Getting Down

The middle part of the proGram went way down.

Blood- Freekbass & Sammi Garett
Your Man’s No Good- Ghost Funk Orchestra
Know You Got Soul- Martha High
AA Side Single- Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Man in Black- Chuck D Ft. Bob Log III
Get Inspired- Genesis Owusu
Speed- Little Simz

Sou Ey!- Batida Ft. João Morgado
Wish You Were Here – Bhaarat- Somesh Mathur
Journey Home- Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion
**pre-recorded conversation with Dianne Betkowski & Miguel Espinoza**
The Storm- Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion Ft. Howard Levy

Casamance- Momi Maiga Ft. Seckou Keita
Dansons Cadencés- Guts Ft. DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson, Annas G

Came Off Easy

The first part of the proGram was one short but kept on without any issue.

Song To J.C.B- Dom Flemons
Foghorn- Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
You Can’t Relive The Past- Syd Straw
Big Long Slidin’ Thing- Judith Owen

She Really Likes Me- The Fat James Band (Live)
I Walk On Gilded Splinters- Dr. John Ft. Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real
greenarrowradio promo- Dave Keyes
WGBO Boogie- Dave Keyes
I’ve Got A Feeling- Buddy Guy
House Party- Buddy Guy Ft. Wendy Moten

Get Rhythm- James Hand
Why- Kevin Robertson
Something Light- Tommy Alexander

Love Is the Way- Thee Sacred Souls
Do You Know the Man- The Harlem Gospel Travelers

Detailed Textures

The final part of this week’s proGram saw it differently.

Body Heat- Martha High
There It Is- Martha High

Sentimental Fool- Lee Fields
**pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Lee Fields**
Forever- Lee Fields
Hang On- The Winston Brothers

Soca Beat- Arturo Sandoval
Hmmm- Batida Ft. Bonga
Sr Mandao- Batida Ft Ikonoklasta, Octa Push & DJ Dolores
House Of Jah- Kwabna w/Sly & Robbie

Kayawa- Fthmlss
Suzie- Phantogram
Mala Mali (Organic Milk Baby Remix)- Dem Juju Poets
Sculpting With Fire- Atmosphere
Therapy pt. 2- Robert Glasper Ft. Mac Miller

Kar kar kar- Kham Meslien

Listen And Sit

Middle part of the proGram found a perfect spot to be at.

I’m A King Bee- Buddy Guy
What’s Wrong With That- Buddy Guy Ft. Bobby Rush
Plum Crazy- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Hot Mess- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
greenarrowradio promo- Malaya Blue
Malaya Blue Your Act Has Worn Thin- Malaya Blue

I Can Heat The Grass Grow- Stay
Parking Structure- Dirty Projectors
Here To Forever (demo)- Death Cab For Cutie
Woman Time- Tenacious D

Tres Hermanos- Hermanos Gutiérrez Ft. Dan Auerbach
El Bueno Y El Malo- Hermanos Gutiérrez

Six Ways- The Jack Moves
Biblical Technology- The Jack Moves
Muck- Euforquestra
Dr. Kiffi- Beat Bronco Organ Trio

Seeds To Be

The beginning part of the regular proGram has the end to the new.

Little Boy Blues- Angela Easterling
Wander Around- Kenny Shore
Funny How Time Slips Away- Dr. John
Gimme That Old Time Religion- Dr. John Ft. Willie Nelson

Cold Country- Elliott Murphy
Blue River- Amy Helm
Thirsty Boots- Bob Dylan

Diddy Wah Diddy- Name Droppers
’68 Coupe Deville- Jeremiah Johnson Ft. Victor Wainwright
Footsteps In the Hall- Grant Dermody
Don’t Boss Me- Grant Dermody
greenarrowradio promo- Robert Hill & Joanne Lediger
France Chance- Boogie Beasts

Little Bit Broken- The Wood Brothers
***pre-recorded conversation with Oliver Wood***
Little Blue- The Wood Brothers
Don’t Think About My Death- The Wood Brothers

Beginning To Be

Did a prelude to the reGualrly scheduled show. It was like this.

