Mister Geezeo in Da House.

We had special guest Theron Parlin in studio today to talk about he and his partners innovative website GEEZEO. A personal finance site which will offer solutions to manage all aspects of your banking needs directly from your cell-phone. This technology has been available in Europe for a few years now. So, check it out and perhaps support individual innovation. On with the show this is it:

Woke up this Morning- Robi Zonca & his band
The Lonesome Road- Van Morrison
Looking over Your Fence- Otis Taylor
Things don’t seems as Bad- the Amity Front
***Discussion about GEEZEO with Theron Parlin***
Sackoduga- Lamine Soumano
Bara, Source w/Abdoulaye Diabate
Sunday Arak- Balkan Beat Box
Amari Szi Amari- Luminecent Orchestrii
First Flight- Panchito
Insurreccion- Juan Carlos Formell
Credits- the Aquarium
Blue Honey- Pop Levi
A Style Called Crying Chic- Pop Levi
Hades Lady- Pop Levi
Maria Bartiromo- Joey Ramone
Wolverine- Honchie
Totally Awesome- Honchie
Turntables on the Bayou- No Luck Club
Dosa Hut Chase- No Luck Club
Juju in Those Strings- Eccodek
Mental Floss- Stratospheerius
**Conversation w/Joe Deninzon of Stratospheerius**
Gutterpunk Blues- Stratospheerius
Redemption- Andy Timmons
Ali- Moon Boot Lover
How Glad I am- Greyboy Allstars w/the Living Sisters
Back in the Game- the Greyboy Allstars
Love & Happiness- Marc Broussard
Everyday People- Sly & Family Stone w/Maroon 5
Oh Lord What Have I Done- Pedro Arevalo *unreleased
One More Day- the Wood Brothers (live)
Satisfaction (Bass Trilogy pt 1)- Rob Wasserman
Cadillac- Keller Williams/Bob Weir
Restraint- Keller Williams
Heartbreak Hotel- Willie Nelson w/Leon Russell
Harpoventilating- Mark Hummel
Smokestack Lightening- Big George Brock
Free Time- Akashic Records w/AGP Horns Boston (live 05)


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