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The first part of this week’s proGram was just thinking about starting off.

Working For Somebody Else- The Brothers Comatose
I-5 Drifting- Silver Lake 66

Work Sauce- Umphrey’s McGee
Small Strides- Umphrey’s McGee
Desire- Rogers & Butler
Going Wrong- Triptides

Pharisaismic Plebeian Bureaucracism- :nepaal
Po Mokrim Krisham (on wet roofs)- Menk

She’s into Something- The Phantom Blues Band
Stepping up in Class- The Phantom Blues Band
***pre-recorded conversation with Charlie Wooton***
8 Ball Lucy- Supersonic Blues Machine Ft. Sonny Landreth

Georgia Women- Hank Williams Jr.
Full Moon Blues- Mick Pini Ft. Audio54

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