So It Goes- Jason Yeager
All Blues- Franco Ambrosetti
Ginas Song- Carlo Mombelli

Virtual Towers- Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania
Gongs For Peace 1- Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania
Rerooting- Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania
O, Yeok, Chil-Chae- Jeremy Rose & The Earshift Orchestra Ft. Simon Barker & Chloe Kim
Interlude- Jeremy Rose & The Earshift Orchestra Ft. Simon Barker & Chloe Kim
The Trace- Jeremy Rose & The Earshift Orchestra Ft. Simon Barker & Chloe Kim

Um Beijo Selvagem- Mata Atlântica
Haiku Pelt- Dierk Peters
Long Ago- Michael Varverakis

Pom- Flowk

Colored Glasses Even

Final part of the proGram felt only good things inside and outside. Take the time.

Black Cow- The Pat Petrillo Big Rhythm Band Ft. Oz Noy
Side Step- Scott Sawyer w/Oteil Burbridge & Scott Amendola
Cottonmouth- WOLF! Ft. Scott Metzger

Exit the Void- Parallel East
Oort Cloud- Parallel East
Meet the Wobblers- Parallel East
Grains Of Sand- Alberto Rigoni & Michael Manring Ft. Billy Sheehan
No Escape- Alberto Rigoni & Michael Manring Ft. Adam Nitti
The Changer- Evolfo

Monkeys in the Jungle- MichRyc & Emapea
Hulushi Dub Pt 1 (Subatomic Sound System Remix)- Piper Street Sound Ft. General Pecos & Andy Bassford
Illusions- Naya Rockers Ft. Kiddus I

Time Goes- Apollo Brown and Philmore Greene

Wind Be Free

The middle part of the proGram had the air beneath and above.

Mr. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore- The Boneshakers
One Foot In the Groove- The Boneshakers
Bring Me Your Sin- Malaya Blue
Where Are My Friends?- Tedeschi Trucks Band

Songbirds- Silversun Pickups (live at the Orange Peel)
Los Chicos Tristes- Hermanos Gutierrez
Chickens In Space (Pt 1)- Photon
Mama Say- FènixDion
Keep On Movin’- King Canyon

Get It Together- Martha High
Too Funky In Here- Martha High
Bobo- Polyrhythmics

El Que la Rompe la Paga- El Combo Batanga
Sabor del Ritmo- Garrett Saracho, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Noble Metals- Adrian Quesada

Asbury Daze- The Pat Petrillo Big Rhythm Band Ft. John Popper & Felicia Collins

Seed Fly Blow

First part of this week’s proGram had it’s natural ways on full display.

Ernest T. Grass- Carley Arrowood, Wayne Benson, Travis Book, Joe Cicero & Sammy Shelor
All These Dam Things- Sarah Lee Langford & Will Stewart
Witness- Angela Easterling
My Body, My Voice- Kirby Heard
This Life- Kendra Morris

greenarrowradio promo- Lil’ Red & the Rooster
Shake ‘Em Up- Lil’ Red & the Rooster
Cool Trap Boogie- Lil’ Red & the Rooster
Dancing In the Streets- Rory Block
Devil in the Dark- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Wheeler Dealer- Janice Harrington

Welcome To the DeVille Lounge- The Rusty Wright Band
Goin To Nola- The Rusty Wright Band
Babblin’ Blues- Mark ‘Pocket’ Goldberg
greenarrowradio promo- The Mighty Soul Drivers
Cold, Cold Night- The Mighty Soul Drivers

Wolfman Can’t Come- The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
I Let My Guitar Do The Talking- Buddy Guy

Above The Land

Final part of the proGram this week had it’s head up in the…

Round Midnight- Enrico Rava & Fred Hersch
Part X- Keith Jarrett [live]
Part VIII- Keith Jarrett [live]
Yo- Claudia Acuña
Eclipse de Luna- Claudia Acuña Ft. Christian McBride

Interstellar Suite- Parallel East
Asteroid Belt- Parallel East
7/4 Vamp- Parallel East
InstruMind- Alberto Rigoni & Michael Manring Ft. Lars Lehmann
Seven- Alberto Rigoni & Michael Manring Ft. Bryan Beller

American Dream Girl- The Company Stores
Why?- Ghost Funk Orchestra
Comb Away the Tangles- Smoota
Ghost Walk- The Mighty Mocambos

**pre-recorded conversation w/comedian Steven Wright**

Furthering Out

The middle part of the proGram went for it and thinks it got there.

