The Splits

The beGinning of the show took the sides of the middle.

Little Joe- Mighty Poplar

Pontius Pilate’s Home Movies- The New Pornographers
Can’t Wait ‘Till Summer- Librarians with Hickeys
49 Bye-Byes / For What Its Worth- Stephen Stills (Live At Berkley, 1971)
I Won’t Always Love You- Black Country, New Road (Live at Bush Hall)
Smoky Mtn. Prowler- Andrew Gabbard

Dance On The Grave Of Bobby Lee- Bohannons
Sunshine Casual- Rasmus Birk
Babette Become A Burden- Rasmus Birk
Didn’t Think You Had It- Terry Ohms
Traunch- Con Brio

Rhiza- Beatings Are In The Body
Grid Incursion- Sound Cipher
Banacek- Sex Mob

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