Nature Paints

The first part of this week’s proGram took the sound into the ground…plant on ice with a little twist of filter:

You And I- Valerie June
Stardust- Son of the Velvet Rat
The Ferris Wheel- Son of the Velvet Rat
Better Off Alone- The Black Angels (live at Levitation)

Early Man- Hypnosonics
Rub It In (Fort Apache Version)- Hypnosonics

Sad Eyed Lover- Katie Knipp
Hip To Your Trip- Damon Fowler
Express Connection- TOMISLAV GOLUBAN
grrenarrowradio promo- TOMISLAV GOLUBAN

Gotta Get Away- Travellin’ Blue Kings
Cherry on Top- Johnny Burgin Ft. Anson Funderburgh

Springs Pops

The 3rd installment of the Spring edition of The Yellow Light. This week’s proGram popped with newly grown sounds:

Kinds of Light: III. Fluorescence- Akropolis Reed Quintet
Rites for the Afterlife: III. The Hall of Judgement- Akropolis Reed Quintet
My Favorite Things I- Masabumi Kikuchi
Improvisation- Masabumi Kikuchi

Un Mundo En Que Quepan Muchos Mundos- Gustavo Cortiñas
El Jinete Y El Caballo- Gustavo Cortiñas

Revived Mind- Jihye Lee Orchestra
Dissatisfied Mind- Jihye Lee Orchestra
Kinetic- Steven Feifke Big Band
Sgraffito- TuneTown Ft. Artie Roth, Ernesto Cervini & Kelly Jefferson
Cheryl- TuneTown Ft. Ernesto Cervini, Kelly Jefferson & Artie Roth

Fiskeskärsmelodin- Koma Saxo (live)

Tree View

The final part of this week’s proGram had the fan or tress just listening in:

Mina Mê- Kiazi Malonga
Akwa- Kiazi Malonga

Punky Reggae Party Dub- Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Spacewave
Ever Forward Dub- Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Spacewave
Stir It up (In the Pot) Dub- Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Spacewave
Ease and Flow- Indubious Ft. Mike Love

Enkisesei- Fernando Anuang’a & Maasai Vocals
Enkairishi- Fernando Anuang’a & Maasai Vocals

Mové Piti- Sakili
Misié Benet- Sakili
La ri Latanie- Sakili
Rabbit Invents the Saxophone- Joy Harjo

Get Off Your Seat

The middle portion of this week’s proGram didn’t really let you sit on it, Potsie:

Hot n’ Greezy- Alan Evans
Snakebites- Chicken Grass Ft. Princess Shaw
King of the Mountain- Gizelle Smith
Spike Lee- Les Jeux Sont Funk

The Black Stone Affair (main theme)- Whatitdo Archive Group
Blood Chief- Whatitdo Archive Group
We Like It- STR4TA
Steppers Crusade- STR4TA
Stay On The Groove (DJ Caution Regroove)- The New Mastersounds

Together Again- Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step
La Policía- Bachaco
Lunca- Balkan Taksim

A Seated View In

The first part of this week’s proGram took a seat and let the view and the sounds soak right on in:

Reefer Head Man- Martin Lang Ft. Frank Krawkowski/Billy Flynn/Illinois Slim & Dean Haas
Taxman- Damon Fowler
My ’49- Atomic 44’s
greenarrowradio promo- Dave Thomas

Rub It In- Hypnosonics
They Bent Me- Hypnosonics
Earl man (Fort Apache Version)- Hypnosonics
Blue Hearts- Paul Bergmann

Manipulation- The Black Angels (live at Levitation)
You On The Run- The Black Angels (live at Levitation)
Blue Whale- Holy Monitor

The Call For The Cure- Magnet Animals
Lonely In Space- The Buzzards of Fuzz

Walking Home- The Blips

The Twine Inside

The 2nd instalment of the (almost) Spring Edition of the greenarrowradio spin-off proGram, The Yellow Light. This set has some undoing to do:

Mr. Lucky- Vinnie Riccitelli Octet
Hummingbirds- Yelena Eckemoff
Falling Down- Michael Wolff (Live at Vitellos, 2011)

Rotten Roses- Adrian Younge
Margaret Garner- Adrian Younge

Orafardo- Richard Ford
Be- Omar Sosa Ft. Rajery
Veloma E- Omar Sosa Ft. Rajery
Sabo- Omar Sosa Ft. Monja Mahafay

Chorfa- Innov Gnawa
Waheguru Nanak Guru- Manika Kaur Ft. Jesse Bannister
Hay Gobind Hay Dayal- Manika Kaur Ft. Kaviraj Singh Dhadialla

Fluff And Glow

The final part of this week’s proGram had a lot of shine and a glowing blast – you can just feel that:

My Sensual Homily- Arashka
Shooldyrak. Suan Krez- ShooDJa-ChooDJa
Deh Shiva Mix- Manika Kaur

Circles- Joe Chambers
Mine Or Blues- Makram Aboul Hosn
Betcha Sting- Makram Aboul Hosn