The Crystal Ship- Scott Sawyer w/Oteil Burbridge & Scott Amendola
**pre-reorded conversation with Scott Sawyer**
What It Is- Scott Sawyer w/Oteil Burbridge & Scott Amendola
Nardis- Scott Sawyer w/Oteil Burbridge & Scott Amendola

Hedgehog- WOLF! Ft. Scott Metzger
Hey Francis- WOLF! Ft. Scott Metzger

New Thread- Adam Larson
Mercy Mercy- Alex Acuña Ft. Otmaro Ruiz, Ramón Stagnaro, Lorenzo Ferrero & John Peña
Chuncho- Alex Acuña Ft. Otmaro Ruiz, Regina Acuna, Diana Acuña, Ramón Stagnaro, Lorenzo Ferrero, John Peña
Bass Intro- Clark Sommers Lens
James Marshall- Clark Sommers Lens

Gilgamesh and the Celestial Bull- Connie Han
Ereshkigal of the Underworld- Connie Han
The Trial- Enrico Rava & Fred Hersch

From Night To

The first part of this week’s proGram had the face of space in mind.

Jet Flight- Sun Ra
TECHNICOLOUR- The Comet Is Coming
THE HAMMER- The Comet Is Coming

Le saule pleureur- Kham Meslien
À travers les orages- Kham Meslien
Changes For Trane & Monk- Billy Drummond & Freedom of Ideas
Little Melonae- Billy Drummond & Freedom of Ideas
Chickmonk- The Jon Cowherd Trio Ft. John Patitucci & Brian Blade

Green Street- John Stein
Hotcakes- John Stein
Four On Six- Tim Fitzgerald
Twisted Blues- Tim Fitzgerald

Into The Green

Final part of the proGram had a soulful entrance.

Ilusión de Amor- Jensine Benitez Ft. Thee Sacred Souls
Sparkle In Your Eyes- Jensine Benitez Ft. Thee Sacred Souls
Feel My Soul- Danny Toeman

Chingador- Polyrhythmics
Hypnotise- The Allergies

Kinda Kinky (Ursula’s 20th Anniversary Redux)- Ursula 1000
Mo Wax- farid Ft. Brooklyn Shanti
18th Street- Los Chicos Altos
Right On Brothers- Right On Brothers
Reprise- Fairuz
Ouverture 87- Fairuz

I’m a Man- Smoke and Mirrors Sound System
Sahara- Pierre Kwenders

Intro- Rbsn
Stranger Days- Rbsn
Old Dog- The Company Stores

Guarding The Place

The middle part of the proGram had you covered, land air, or water.

Fairweather Friend- GA-20
**pre-recorded conversation with Matt Stubbs of GA-20**
Just Because- GA-20
I Let Someone In- GA-20

In the Basement- Niecie
Death Have Mercy (feat. Demeanor)- Jake Blount
Who You Working For- Billy Price
Let’s Go For A Ride- Billy Price
Since You’ve Gone Again- Billy Price (live)

Last Night In The Rain- Tedeschi Trucks Band
Another Day- Tedeschi Trucks Band

Willin- Gregg Allman
Everything a Good Man Needs- Scott Sharrard Ft. Taj Mahal & Bernard Purdie
**pre-recorded conversation with Scott Sharrard of Little Feat**
Mercenary Territory- Little Feat (Live)

Whisker Twitchin’- Andy Thorn
Barry’s Bounce- Andy Thorn
Stork Bite- Andy Thorn

Lake Sun Shine

Did a pre-show set into the first part of the reGular program with the reflection off a morning’s lake view.

Madhuvanti- Purbayan Chatterjee & Rakesh Chaurasia
Yaman Drut- Purbayan Chatterjee & Rakesh Chaurasia
Yaman Madhya Laya- Purbayan Chatterjee & Rakesh Chaurasia

I’ve Got Algorithm- Steven Feifke & Bijon Watson
Would You Catch A Falling Star- Del McCoury Ft. Sierra Hull
Low Dog Blues- Nathaniel Rateliff
Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You- Valerie June
Fade Into You- Valerie June

La Pared (Govt. Wall Blues)- The Black Angels
The Sunshine Maker- Black Market Karma
Eulogy to Lenny Bruce- Chris Connelly
Diamond City- Psychic Ills [Live at Levitation]
Incense Head- Psychic Ills [Live at Levitation]

greenarrowradio promo- Michele D’amour
Samson and Delilah- Robert Hill & Joanne Lediger
It’s Gotta Be Me- Detonics
Life’s Your Best Friend- Detonics

Green Fuzzy Good

The final sets for this week’s proGram rubbed us just right.

