Behind Some Scenes Of The Sessions At McPike Park

Located in the heart of the isthmus in Madison, WI, McPike Park is a nearly six-acre park, formerly known at Central Park and was officially renamed in April 2018 at a dedication ceremony honoring longtime East High School principal, Milton McPike. The Sessions at McPike Park are free events that benefit seven non-profits in the local community. Each of these non-profit organizations have a day to promote their programs and this amazing festival of events funnel funds to these organizations through their raffles, auctions, and profit-sharing plans. Not only is there a wide variety of musical entertainment to satisfy most attendees tastes, the Sessions features a fine array of local food and product vendors to keep the tastebuds alive and keep a body fueled for fun. This event is family-friendly!

I had the chance to catch up with the Sessions’ creator, CEO and Events coordinator, Bob Queen to talk a little about how the Sessions At McPike Park was born into pour community and how every step, each year is always an adventure.. Bob shares his beginnings from a goat farmer thrust into some uncharted territory, including a neighborhood festival to operate. Years and stories later, here we are. Bob shares a little about how he has surrounded himself with people who help bring high quality acts from out in the world to us here in Madison and how a blending takes place with local artists and entertainment. At the heart if everything really feels like a shared pursuit of happiness and community. As we all sit, stand, dance and groove to the performances on stage, we remind festival goers that there are so many steps to keep an event like this not only afloat, but prospering. Take a peek at some of the vendors and partners that help make such an event go and hey, come on over for a little found happiness.

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