Black And White Viewing

The final part of the proGram flipped it over and out.

Make House Not War [original mix]- Bubba Brothers
Wild Bounce- Green Lights
Pumpkin Seeds- Aesop Rock & Blockhead Ft Lupe Fiasco

Yerimayo Celebration- Baaba Maal
Arkestra Boogie- Santi Debriano and Arkestra Bembe
Imagined Nation- Santi Debriano and Arkestra Bembe
Comes From The Ground- Cosmic Renaissance
Nomads- Cosmic Renassiance

As It Should Be- Jakob Bro & Joe Lovano
Blind Pig- Dave Liebman
Lover Man- Dave Liebman
Volkov’s Theme- Brian Baggett Trio

Heard It Landing

The middle parts of the proGram had a certain sound and feel when falling into place.

Kongo Square- The Headhunters
Free Ride- The Winston Brothers
Northern Light- The Winston Brothers
Ice & Fire- King Canyon

Hebbina Hebbina- Farid el Atrache

Black Girl Magic- Nabaté Isles Ft. Badia Farha/Mumu Fresh/Nikki Grier
The Jump Off- Nabaté Isles
Septune- Nabaté Isles

Gan [original mix]- Emesh
Addicted To Love [Candy Bomber Mix]- RE-201 & Deadbeat
Johnny & Mary [Dubvisionist Dub]- RE-201 & Deadbeat Ft. Peter Heppner/Doug Wimbish/Mika Bajinsky
Ask Me [dancehall mix]- Dubmatix Ft. Lone Ranger

Thru A Screen

The first part of this week’s proGram saw thing this and that ways.

Early Morning Rising- Kassi Valazza
Doctor Bogenbroom- Jay Tausig
The Mouse Police Never Sleep- Jay Tausig

Feelin’ Good- Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton
Brand New Cadillac- Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton
greenarrowradio promo- Douglas Avery
Blind Owl Boogie- Douglas Avery

Detuned For Cheap- Gunslingers
Ergobando- Upupayama

Aping Flair- Black Market Karma w/Ruari Meehan
Slingshot- Mark Kelso & The Jazz Exiles
Always There- Lit Society

Warmth Plus

The final part of this week’s proGram had many of the things needed to go on.

Minorabilia- Rodney Whitaker
Salvo- Ant Law & Alex Hitchcock Ft. Joel Ross & Kendrick Scott
Genesis- Phil Ranelin & Wendell Harrison w/Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Raunchy Rita- Elvin Jones [Live at Pookie’s Pub]
On a Clear Day- Oscar Peterson [Live in Zurich, 1971]

Irrepressible- Laszlo Gardony
Strong Minds- Laszlo Gardony

Reflector 28- Hamish Balfour
Mongol- Hamish Balfour
Overlapping Attributes- The Supplicants
The Channel- The Supplicants
Natsu- Cosmic Renaissance Ft. DJ Gruff

Flipped The Line

The middle part of the proGram has definitely walked that fine line.

One Thing- The Winston Brothers
Why Must You Fly- STR4TA Ft. Omar
Soothsayer- STR4TA Ft. Theo Croker
Over the Bar- The Headhunters

Cosmic Funk (Glenn Underground’s Lounge Excursion Mix)- Emmaculate
Mambo Rama (Lex Blondin’s Rework)- New Regency Orchestra
Ready for Battle- Marcus Gad & Tribe

Cucu- Gotopo & Don Elektron
Angel (Jean-Marie Salaun Remix)- Zazou Bikaye
When It’s War- People In Control

Cosmic Slop- Parliament/Funkadelic (live Houston 1976)
***pre-recorded conversation with David Libert***
I’m Eighteen- Alice Cooper (Live – 1972)

Sunnyside Down

First parts of today’s proGram flipped us all over.