In The Middle Of The Darkness- Meroli
The Birth of Us- Logan Richardson Ft. Igor Osypov/Peter Schlamb/Dominique Sanders/Ryan J. Lee
Find Your Ore- Takahiro Izumikawa Ft. Silent Titan

Driving Down The Road- Mike Dillon & Punkadelic
What Tony Says- Mike Dillon & Punkadelic Ft. Nicholas Payton
Further Adventures In Misadventures- Mike Dillon & Punkadelic Ft. Steven Bernstein & Matt Chamberlain

Peppers To Be

The middle section of this week’s proGram will soon be something much more:

Mama (You Will Make It)- Adrian Younge
Last Train to Budapest- Whatitdo Archive Group
Kraak & Smaak I Think (FSQ Funkadelic Touch Dub)- Kraak & Smaak Ft. Berenice van Leer
Hikky Burr- The Jeff Benedict Big Big Band

Ekuté- Pino Palladino & Blake Mills
Some Day Play, Right Now Stay Dub- Lee Scratch Perry & The Spacewave
Hercules (North Street West ‘holyvoodou’ Dub)- Ghetto Priest
Show Of Shame- Femi Kuti

The Principle (O Príncipio)- IKOQWE
The Infinite (O Infinito)- IKOQWE
Makumba- IKOQWE
Nigeria- Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella
Eretseretse-Omar Sosa Ft. Monja Mahafay

Changüí en Yateras- Grupo Estrellas Campesinas
Maçka Yolları- Altın Gün

Go On Now Pop

The first portion of this week’s proGram started to peek up and take a feel around:

If I Could Turn Back Time- Marion Raw
No No No- Marion Raw
Here Alone- Heather The Jerk
Master Spirits- Cameron Graves

Wondering If He Might- Sunday wilde Ft. Harpdog Brown
Someone Stole My Shoes- Hypnosonics (live)

Freaks- Magnet Animals
Mad Hatter- Mike Dillon
Pelagic- Mike Dillon
Bumpy’s Lament- Karate Boogaloo
Pay Your Way In Pain- St. Vincent

Ua Ah- Alan Evans (live at Skidmore College)
Glovebox Pistol- Menahan Street Band
The Starchaser- Menahan Street Band
Cabin Fever- Menahan Street Band

Puff Of Nature

The first edition of a Spring Fling program Thursdays from 11am-hiGh Noon…The Yellow Light #1 brought SUM grooves to your nature:

What The People Say- Alan Evans
Break It Down- Alan Evans
Ethiopian Airlines- Whatitdo Archive Group

Revolutionize- Adrian Younge
Watch The Children- Adrian Younge

Ramblin’- Charles Lloyd & The Marvels
Peace- Charles Lloyd & The Marvels
Asteroid Mines of the Kuiper Belt- The Luvmenauts
Spice Always Flows- The Luvmenauts
One Giant Step, Part iii (Laika’s Short Orbit Edit)- Binker Golding/John Edwards/Steve Noble

Sunrays- Logan Richardson Ft. Laura Taglialatela & Corey Fonville
Intro to Modjadji- Makram Aboul Hosn
Chron- Noah Preminger & Kim Cass

Dee Dee- Miguel Zenón Ft. Jordi Rossy, Ariel Bringuez & Demian Cabaud (live)

Breakin’ On Through

The middle portion of this week’s proGram is always the first to pop out with hopes:

Want It All- Dree Leer
Throw Me Around- The Blips
Black Myself- Amythyst Kiah

Hand Of Time- Triptides
**pre-recorded conversation with Glenn Brigman of Triptides**
Another Dream- Triptides
Let It Go- Triptides

Bubble Up- Photon
Did It Again- The True Loves
Strange Times- Omar Coleman
Crab Walk- Funkboy
Fo’ Sho’- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

Just Hafta Look In

The first part of this week’s proGram was inside that little spot you walked right past:

One’s On The Way- Loretta Lynn Ft. Margo Price
Hot Lovin’ Momma- Joe Lewis Band
Where’s The Girl- Hypnosonics
Wait- The Letrasets

Burn The Whole Thing Down- Magnet Animals
Forecast In Rome- Magnet Animals
The Kids Are Gonna Win- Magnet Animals
Through An Open Window- Thumbscrew
Fractured Sanity- Thumbscrew

I Don’t Mind- Heather The Jerk
**pre-recorded conversation with Heather The Jerk**
Zone Out- Heather The Jerk
Gone Thinking- Heather The Jerk

Gimme A Buzz- T Benny and the Buzz Bros.
Get It In The End- Benny Trokan

Oh Quiche

The final portion of this week’s proGram just threw it’s hands in the air like it just does care:

Day By Day- Gary Bartz w/Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Dr. Armchair- Dan Blake
Arab Melody- Avishai Cohen

First Canvas- Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias
Willing- Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias

**pre-recorded conversation with Michael Gregory Jackson**
Heart And Center- Michael Gregory Jackson (live, 1977)
1918- Mike Dillon
Emojis Have Consequences- Thumbscrew
Lampsi- Jeff Coffin & Helen Gillet Ft. Roy ‘Futureman’ Wooten

Looking Through The Lights

The middle portion of this week’s proGram saw into and through, but maybe not completely around:

I Need To Get Loving- The Reverend Shawn Amos & The Brotherhood
Bring It On- Boogie Beasts
Malady- BARK
Guarantee- Joshua Henry

In Conversation- PM Warson
Swordfish- Radon
Sacrificium Crudelis- Tetrao Urogallus
Right Place, Right Time- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
The Return of Beaumont Jenkins- Whatitdo Archive Group Ft. Alessandro Alessandroni Jr.

