The beGinning part of this week’s show got started in a bloomin’.

Fat Shame, Pt. 2- Alabama Mike
Woman On The Warpath- Alabama Mike
Savannah Red- Johnny King & Friends
Black Coffee At Sunrise- Brad ‘Guitar’ Wilson

Favorite Things- Dudley Taft
Why Is It We Don’t Dance Anymore- Jimmie Bratcher
Low Down Dirty Shame- Jennifer Lyn and the Groove Revival

Don’t Feed the Trolls- The Get Right Band
Dragging Me Down- Popsicko
Late in the Garden- Nick Waterhouse

The Murder Mystery Pt. 2- Rudy De Anda
***pre-recorded conversation with Rudy De Anda***
Miel- Rudy De Anda

Runnin’ (To Get to Your Love)- Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints

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