Express Ride- TOMISLAV GOLUBAN Ft. Tobacco Road Blues Band
Electric Lights- TOMISLAV GOLUBAN Ft. Malaya Blue

Little Bird- The Masterminds
Who Are the Gatekeepers?- The Gatekeepers Ft. Cheer-Accident
Anonymity- The Gatekeepers
I Like the Normal Things- The Gatekeepers
Come On Now (Mono)- Alex Chilton [live]
Hey High School Baby- Alex Chilton [live]
Oowee Baby- Alex Chilton [live]

Cut To The Chase- Malcolm Strachan
Turk’s Cap- Adrian Quesada
Alberto’s Loop- Adrian Quesada

It Is What It Is- The Soul Motivators Ft. Shahi
Red Triangle- The Bamboos [Live At Hamer Hall w/Melbourne Symphony Orchestra]
Nuff Blues- Monzanto Sound

Side Shadowing

The final part of the proGram this week had a new shadow size.

Grateful Winds (Kaya Project Remix)- Spadei

Saraswati- Charles Lloyd Ft. Julian Lage & Zakir Hussain
Gingerbread Boy- Elvin Jones Ft. Larry Young (Live at Pookie’s Pub)
On the Trail- Oscar Peterson Trio
Mr Monk- Santi Debriano and Arkestra Bembe

Screen Time- Hamish Balfour

That’s What-Brian Baggett Trio (Live Green Lady Lounge)

Electric Tower Zap

The middle part of the proGram got a zip zap and zoomin’ feel to it all.

Fireflies- Adrian Quesada Ft. Neal Francis
Hermitage- Hoodna Orchestra
Andromeda- Hoodna Orchestra
Rocking At the Mole House- The Headhunters
Stop Watch- The Headhunters

Tipp Tapp- Los Bitchos
Banga- Sababa 5
Keyf- Sababa 5
Little Black Box- Werkha

Remember 01- The Halluci Nation Ft. John Trudell & Black Bear
**pre-recorded conversation with 2oolman Hill and Bear Witness of The Halluci Nation**
Mother Mother- The Halluci Nation Ft. Lillian Allen, SATE, The Northwest Kid & Chippewa Travellers
Collaboration ≠ Appropriation- The Halluci Nation Ft. Tanya Tagaq

Nice Up- Dub Pistols Ft. Horseman
No Way (Poirier Remix)- K.O.G
Shidaa (Captain Planet Remix)- K.O.G

Tower Power

The beGiining part of the show went to the top light and looked around.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside- Taj Mahal & Maria Muldaur
Hittin’ The Road Again- TOMISLAV GOLUBAN Ft. Kelly Zirbes
Speedin’ Train- TOMISLAV GOLUBAN Ft. Teresa James

Tramp- Alex Chilton
Ignorance- The Gatekeepers Ft. Cheer Accident
The Patrons- The Gatekeepers Ft. The Residents

Soul Thing- The Everettes
Friday Night Groove- Funkboy
St. Paul Second Line- The Mighty Mocambos

Galactic Fanfare- STR4TA
Night Flight- STR4TA
Winston Theme- The Winston Brothers
Boiling Pot- The Winston Brothers
Metering- The Winston Brothers
The Inquisitor- Adrian Quesada Ft. Neal Francis

Light Of The Times

Did a pre-proGram fill-in and it took shape with souls in minds.

Waves For Margie- Surya Botofasina with Radha Botofasina
DNA [The Cinematic Orchestra Remodel]- Ryuichi Sakamoto & The Cinematic Orchestra

Connection- Cosmic Renaissance Ft. Anna Bassy & Vanja Contu
Universal Language- Cosmic Renaissance Ft. Soweto Kinch

Tales Of Rumi- Charles Lloyd Ft. Julian Lage & Zakir Hussain

Keep On Keeping On- Ahmad Jamal (Live at the Penthouse)
Whisper Not- Ahmad Jamal (Live at the Penthouse

Delta Sky- The Ostara Project (Live)
Sun- Rebecca Coupe Franks
So Ubuji- Makaya McCraven

Less Following

Did a little extra SUMthin SUMthin on the tail end of the proGram. Here’s it’s way.

