A Moment in the ‘HuH?’ with Bassnectar.

I want you all to be sure to open your minds and check out some true genre bending sonic sounds that will work its way into your heartbeat sometime during its spin. Underground Communication by Bassnectar is freeform project that merges music, art, new media, social involvement, and community values; dedicated to a constantly-evolving ethos of collaborative creation, self-reinvention, and boundary-pushing experimentation…now doesn’t that fit like a g-love for greenarrowradio..hmmmmm?
It is unjust for me to drop my feeling about this album or to point you in a direction of any one song…it is one you need to dissect and digest for your self.

For starters, spend a moment in the huh with Bassnectar and MisterG here.


Premiere fusion w/ some bass..you got it!

While filling in for Ken’s great fusion style show, In The Groove, Jazz & Beyond, I was able to premiere some of the programs newest pal, Mr. Rob Wasserman’s newest “making music for himself” unreleased works. The works I chose to feature were received very well as the phones lit up frequently with listeners asking where they could find this. Keep your eyes and ears on red alert, as I will be playing more of them on the show, and Rob will be adding some down-load-able music on his site soon. That’s right, I almost forgot…there was a show with music to mention:

Intro->Hungry Ghosts- Club d’Elf
Tootie Ma is a Big Fine Thing- MSMW
Into You- Eymarel
Snap Back Jack- Jeremy Baum
You Sho’ Walk Funky- the Sol Reys
Satisfaction- Rob Wasserman
**Conversation with Rob Wasserman**
Angel- Rob Wasserman*
Ten More Shows- Rob Wasserman*
Sultan Song- Rob Wasserman*
Illumination- Rob Wasserman*
Soild Ground- Sara/Rob Wasserman*
Together- Sammy Figueroa & his Latin Jazz Explosion
Descargate- Gino Castillo/Santa Palabra Jazz Latino
Chove Chuva- Ulisses Rocha
Prof. Bebey- Vernon Reid & Masque
Red Moon- Al Di Meola
Squirrel Huntin’- Ripplegroove
If it don’t fit…-Melvin Sparks w/Nikki Armstrong
Ministry of Truth- Bobby Previte Coalition of the Willing



Mister Geezeo in Da House.

We had special guest Theron Parlin in studio today to talk about he and his partners innovative website GEEZEO. A personal finance site which will offer solutions to manage all aspects of your banking needs directly from your cell-phone. This technology has been available in Europe for a few years now. So, check it out and perhaps support individual innovation. On with the show this is it:

Woke up this Morning- Robi Zonca & his band
The Lonesome Road- Van Morrison
Looking over Your Fence- Otis Taylor
Things don’t seems as Bad- the Amity Front
***Discussion about GEEZEO with Theron Parlin***
Sackoduga- Lamine Soumano
Bara, Source w/Abdoulaye Diabate
Sunday Arak- Balkan Beat Box
Amari Szi Amari- Luminecent Orchestrii
First Flight- Panchito
Insurreccion- Juan Carlos Formell
Credits- the Aquarium
Blue Honey- Pop Levi
A Style Called Crying Chic- Pop Levi
Hades Lady- Pop Levi
Maria Bartiromo- Joey Ramone
Wolverine- Honchie
Totally Awesome- Honchie
Turntables on the Bayou- No Luck Club
Dosa Hut Chase- No Luck Club
Juju in Those Strings- Eccodek
Mental Floss- Stratospheerius
**Conversation w/Joe Deninzon of Stratospheerius**
Gutterpunk Blues- Stratospheerius
Redemption- Andy Timmons
Ali- Moon Boot Lover
How Glad I am- Greyboy Allstars w/the Living Sisters
Back in the Game- the Greyboy Allstars
Love & Happiness- Marc Broussard
Everyday People- Sly & Family Stone w/Maroon 5
Oh Lord What Have I Done- Pedro Arevalo *unreleased
One More Day- the Wood Brothers (live)
Satisfaction (Bass Trilogy pt 1)- Rob Wasserman
Cadillac- Keller Williams/Bob Weir
Restraint- Keller Williams
Heartbreak Hotel- Willie Nelson w/Leon Russell
Harpoventilating- Mark Hummel
Smokestack Lightening- Big George Brock
Free Time- Akashic Records w/AGP Horns Boston (live 05)


What’s happening with Rob Wasserman

Shortly before he makes his way to Europe with Lou Reed for the BERLIN project, I had an opportunity to talk with Rob Wasserman about what has been going on recently and to see if there might be a look into some sounds to come. Known by many for his Grammy award winning album Duets, his creative partnerships with many great artists from Reed and Elvis Costello to members of the Grateful Dead family including Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir, Rob is getting a chance these days to make some music for himself and has actually shared some of that to premier on greenarrowradio. It is a pleasure to hear someone speak so naturally about the bass and the approach to creating new sounds without ever compromising the integrity of the music. In this conversation, there is an inside look at who Rob is working with these days and where he stands in his efforts to put together a special album with DVD documentary, the Woody Guthrie Project has been an on-going effort for Rob and we find out where that project stands today. I want to thank Clare , Sara and of course Rob for taking the time to speak with me and bring brand new (and wildly hot) music for my listeners and their open minds and thirsty earholes. So stay tuned to WHUS and greenarrowradio for more of this previously unreleased and fresh music.

Check out our Conversation here.