kenny Barron

Groove Samba- John Bailey Ft. George Cables, Victor Lewis & Scott Colley
Various Nefarious- John Bailey Ft. George Cables, Victor Lewis & Scott Colley

Early Or Late

The first part of this week’s proGram knew not when it exactly was.

Rattlesnake Daddy- Jeffrey Scott
Oreo Cookie Blues- Jeffrey Scott

How Did It Go?- Jewel Brown
I Wish I Could Go Running- Harlem Lake (Live at Culemborg Blues, 8/27/2022)
Everybody Has Something To Hide- Teresa James
Taxman- Teresa James

greenarrowradio promo- Mississippi MacDonald
Howlin’ Wolf- Mississippi MacDonald
Heavy State Loving Blues- Mississippi MacDonald
I Asked For Water- Mick Clarke
Caravan- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams [Live at Levon’s]

Running From Home- Kevin & Scott Robertson
The Garden Of Jane Delawney- Us and Them

Midnight Rendezvous- Ernie Vincent Ft. A.J. Haynes


The final part of the proGram put it all together in one spot.

Three Little Birds- Cedella Marley Booker & Taj Mahal
Enter The B- Booom Hornz
Golden Haze- Boom Hornz
Northwind Buleria- Anna Murtola

Treasure Mountain- Richie Good & Chien Chien Lin

Home Is Africa- Gilbert Castellanos
Big P- Gilbert Castellanos
Djemba Kan- Derrick Gardner & The Jazz Prophets
The Sixth Village- Derrick Gardner & The Jazz Prophets
Vicente, The Afro Mestizo- Derrick Gardner & The Jazz Prophets

Glass Moon- Leland Whitty

A Few More Drops

The middle part of the proGram kept it coming on down, right on top of you.

Minnesota Blues A.K.A. BlackJack Blues- Mos Def Ft Keb Mo [live]
No Boom Boom- Chuck D and the Fine Arts Militia [live]

Communication- G Love and Special Sauce
Peace, Love and Happiness- G Love and Special Sauce

Funky Power- Gulo Čar
Al Capone- Mikiho Pupik
Idemo Dalje- Speed Caravan
Zheng Orient- Saito-San To

Never Say Goodbye- Michael Jackson [Beatnick/K-Salaam Mix]
A B C- The Jackson 5 [Beatnick/K-Salaam Mix]
What’s Goin’ On- Marvin Gaye [Beatnick/K-Salaam Mix]

Drive Wet

The first part of the proGram got itself driven wet.

She’s The One- Ted Silar
The Lat Rose [mix 2]- Ted Silar

Hound Dog- Macy Gray [live]
Midnight Special- John Fogerty [live]
Body In The Lake- The Codetalkers Ft. Col. Bruce Hampton
Wild Honey- Dr. John [live]

Let It Be- Nick Cave
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away- Eddie Vedder
I’m Only Sleeping- The Vines
Don’t Let Me Down- Stereophonics
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds- The Black Crowes

Rock Hard- Alex Chilton [live]
The Sun And The Sea- Barry Adamson
VooDoo Chile [slight return]- Angelique Kidjo/Vernon Reid/Buddy Guy [live]

That Flowing Feeling

Final part of the proGram fell into your ears.

Wild Goose Chase- Basékou Kouyaté Ft. Dirck Westervelt
Sabali- Amadou & Mariam
Na Ye- Gerald Toto, Lokua Kanza & Richard Bona
Kuzobenjani Na?- Vusi Mahlasela

Yetentu Tizaleny- Miriam Makeba
Onukpa Shwarpo- Bakoor Band
Yambo- Salif Keïta
Asmarina (My Asmara)- Feqadu Amde-Mesqel

Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena- K. Frimpong & His Cuban Fiestas
Telantena Zare- Alèm-Girma Band
Boogie On- Rob
Defaal Lu Wor (Once In a Lifetime)- Wasis Diop
World Is Africa- Black Uhuru

Sojka ptica- Alice in WonderBand

Beyond The Blue

Middle part of the proGram went passed the blue and into the evverywheres.

Boney Oscar Stomp- Club d’Elf
Now Open Your Eyes- Club d’Elf
King Kong- Club d’Elf

Poco-Mania- Donald Byrd

African Dreams- Seun Kuti & Black Thought
KuKu Kee Me- Seun Kuti & Black Thought

What Is Right Dub- Policulture
Karma Dub- Policulture & J Dubby

Take A Stroll- Little Axe

Back to the Roots- Yellow Sisters

Painted Into

The first part of today’s proGram took what was and started to make it out, or in….yes..

