Slide Into The Ear

This week’s edition of the Summer Spin-Off THE YELLOW LIGHT had that soundslide set up just right to get it all in there and grow:

Hara Siva- Alice Coltrane
Lost A Dream- Uma

Maré- Rodrigo Amarante
Sina de Cantador- Raymundo Sodré
Redencion- El Italiano
El Pecado- El Italiano

Talwit- Abdelli
Grace- Fadhilee Itulya
Afrika- Fadhilee Itulya
Jo Po Wants to Know- desmond the songwriter

She’s Not Bothered (Interlude)- Paul Alexander
Elastic (808 Beach Dangerous Power Remix)- Crickets
Frequency (Cenzig remix)- LCSM
World Order Is Chaos (NameBrandSound Remix)- LCSM

Weed Lace

The final part of this week’s proGram, just laid on its’s back and apprecciated this view:

Eyes Of The World- Dave McMurray
Dark Star- Dave McMurray
Hover- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)
Don’t Let it Bring You Down- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)
Lola & Alice- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)

Gimmme Some Lovin’- Wayne Alpern
Hero Stomp A Future Past- Theo Croker

Invitation- Roy Hargrove & Mulgrew Miller (Live)
Sonny Monk (If I Were A)- Mike Clark & Michael Zilber
Like Rashaan- The Dave Mullen Ensemble

Under And Out

The middle portion of the proGram went from below to way up”:

Triumph- Lee Turley Ft. Marcus Rezak
greenarrowradio prommo- Cole Bales
Leather And Lace- Black Light Animals
**pre-recorded conversation with Cole Bales of Black Light Animals**
Montage-Black Light Animals
Dark Fantasies- Black Light Animals

Neighbour- Kings & Associates
Lay It Down- Claudio Corona
Push And Go- ATA Reccords
Going Galactic- ATA Records

Black Pearl- Cochemea
Nahsuareo Bwikam- Cochemea
The Big Man- The Jazz Defenders

Roots Roll

The first part of the proGram went from the ground up:

Jump In!- Lisa Bouchelle & The Bleu Ft. G Love
Last of the Better Days Ahead- Charlie Parr
Down Home Blues- Chris Daniels & Hazel Miller Ft. Dana Marsh

Howlin’ for My Darling- Sean Chambers
Give Me Back My Wig- GA-20
Hawaiian Boogie- GA-20
My Bad- Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Twistin The Night Away- Doogie White
This Flight Tonight- Doogie White
Emerald- Doogie White
Swamp T’ing- Gary Lucas
King Strong- Gary Lucas

Super Inertia- 10,000 Russos
So Tired Of Waiting For You-Sorrows

Inside The Cactus Flower

This week’s edition of THE YELLOW LIGHT, got a one day glimpse inside the spike:

Black Friday- Mo’ Gigs
Apollo 73- Claudio Corona
The Expanse- Claudio Corona

Balada Borracha- Quantic & Nidia Góngora
Modal B- Joon Moon Ft. Liv Warfield
Imagine- Common Ft. PJ

Remember 01- The Halluci Nation Ft. John Trudell & Black Bear
We Go Again- Theon Cross

Pressure (Red Top Remix)- Sam Sparro
Super Duper Party People (Alan Braxe Extended mix)- Allie X
Free {Live Your Life} (Felix da Housecat & Chris Trucher Remix)- Ultra Naté
I Will Survive (Eric Kupper Dub Mix)- Gloria Gaynor

The Bubbles Of Summer

The final portion of the proGram had the perfection of G-n-T’s in full effect:

Let Us In- FUTURENOT Ft. Moe Betta
Family Reunion- FYÜTCH Ft. Divinity Roxx
Indigenous People’s Day (Remix)- FYÜTCH
Omo Aye (Sauco Dub Remix)- The Voice of Lajorun

Bade Zile- Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray
Take It Or Leave It- Angelique Kidjo Ft. EARTHSTRONG
Stigmata- Arky Starch
Ripped- Curt Ramm
Dancehall Dreams- Curt Ramm
Soy Calle Jero- Los Mocosos (live)

Come And Get It- Taku Hirano Ft. Keyon Harrold
Reverse Coil Distinction- The Fourth World Quartet

Grew Up Spot

The middle portion of the proGramm took you back to a a true G spot:

Let Love Stand a Chance- Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires (live at The Apollo)
Get Up and Get Out- Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings (live at The Apollo)
Swamp Cat- ATA Records
Money Rambler- ATA Records

Love’s Vestige- The Jazz Defenders
Curandera- Cochemea
Tukaria- Cochemea

A Brighter Day- The New Mastersounds w/Josh Hoyer
Special FX- Black Light Animals
Live Current- Claudio Corona
Psychedelic Prayer- Jim Kost & G. Calvin Weston
Chapel and Sky- Jim Kost & G. Calvin Weston

Improv High Sierra- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)
Happiness Is A Warm Gun- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (live)
Recovering The Time Capsule- Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

photo: Mustapha

Bumper To Bumper

The first part of this week’s proGram did not leave anything behind:

Tehachapi- Margo Cilker
Walking Back from Willmar- Charlie Parr

It’s No Good- pat mAcdonald
If The Blues Was Green- Andy Peake w/Kevin McKendree, Will McFarlane
My Soul My Choice- Tiffany Pollack & Co.
Do It Yourself- Tiffany Pollack & Co.
Wrong Side Of The Blues- Blind Lemon Pledge

Rabbit Got The Gun- Roger Chapman
West Coast Junkie- Billy F Gibbons
Hey Baby, Que Paso- Billy F Gibbons
Let’s Get Funky- GA-20

Evil- Mike Zito
Chunky- Sean Chambers

greenarrowradio promo- Rodd Bland
(Get Your Money) Where You Spend Your Time- Rodd Bland and the Members Only Band Ft. Jerome Chism (live)
Takin’ It To The Streets- Chris Daniels/Hazel Miller/Dana Marsh Ft. Freddi Gowdy & Victor Wooten
A Real Mother for Ya- Adam Schultz Ft. Clarence Spady

Electric Zest

This week’s edition of The Yellow Light brought some lies to the party to see if that could zest it up SUM:

Clock Catcher- Attacca Quartet
Pilgrim Side Eye- Attacca Quartet
I Am The Greatest- Elohim
Journey To The enter Of Myself- Elohim
Pink Honda- Citronade (A Martin Denev Project)
Lazy Noon- Citronade (A Martin Denev Project)
Lazier Noon- Citronade (A Martin Denev Project)

Nitz Rebb Garage- Cohuna Beatz
All the Fellows in the House (ODC Edit)- Cohuna Beatz

Your Portfolio- John Grant
Kanskje i Morgen (Maybe Tomorrow)- Morgendugg
Ashes To Ashes- Jahrukus
Abundance- Death By Dub
Tanokumbia-The Halluci Nation Ft. El Dusty & Black Bear

Burstin’ Bloom

The final part of the proGram had to come out and see…and hear:

A5 Jam- Amazin’ Five
Gde By My Ni Byli- Amazin’ Five
The Glass Eye- ATA Records

Procession 2- G. Calvin Weston & Jim Kost
***pre-recorded conversation with G. Calvin Weston***
Bell Tower- G. Calvin Weston & Jim Kost
Dervish- G. Calvin Weston & Jim Kost

Sensing Not Seeing- John Carroll Kirby
The Quest Of Chico Hamilton- John Carroll Kirby
Launch- Sam Pilnick’s Nonet
Bembe’s Kids- Altoizm

Norwegian Wood- Mike Clark & Michael Zilber
Passion Dance- Mike Clark & Michael Zilber

Outta Insects

The sandwiched between portion of the proGram had the garden breathing in and out:

Hurt A Fly- Squirrel Flower
Wonder Why- Sunflower Caravan
The Business (Will Carry On As Usual)- Sunflower Caravan
Kind Of Happy- Sunflower Caravan

Messy Mark- Marbin (Live)
I’m Nervous- Lung
Sorry- Lung
Tick Tock- Lung

Mac Champion- Dagnasterpus Ft. Tree Adams
Windie Man- ATA Records
I Got Soul- Cliff Beach
Party Music- Super db
Out of The Rain- Kat Eaton

Hosed Down

The first part of this week’s proGram got sprayed at you so it soaked right in:

Reparations is a Must (4th of July Love Song)- Dan + Claudia Zanes Ft. Dr. Kaye Wise Whitehead
Too Many Places- The Brothers Comatose
Spit on Your Grave- Tiffany Pollack & Co. Ft. John Németh
Take a Long Ride- Misty Blues Ft. Joe Louis Walker
Sittin’ on a Poor Man’s Throne- Rodd Bland & the Members Only Band Ft. Chris Stephenson (live)
Thief In The Night- Billie Williams

Route 66- Dave Kalz
She’s Got A Hemi- Dave Kalz
When It Rains- Mike Zito
Cut You Loose- Adam Schultz Ft. Clarence Spady
greenarrowradio promo- Adam Schultz
Early In The Morning- Adam Schultz Ft. Clarence Spady

Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles- Gary Lucas Ft. Nona Hendryx
Amor Puro- Alejandro Escovedo

Sunsets Globally

This week’s edition of THE YELLOW LIGHT took us to places with sounds unseen…but we know are there:

Oy Qui Muevi Mezis- Sarah Aroeste
Espinelo- Sarah Aroeste Ft. Yehuda Shveiky

Heargevuoddji (Remixed)- Solju
Irgeávnnas (Remixed)- Solju
Мой друг Кувезин- XAPA
Хмельная кружка- XAPA
Untie My Wings- Opycham

Yaboo-Aidoo- Namgar
Boori deguur yabakhadaa- Namgar
Tokhoi zandan emeelee – Yokhor- Namgar

Vulle Mihkku- Áššu
Zaliguéhi- Dobet Gnahoré
Babawa Orun- Samson Olawale

Inside Colour

The final portion of this past week’s proGram holds so much of it all inside:

When There’s Love Around- Kiefer
Goodbye For Now- Nathaniel Cross
Who Are You- Eric Hilton
Real Life- Attacca Quartet

Mama (Henrik Schwarz RMX)- David Walters
No Profit In Peace- Jah Sun & The Rising Tide
One Africa (Indépendance Cha-Cha)- Angelique Kidjo
Free & Equal- Angelique Kidjo Ft. Sampa The Great

Schock- Gankino Circus
Tikan Kolo- Celenka
Pasos Por Las Sombras- Alejandro Escovedo

Raise Them Up- Luke Carlos O’Reilly
Jailbait- Miles Davis (Live at Vienne Jazz Festival, 1991)
Amandla- Miles Davis (Live at Vienne Jazz Festival, 1991)

Another Angle In

The middle portion of this week’s proGram flipped itself over and blinked real fast:

Renegade- Photon
Italian Love Triangle- Whatitdo Archive Group
Only With You- Amazin’ Five
You Are my Home- Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers Ft. Kim Dawson
Really Can’t Get Over You- Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers Ft. YANICK
Say Their Names Be The Change- Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers Ft. Lyle Divinsky

Fight Or Fuzz- ATA Records
Cleared For Launch- ATA Records
Ice Cool- ATA Records
Move On Baby- The Allergies
Are You Ready- The Allergies Ft. Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith

Fresher Under Pressure- Hot Border Special
Jinx Tattoo- Dagnasterpus
Stick Figures- Dagnasterpus Ft. Tree Adams & Cyril Neville
Sermon II- G. Calvin Weston & Jim Kost

Within The Orange

The first part of the proGram found the juice is always worth it’s squeeze:

Skin Game Blues- John Townley
You’re Drivin’ Me Crazy- EG Kight
You Just Don’t Get It- EG Kight
Blues Without Borders- Debbie Bond

Desert High- Billy F. Gibbons
Spanish Fly- Billy F. Gibbons
Shuffle, Step & Slide- Billy F Gibbons

Favorite Scene- Boogie Beasts
Funky Stuff- Gerald McClendon

Bearded Man- Jack Grace Band
Pressure’s On- Williamson Brothers
Orion’s Belt- Evolfo
It’s Alright Rosie- Anton Barbeau
Filmik- Anton Barbeau

Jazzed Up Cheers

This week’s episode of The Yellow Light has gotten to offer up a toast to you:

Strivin’- The Baylor Project Ft. Kenny Garrett
A Wasp In Search Of A Hart And Lung- The Ox-Mo Incident
Long Story Short- Oscar Rossignoli
This Is My Code- Richard X Bennett
All Organic- Richard X Bennett

Company Milk- Greg Cordez
Under The Porch- Bright Dog Red (live)
Nature Boy- Simon Moullier Trio
Hot House- Simon Moullier Trio

Struttin’- Slide Attack
Get Organized- Tim Mayer

And Bloom Boom

The final sets of this week’s proGram found it’s excitement and just let it burst:

Mimbreños- Cochemea
Pire- Oceanvvs Orientalis & Ilhan Ersahin
Warm Nights- Lucas de Mulder & Eddie Roberts
Blue Wave- Curt Ramm

Is This Love, Is This Life?- Lili Haydn (Carmen Rizzo RMX)
The Bloom- Wesley Joseph
Ultramarine- Wesley Joseph

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied Interlude- Luke Carlos O’Reilly
Black Lives Matter- Luke Carlos O’Reilly
Stop n’ Frisk- Luke Carlos O’Reilly
Chythm Ranges- Troy Roberts & Tim Jago
VA Noir- Butcher Brown
Truck Fump- Butcher Brown

SUM Color Added

The middle portion of the proGram started to add summa that funkier color to the pictures at hand:

Marimacha- Marisol la Brava & a Flor de Piel
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Marisol la Brava & a Flor de Piel

Kool Funk- Super db
Open Line To Me- Super db
A Tribute To The J.B.’s- Les Jeux Sont Funk
Take It Back- The Haggis Horns Ft. Doc Brown (CMC & Silenta remix)

Love Be The Weapon- The Fontanas
Every Second Of The Day- Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers Ft. Saundra Williams
Some Kinda Blues- Mosquito Hawks
Jalapeno Pep- Mosquito Hawks

Lyrid- Joe Marcinek Band
Boo’s Blues- Julian Lage
Sermon I- G. Calvin Weston & Jim Kost
Afterthoughts- G. Calvin Weston & Jim Kost

Ready To Go On Now

The first part of the proGram had a little giddy up ready to giddy on out:

Leave ‘Em Behind- Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
Let’s Go Swimming- Gary Lucas
All Along The Watchtower- All Along the Watchtower (feat. Feifei Yang)

Hangover Blues- Amythyst Kiah
Parchman Farm- John Chin Ft. Richard Julian
Let’s Get It On- Guy Verlinde
55th Street Boogie- Lightnin’ Guy and the Houserockers

Zuma Loop- Evlfo
Drying Out Your Eyes- Evolfo
In Time, Pt 2&3- Evolfo
The Seeker- Sendelica
Illuminated Skies- Sendelica