Me Duele- Bomba Estéreo & Manu Chao
Peyizan Yo- Wesli
Kay Koulé Trouba- Wesli
Simbi- Wesli
Jealousy- Alhaji Waziri Oshomah
Forgive Them Oh God Amin-Amin Pt 1.- Alhaji Waziri Oshomah
Omhona-Omhona- Alhaji Waziri Oshomah

Easy Method- Empresarios
Dub Fruits- The Appetizers
Just Like You Used To- Jalen N’Gonda
Past Life- Marlowe
Contender- Supreme Beings of Leisure

Lustful Elephants Trumpet Spring- Ancient Future [Live 6-12-21]

Built Up Together

The middle portion of this week’s proGram was build with toGether in mind.

Junior Steps- The Ron Kraemer Trio w/the Nashville Cats
Reggie No. 2- The Ron Kraemer Trio w/the Nashville Cats
The Land of Oz- Jeremy Green Ft. Keith Carlock, Oz Noy & Rich Brown

Frankenstein- Billy Drummond & Freedom of Ideas
The Disco Godfather- Brian Lynch and Spheres Of Influence
M’s Bedtime Blues- Geoffrey Keezer
Sasagin- Carl Stone
LUCID DREAMER- The Comet Is Coming
Kerzen- Lampen

Mercy, Mercy, Mery- Connected Bones
Breevin’- Butcher Brown
Freeze Me- Butcher Brown
Energy- Sly5thAve & JSWISS

In Our Hands- Scone Cash Players
What’s Her Name- Scone Cash Players
Pachyphytum- C’ammafunk

Patchin’ Up

The first part of this week’s proGram knew exactly where the orange met the green.

Sounds Like Fun (PDX Pop Now! Mix)- The Fur Coats
Lady Overdrive- Librarians with Hickeys
Perusing Janet’s Record Collection- Blitzen Trapper
Reckless- Jay Ringer

Soul Shanty- Lureto
Ode to George- Lureto

Oooh – Wow- The Hungry Williams
Gee Baby- The Hungry Williams
Who’ll Be Next- Boogie Beasts
Rumpshaker- Crystal Shawanda
Chicago- John Primer

greenarrowradio promo- Laura Tate
Sexy Ways- John Németh
The Last Time- John Németh
Fairweather Friend (Final Goodbye)- GA-20
Double Gettin’- GA-20

The Grouping Under

The final part of the proGram looked under the seen to find this group of grooves.

Unquiet Respect- Patricia Brennan
Saint-Médard- Trevor Dunn

The Fox Explores- Core Fields
Eyvah Eyvah- BIENSÜRE
Cuchifrito Pa’ Los Pollos- Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat

Angustiado Intro (En Vivo)- Omar Sosa [live]
***pre-recorded conversation with Mr. Omar Sosa***
El Manisero (En Vivo)- Omar Sosa w/Maraly Pacheco [live]

Plazma Plaza- Clear Path Ensemble
Tennis Ball- Clear Path Ensemble
Kihi- Clear Path Ensemble

Norma Arm- Free Form Funky Freqs
Earth- Free Form Funky Freqs

Standing Upwards

The middle sets of this week’s proGram had things perfectly uprighted.

Big Road Blues- Issac Youngblood

I’ve Heard of That- Jim Lauderdale
You’re Hoggin’ My Mind- Jim Lauderdale

Fractals- Beth Orton Ft. Alabaster dePlume, Tom Skinner, Shahzard Ismaily, Tom Herbert
Are They All Monsters- UNA
ATK- Bonobo
Ready For Juju- Karolina Ft. Jenny Penkin
Selfish Soul- Sudan Archives
I’m the Light (God Knows I’m the Light)- The Gruesome Twosome

This Is What You Got- C’ammafunk
Boogie With Your Baby- Funkool Orchestra
Anadira- Scone Cash Players
Golden State- Scone Cash Players

By the River- Jennifer Hartswick
Ain’t No Chevy- Jeremy Green Ft. Keith Carlock, Robben Ford, Will Lee, Mark Levron
Valley of the Crucible- The Shaolin Afronauts