Twilight Is a Spark From the Anvil- David Cieri
Outline- Olli Hirvone

Miss Kane- Swindle
You Make Me Feel So Good- Conner Albert
Cristo Redentor- Franc Moody
Shwele, Pt. 1- Mthunzi Mvubu
Zig Zag- Mthunzi Mvubu
Shwele, Pt. 2- Mthunzi Mvubu

El Cos- Arnau Obiols
Mont Cau- Arnau Obiols

Still Blooming

The final part of the regular proGram kept things popping with all colors.

Meridiana Nipona- Pepino Pascual
Bottom Swing- Pepino Pascual Ft. Alberto Perez Jordana, Gerard Nieto & Dani Alonso
El Que la Rompe la Paga- El Combo Batanga
Toca La Campana- El Combo Batanga
Momentum- Tito Carrillo Ft. Troy Roberts & Benjamin Lewis

The Sixth Sense of the Platypus- Timuçin Şahin’s Flow State
Malika- Lionel Loueke & Ziv Ravitz
Aziza’s Dance- Lionel Loueke & Ziv Ravitz
Blues from Before- Bill Frisell

Bathymetry: IV. Interlude- Matt McBane & Sandbox Percussion
Bathymetry: VII. Refraction- Matt McBane & Sandbox Percussion

El Nahualli (The Shadow Soul)- Patricia Brennan
Listen Linda- Pretzil Stex
United- Simon Belelty

With A Wind Comes

Middle part of this weeks proGram had some breeze to it.

Something’s Missing- The Mighty Mocambos
Arabesque Breakin’ Suite- The Mighty Mocambos
Spirits- Adrian Quesada & Ikebe Shakedown
Think- The Winston Brothers
To Be As One- STR4TA Ft. Theo Croker

Tavistock (Sound Signals Kulu’s Jazz Remix)- Joseph Malik Ft. Paul Harrison
Flight Of The Comet- Art of Tones x Chatobaron
Mawoud Part 1- Abdel Halim Hafez Ft. Omar Khorshid

Milk and Blood- Bangkok Lingo
Watching Winter turn to Spring- Bangkok Lingo

Insizwa- Lorraine Klaasen & Mongezi Ntaka
Unamanga- Lorraine Klaasen & Mongezi Ntaka
Adzé Adzé- Dogo Du Togo Ft. Togo All Stars
Obligation- Dogo Du Togo
Redemption- Locos por Juana

Shine Found

First part of this week’s regularly scheduled proGram could not be lost.

Meant To Be- Brian Blake
Honey Bee- Oliver Darling
Mindseye- Lauren Ruth Ward
Dirty Dog- Will Jacobs

Blow Junkie Boogie- TOMISLAV GOLUBAN
Forhill’s Boogie- TOMISLAV GOLUBAN Ft. Skylar Rogers
Don’t Talk To Me- Eric Demmer
Have You Ever Loved A Woman- Eric Demmer

End Of The Line- Dr. John Ft. Aaron Neville
Leave Your Light On- The Jorgensens
Shake It- The Jorgensens

Sometimes I Wonder- The Allergies
Show and Tell- The 7 Day Weekend Ft. Nephrok!
Lonely Town- Joel Sarakula
Munich Psycholympia- The Mighty Mocambos

Fall Stretch

The final part of the open schedule fiil-in reached for the skies.

Little Drummer Boy- Charles Hedgepath Ft. Yonrico Scott/Ike Stubblefield
K-Style Circuit- The Royal Arctic Institute

White Dog- SamWoy
Eventually, Good Comes To Pass- Dana Buoy
nunca mirar hacia atrás (Bomba Estéreo’s Versión)- Run The Jewels
Oropo- Uji

Agojie Training Montage- Terence Blanchard

Italiodisco (Original Mix)-
Just to Be Free [Shuya Okino & ROOT SOUL Remix]- Joseph Malik Ft. Niki King
Eddie’s Garage- Hoodna Orchestra
Turn Me Around- STR4TA

View With Shoes

Middle part of the open schedule fillin’ in saw thinGs this way.

