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I want to thank Tinsley Ellis for being an early morning guest on the show today. Mr. Ellis will be in Wisconsin tonight. We talked about how he has emerged as one of the premier southern blues rock guitarists, his work with Derek Trucks, and a piece of the path that his music has taking since beginning this journey. Also, later on in the program, had the chance to visit on air with That 1 Guy again. We spoke about the new album, the magic pipe and how the stimulation of eyes/ears and body all are occurring in his live show. Here was what the actual direction was:

Lucy- Triple Fret
Incomplete and insecure- the Avett Brothers
When the World Ends- the Burning Hell
What do we Really Know?- the Mike McGear
Dire Wolf- Grateful Dead (Acoustic Live)
the “Here Comes Nina” Country Ragtime Surprise- Samuel James
Capitaine- Corey Harris
Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie- Pinetop Perkins
Baby, I love you- BB King/Bonnie Raitt
**On air conversation with Tinsley Ellis**
Panhead- Tinsley Ellis w/Derek Trucks
I Wish I Knew…-The Derek Trucks Band (live)
Slow Hot & Steady- JJ Grey & Mofro
I’m Ready- Devon Allman’s Honeytribe
Rollin’ N Tumblin’- Nikki Armstrong
Got to Gt you off my Mind- Huey Lewis & the News
Dweller on the Threshold- Van Morrison (live)
Up to Me- Jethro Tull (live)
Good Thing- Paul Revere & the Raiders
Let it Go- Great Caesar’s Ghost
Just What I Needed- RAQ (live)
Personal Thing- King Johnson (live)
Golden Isle Groove- Skeebo Knight
The Wes Side- Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom
JB- Mark Mosley
All I Want (Right Now)- the New Mastersounds
Golden Dunes- the Budos Band
Ben’s Rotation- Jazz Pistols
Tappin & Thumpin’/Born in the Dark/I Can’t Make you Love me-Victor Wooten (live)
New Orleans- Dumpstaphunk (live 2011)
Take Control of your Body- Juno What?!
Burning Down the House (Delukota Mix)-Tom Jones & the Cardigans
The Hipster Runs Things- Fort Knox Five
Instrumantalude- Blitz the Ambassador

Call of the Wily- Greg Tate’s Garage Band
As Above- Club d’Elf
Funk Bean- That 1 Guy
Step in the Striped Light- That 1 Guy
** On Air conversation with That 1 Guy**
Hollow Ponds- Led Bib
Dance for Suwoo- Bones & Tones

Cecilia- Jesse Cook
Kazuko Buleria- Chick Corea

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