Hold On Up

The middle portion of the proGram was clinging on by it’s ears:

Hell- Blind Melon
No Rain (ripped away version)- Blind Melon
Glitch- Blind Melon
Sworn in- Little Barrie
Masters of War- Pearl Jam (live)
Four Until Late- Cream
Rollin’ & Tumblin’- Cream

Perfect Place- Jack Bruce & Robin Trower
Farewell Wonkites- Primus
I Keep Singing the Same Old Song- Heavy Jelly
Pretty Music for Pretty People- the Dead Milkmen
A Last Straw- Robert Wyatt (live)

Soul Fiction- the Past Tense
A Brew of Special Tea- Gong
Thank You- Gong
Lights- Wilson Mower Pursuit

The Chart- Super Numeri


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