Rain Rain Natural Rain- Rubblebucket
Make A Fist (Alt Take)- Phantogram
Brother- Sarah Elizabeth Charles Ft. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah

Grateful Winds- SPADEI

Freedom as a Heartfelt Song- Work Money Death

Miles- The Jorgensens
Sleeping Dogs Best Left Alone- Dr. John
I Should Have Let You Be- Lee Fields
The Door- Lee Fields
Save Your Tears for Someone New- Lee Fields

Mr Right On Time- Alexis Evans
Chris Cross- Lit Society
Jolly Old St. Nicholas- Charles Hedgepath Ft. Yonrico Scott/Ike Stubblefield


Did a little open schedule fillin’ in stuffin’. Started this-a-way.

Me and Bobby McGee- Willie Nelson [Live At Budokan]
Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line (Reprise)- Willie Nelson [Live At Budokan]
Will the Circle Be Unbroken- Willie Nelson [Live At Budokan]

The Ott Motel- Brian Blake
My Window Faces the South- Sweet Megg
Roots Heart Rhythm- Diane Patterson Ft. Ani DiFranco

Hallelujah- Sarah McLachlan
Suzanne- Gregory Porter

Blues Stay Away From Me- Gail Ceasar
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad- Gail Ceasar
On the Road- Lee O’Nell Blues Gang

Billy Bill- Tongue Hammer
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Pt. 1- The Jimi Hendrix Experience [Los Angeles Forum 4/26/1969]
Sunshine Of Your Love- The Jimi Hendrix Experience [Los Angeles Forum 4/26/1969]
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Pt 2- The Jimi Hendrix Experience [Los Angeles Forum 4/26/1969]

Weapon Of Peace- Maybe Human
Split Decision- Popular Creeps
Seal Your Move- Richard Öhrn
Taut- Big Joanie
Found- Fucked Up

Feets Printed

The final part of the proGram walked this and that way.

Peire Aussane- Lionel Loueke & Ziv Ravitz
Only Wrong Answers- Sameer Gupta & Ben Tyree
**pre-recorded conversation with Ben Tyree**
Love Ancestral (For Greg Tate)- Sameer Gupta & Ben Tyree

Bright River- The Supplicants
War Of The Wildcats- The Supplicants
Indigo- Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn
Vantablack- Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn
Opal- Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn

Bunny Lava- Jimmy Edgar Ft. Virgen Maria
Murdah Riddem- DJ Absurd & Jigsy King

Lembro Meu Irmão- Da Cruz
Apenas 150 Anos- Da Cruz

End To Home

The middle part of this week’s proGram knows something will find it a home to become.

Cash in Your Face- Darryl Harper
Opus De Funk- Dave Young
Summertime- Jason “Spicy G” Goldman & Lia Booth
White Rabbit- Jason “Spicy G” Goldman & Lia Booth

Jade- Sasha Berliner
In Tense- Harish Raghavan
Heaven Dance- Kirk Lightsey (Live)
La Malanga- Hilario Durán & David Virelles
Challenge- Hilario Durán & David Virelles

Three Seconds Kolme Toista: I. The Veil- Jussi Reijonen
Confirmation On 1- Timuçin Şahin’s Flow State
After Bird- Timuçin Şahin’s Flow State
Monroe- Bill Frisell
In 2 It- Lionel Loueke & Ziv Ravitz

Sideways Pod

The first part of this week’s proGram had the castings of the pod pointing in the right direction.

Doardo Valley- Hermanos Gutiérrez
Los Amantes- Hermanos Gutiérrez
Mulholland- King Canyon Ft. Derek Trucks

Mustard Green- Hot Mustard
Joy To The World- Charles Hedgepath Ft. Yonrico Scott/Ike Stubblefield
So It Goes- Rat Child
Two Jobs- Lee Fields
Brother’s Strut- The Winston Brothers

No Pp2 Go- Geiger von Muller

What It Is- Miles Davis [Live in Montreal 7/7/1983]
Square Bimagic- Patricia Brennan
Sizigia (Syzygy)- Patricia Brennan
Ah-Bop- Gene Ess