Naba Aferda- Florence Adooni
Mam Pe’ela Su’ure- Florence Adooni
Set Your Minds and Souls Free- Femi Kuti

Give Me Love- Jayl Funk & Quincy Jointz Ft. George Perlin
Horizons- Takahiro Izumikawa Ft. Daru Jones

That’s The Look

The first portion of this week’s proGram had a look unseen or unheard:

Blood In The Halls- Charles Ellsworth
Always Alone- Joe Wong
Instrumental- Black Country, New Road
Burning and Burning- Black River Delta

3D Binch- Heather The Jerk
There’s Nothing You Can’t Do- SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE

To Lash Around- Steady Sun
Now And Then- Triptides
She’s Obsessed With Herself- The Ar-Kaics
What Happens When You Turn the Devil Down- The Mystery Lights
I’ll Be There- Michael Rault

Easter Island- Ron Gallo
greenarrowradio promo- Joe Lewis
Can I get With You- Joe Lewis Band
Twang A Doodle Boom Boom- Joe Lewis Band
Outside Cat- Rose Hudson w/Barrelhouse

Track and Yield

The final portion of this week’s proGram had the test results we were waiting on:

On The Road- Futari
Human- Shai Maestro Ft. Ofri Nehemya, Jorge Roeder & Phillip Dizack

Early Rites- Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias
**pre-recorded conversation with Jane Ira Bloom**
Traveling Deep- Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias
Roughing It- Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias

Just Wrong- Pino Palladino & Blake Mills
Family Trees- Benoît Delbecq
Never Can Say Goodbye- Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger

Village Blues- The Generations Quartet
Dream On That- Joe Lovano
Sacred Chant- Joe Lovano

The Flipped Tracks

The sandwiched between set of this week’s proGram got the ecclectic tread applied:

The Clock Won’t Tick- Quantic & Eddie Roberts
Ride On Time- The Bamboos
Hole In One- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

Meinfajria- Omar Sosa Ft. Dafaala Elhag Ali
Tsiaro Tsara- Omar Sosa Ft. Rajery
Freedom- Yoko Miwa Trio

Pro Carnaval Voltar- Oran Etkin Ft. The Benjamin Taubkin Quartet
You Taught My Heart How To Sing- Franco Ambrosetti w/Scofield, Rosnes, Colley
Silli In the Sky- Franco Ambrosetti w/Scofield, Rosnes, Colley

Tracked In

The first part of this week’s proGram had the tracks filled in some there’s no true evidence:

Across America- Todd Mosby
Revival- The Imaginaries
Reno- Janet Simpson

634-5789- The Wildroots Ft. Victor Wainwright & Patricia Ann Dees
Something in the Water 2020- The Wildroots Ft. Billy Livesay
Where I Am- The Wildroots Ft. Anthony “Packrat” Thompson
My One and Only- Misty Blues
Days Gone By- Misty Blues
Come on Baby (Take Me Dancing)- Joyann Parker

Tribute To SRV- Ally Venable
Reap What You Sow- Ghalia Volt
Last Minute Packer- Ghalia Volt
I’d Climb Mountains- Selwyn Birchwood

New Strain Blue Strain

The final portion of this week’s proGram had the flow filtering around the globe:

Dupont- WÖR
D’Afnemen- WÖR
Climate March- WÖR

Shrovetide-Vedan Kolod
Arrow- Vedan Kolod
Takhetle Konem- Juna
Yashel Kuzle- Juna

Leil- Aziza Brahim
Hamala- The Garifuna Collective
Festa Do Tubarão- Dona Onete
Sam Cook Di- David Walters Ft. Vincent Ségal, Ballaké Sissoko & Roger Raspail

We Are Strong-Made Kuti
As We Struggle Everyday-Femi Kuti
Hercules- Ghetto Priest

Kept For More

The middle portion of this week’s proGram had a way to escape but decided to go into your ears:

Running from Love (Version 2 With Strings)- Marvin Gaye
Of Things To Come- Tommy Guerrero
By The Sea At The End of the World- Tommy Guerrero
Evolution Revolution- Tommy Guerrero

Where We Began- Har Mar Superstar
The Senate- Tombajazz Ft. Kokayi
Grandfather Clock- Mike Dillon

Agua- Bomba Estéreo
You Sold Me a Dream- Jupiter & Okwess Ft. Ana Tijoux
Foxglove- TOR
No Further Than You- Izy
Good At Gettin’ By (Acoustic)- Kash’d Out

Capuchin- Martin Gore
Sons Of Creation- Cameron Graves
Quantum Blues- Menagerie