Crazy Fingers- Jazz Is Dead
Dark Star- Jazz Is Dead
Blues for Allah Medley: Help On the Way/Slipknot!/Franklin’s Tower/Spiral Staircase- Jazz Is Dead

Nebula- Sam Rivers’ Rivbea All-Star Orchestra
Rejuvenation- Sam Rivers’ Rivbea All-Star Orchestra

Scarabaeus- Andreas Vollenweider

Jazz Is Dead And Steve Kimock

Steve Kimock has proved himself a master of fluid improvisation for over 4 decades, in the process inspiring music fans w/his transcendent guitar speak voiced thry electric, acoustic, lap & pedal steel guitars. With his multi-decade reputation as a blazing psychedelic guitarist versatile enough to touch almost all aspects of American music, Mr. Kimock continues to evolve creatively as he wanders thru the landscape of life. While one can say that his genre is rock, no one niche has ever confined him. Instead, through the years, he’s explored various sounds/styles based on what’s moved him at the time, whether it’s blues or jazz; funk or folk; psychedelic or boogie; gypsy or prog-rock; traditional American or world fusion. Threaded thru this expansive & highly nuanced musical landscape is Kimock’s signature sound, the prodigious product of his ability to articulate crystal-clear tone, melody & emotion into intricately woven music crafted with technical brilliance. His passion & devotion to performing live is matchless, and his unparalleled ability to embrace & capture his audiences musically is the stuff of legend. He co-founded the jazz/rock band Zero in the ‘80s & KVHW in the ‘90s; since then, he has recorded & toured in various outfits under his own name. His collaborations with assorted band mates & groups have provided an everlasting wellspring of inspiration for the guitarist, and he has shared the stage with a seemingly endless array of international musical luminaries. After more than 40 years on stage, Mr. Kimock is more committed than ever to a jubilant spirit of musical diversity — the same spirit that has fed his desire to pursue an authentic relationship w/the guitar since the day he realized his calling. While still performing with Zero, he began to explore new terrain with the looser, bluesier Steve Kimock & Friends, an ever-evolving project that continues to feature a cast of acclaimed singer- songwriters, Hammond B-3 players, rock guitarists and numerous other serious players Kimock has befriended along the way. Late in the century it was succeeded by KVHW, a much lauded though short-lived quartet comprised of himself, Zero bassist Vega, drummer Alan Hertz, & former Frank Zappa sideman Ray White. In February 2000, KVHW morphed into the Steve Kimock Band, which featured Kimock & Vega along with a rotating crew of guitarists & drummers. In 2009, he formed the upbeat, gospel-influenced, soul-rock band Steve Kimock Crazy Engine, which featured legendary Hammond B3 player Melvin Seals & Kimock’s son, John Morgan Kimock, on drums. Once touted by Jerry Garcia as his “favorite unknown guitar player,” Mr. Kimock has also performed as part of Bob Weir’s Kingfish and toured in both 2007 and 2014 with Bob Weir’s band RatDog, in addition to post-Grateful Dead ensembles including The Other Ones, Phil Lesh & Friends, and the Rhythm Devils featuring Mickey Hart & Bill Kreutzmann. Dubbed “The Guitar Monk” by Relix magazine, he is driven by the knowledge that there is always more to discover – that and the fact that he loves guitar too much to do anything else. Another project you can hear his sound on is Jazz Is Dead – an acclaimed All-Star instrumental ensemble, famous for interpretations of classic Grateful Dead songs with jazz influences.

I had the thrill of getting some time set aside to chat with Mr. Kimock about the upcoming Jazz Is Dead event on January 19th at the Barrymore Theatre here in Madison. We got into the event and what people who make it to the show will be a part of. That’s right, a part of. We talk about his job of making sure he is in tune with the music, the song and himself – and the practice it takes to be so. I found it thrilling to be in discussion with Mr. Kimock about the idea of making/creating music versus walking in the landscape of what exists and find your way. There is a moment where we discuss the legacy of this music, and the honoring of Jerry Garcia’s time with it. While I have been in the spiral of the day’s sounds with this artist for years, the evolution that I felt while even just discussing music, makes me very aware of what kind of show anyone who gets out on this Jazz Is Dead XXV tour, where they will honor the Dead’s ‘Wake Of The Flood’ and more. It will be that experience we talk about for years to come.

Da Feets

Middle part of the proGram stepped over and under itself

Bear Clan Girl- Tuomas Rounakari

The Flick- Paul Novotny Ft. Robi Botos [Live at the Historic Leith Church]
Tate’s Delight- Buddy Tate Ft. White Label [Live at the Jass Festival]
Jumpin’ At The Woodside- Buddy Tate Ft. White Label [Live at the Jass Festival]
Brother Can You Spare A Dime- Skip & Dan Wilkins Quartet

Beauty- Greg Spero
Under Earth: Expansion- Greg Spero

You’ve Got It Bad Girl- Donald Byrd [Live with Blue Note at Montreux]
Black Byrd- Donald Byrd [Live with Blue Note at Montreux]

The Foot

The first past f this week’s proGram took this biG step..

