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Over the years, Charlie Wooton and I have gotten together to talk about all the projects he has been touching for many years. We go back. From the times with Bonerama and Royal Southern Brotherhood, to his work with/as Zydefunk and his very own Charlie Wooton Project. The guy can play that bass in ways we have only seen a few do before and that can certainly lead to gigs, jobs and music that comes from certain places. Charlie can groove and funk with the best of them. He can make Zydeco sound like it did when it was born or add a little future to it even. This time around, he is heading up to Madison as part of friend of the proGram, Mr. Sonny Landreth‘s band at LA FÊTE DE MARQUETTE on July 16th.. We get into just how the opportunity to make some live music happenings with a childhood hero came about. That story starts off in a space we know well. Charlie relives a moment in Japan with friend of the show, Rafael Pereira, São Paulo native who brings his rich understanding of Brazilian rhythm to Janelle Monae and many others and how their collaborative groove was an introduction to their band Zabadodat, and from there, we get to Mr. Landreth. The tales wander, just like the innovation of the onward mobing artist – and Charlie has some stories and ways to share that will entertain, make you shake your head and of course probably gives you a want to catch this event live.

After all is said and done, Charlie not only opens up about changes to himself thru the years of our hanGin’, but also to where the desire to give back starts and grows. Blue Monday Mission is a nonprofit that takes care of elderly musicians that can’t work anymore. Most musicians live hand to mouth. Blue Monday Mission folks come in and help in anyway possible, from medical help to cutting lawns to just visiting. Blue Monday Mission is also educating younger musicians about the business so they can one day return the favor. It’s run by John Williams. Charlie also shared his thoughts on a potential Congo Square music-documentary that resides in his thoughts but seems ready to spill out in the world.

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