The middle set had the faucet on and the hose pointed at your earhole with my thumb over the mouth to spray with accuracy…..here’s what made its way in:

Relovolution- the Dead Exs
I Couldn’t Sleep- Joey Ramone

Catholic School Girls Rule- the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hanging on the Telephone- Blondie
Badfish- Sublime (live)
Ice Age- Dr. John
Testify- the Isley Brothers Ft. Jimi Hendrix
You Better Help Yourself (Instr)- Sly & the Family Stone
Madison Square- Lettuce
Critically Acclaimed Shit- On the Spot Trio
Super Stupid- Steve Kimock w/Bernie Worrell/Wally Ingram/Andy Hess (live)

Evil Ways- the Brothers Seven
Ain’t no Sunshine- Gregory James Edition
Toe Thumb- Billy Martin/Wil Blades
Weltschmerz- the Cutler
No News Good News- Calibro 35
Coming Home to Roost- the Cheebacabra

F.A.T.- Herbal Nation
Joe Z- Project Grand Slam
Max O Man- Fourplay
Batuca- Manuel Galbán
The Opening Window- Scarlet Balanga
Air of Today- Scarlet Balanga
Bamalou- Maneo
Bayla- Maneo
Dial It- Vinx
Forest- Hukwe Zawose/Vernon Reid/Arona N’diaye/Levon Minassian/Chuck Norman/Stephen Hague

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