Pacific Ave- Pearl & The Oysters
End Talk- Nheap XP
Badman Lighter- Seun Kuti & Black Thought

Simmer Down- Phillip Lassiter
Butcher Block- Hot Mustard

Ease Up The Pressure- Maxiroots & Dubmatix Ft. Prince Jazzbo
Liberation- Maxiroots & Dubmatix Ft. Longfingah

WSUM/greenarrowradio elf off the shelf promo- Big Lou
Tu Sonrisa- Locos por Juana
Mis Hermanos Latinoamericanos- Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat
La Palma- Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat
Nereida, La Facultosa- Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat

Alphonso Johnson With Jazz Is Dead

Alphonso Johnson is an iconic musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whose contributions with the electric bass set the landscape of music to come. As Weather Report’s bassist, Johnson’s warm tone and fluent chops contributed to the band’s initial breakout from avant-garde into funk fusion. His playing was featured on the songs “Mysterious Traveler”, “Scarlet Woman”, and “Cucumber Slumber” which he co-wrote. Alphonso played with the group Santana and also toured with saxophonist Wayne Shorter, pianist James Beard, drummer Rodney Holmes, and guitarist David Gilmore playing S.R.O. shows that stretched across Europe and Japan. Johnson has taught all over the world and in 2004 was appointed Adjunct Professor of Music at the University of Southern California and Part-Time Lecturer at The California Institute of The Arts. In early 1982, Johnson joined Grateful Dead member Bob Weir’s side project Bobby and the Midnites. He would reunite with Weir in 2000, playing bass in place of Phil Lesh on tour with The Other Ones. He has also performed fusion versions of Grateful Dead songs alongside Billy Cobham in the band Jazz Is Dead. The acclaimed All-Star instrumental ensemble, famous for interpretations of classic Grateful Dead songs with jazz influences, returns in 2023 to celebrate its 25th Anniversary. Co-founder Alphonso Johnson will be joined by Steve Kimock, Pete Lavezzoli & Bobby Lee Rodgers, performing Grateful Dead’s ‘Wake of The Flood’ marking it’s 50th Anniversary, in addition to other beloved selections. Jazz Is Dead XXV ‘reunites’ two greats! Steve Kimock & Alphonso Johnson, who together in heavyweight post-Garcia Grateful Dead offshoot The Other Ones together with Bob Weir, commanded the instrumental prowess of that band.

I had the honor of catching up with Mr. Alphonso Johnson to get into the upcoming concert in Madison on January 19th at The Barrymore Theatre, as Jazz Is Dead comes to keep us company. We get into the idea behind the shows and how the music will guide the way from night to night to night. Mr. Johnson, a natural teacher describes how these 4 cooks bring their individual abilities into the kitchen and we talk a little about the feeling of getting back toGether to find his way through the music with Mr. Steve Kimock. This is one of those events where not only will the music unite, I feel it’s the connection with ALL the people that will be equally as important.

No More Elf On Shelf

Final sets for today’s proGram licked the fingers clean.

One Hundred Dreams PT. I- Satoko Fujii

Wide Sargaso Sea- Valtteri Laurell Nonet
Six Affirmation, Pt. II- Arild Andersen Group
Short Story- Arild Andersen Group
Braidwood- Nadje Noordhuis Ft. Rudy Royston & Fred Hersch
Girl Talk- Fred Hersch & esperanza spalding [Live]

Tatts- BANTR
Cora Jones- Neal Casal

A Little More Shown

Middle part of this week’s proGram exposed a little more to the meal.

Unfold- Myele Manzanza & Rachel Fraser

Bate’s Letter From Mista Chuck- Nabaté Isles Ft. Chuck D
Harlem Shake- Nabaté Isles
Introductions- Donald Byrd [live]
Kwame- Donald Byrd [live]
The East- Donald Byrd [live]
Vaspurakan- The Headhunters

Chemical X- Julius Rodriguez
Kaminari- Natsuki Tamura and Ittetsu Takemura

That Begin It Moment

First part of this week’s proGram was sharp and ready.

Back Door Santa- Judith Owen
Run Rudolph Run- The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)- The Dollyrots Ft. The DollyTOTS

All I Want for Christmas Is a Go-Go Girl- Bey Ireland
X-mas Party- Eddie & The De-Havelons
Christmas Strut- Hot & Sassy
I Won’t Be There For Christmas- Major Handy
Santa Claus- Ray Williams Ft. Space Men
Ain’t No Chimney’s In The Project- Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Brix- The Muffins
Three Days That Won’t Soon Fade- The Muffins
English- The Muffins
At the Fairie Bower- Upupayāma
Màs- Upupayāma
Entering the Time of Wilderness- Upupayāma
Counter-Clock World- Blood Quartet
Blood Grove- Blood Quartet

Black And White Viewing

The final part of the proGram flipped it over and out.

Make House Not War [original mix]- Bubba Brothers
Wild Bounce- Green Lights
Pumpkin Seeds- Aesop Rock & Blockhead Ft Lupe Fiasco

Yerimayo Celebration- Baaba Maal
Arkestra Boogie- Santi Debriano and Arkestra Bembe
Imagined Nation- Santi Debriano and Arkestra Bembe
Comes From The Ground- Cosmic Renaissance
Nomads- Cosmic Renassiance

As It Should Be- Jakob Bro & Joe Lovano
Blind Pig- Dave Liebman
Lover Man- Dave Liebman
Volkov’s Theme- Brian Baggett Trio