Match Striker

The first half of the proGram started with the flash of a match:

Stranger- Caravan of Thieves
All Night Long- Quinn Deveaux & the Blue Beat Review
Hills- Bay Uno
It’s All Over but the Shouting- JD McPherson
Choppin’ Block- 6 String Drag
Go Go Boots are Back- Steve Earle & the Dukes

King Bee- Captain Luke & Cool John Ferguson
greenarrowradio promo- D.A. Foster
Down Home Blues- D.A. Foster

I Forgot to be Your Lover- William Bell w/Stax Music Academy Ft. Snoop Dogg
Sailor- Twin Danger
The Age of Self- Robert Wyatt
Synchronize- Android Asteroid
5 Oscillations- decker.
Spirit- Houndstooth
Fangless- Sleater Kinney
Thunderstruck Intro- 2 Cellos
Thunderstruck- 2 Cellos

The Man Who Waved at Trains (reprise)- Soft Machine (live Switzerland 1974)
Penny Hitch (coda)- Soft Machine (live Switzerland 1974)
Red House- Eric Johnson & Mike Stern
Salted Coffee- Noel Johnston


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