It’ll Blow Away

The first portion of this week’s proGram knew that if you give it just a minute…..

Prize- Seela
When The World- Seela
My Stove’s in Good Condition- The Brianna Thomas Band
Since I Fell for You- The Brianna Thomas Band
Jersey Bounce- Ella Fitzgerald (live in Berlin 1962)

Knock My Boots- Paul Boddy & The Slidewinder Blues Band
Like Father Like Daughter- Skylar Rogers
The Devil- Dudley Taft
Sweep The Shack- John Nemeth

Life’s a One Way Ticket- Peter Parcek
She Likes To Boogie Real Low- Peter Parcek
Why Why Why- Harry Hmura
Memphis High- Kerry Kearney

The Beast Is Back- John Shipe
Big Easy Women- Johnny Iguana
Hitting on Nothing- Laura Tate (live in El Paso)

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