Street Taste

The first third of a reGularly scheduled proGram with a extra hour added on to the front end. Here, taste what is from the streets:

Foggy Mountain Chimes- D.Grisman/H.Pedersen/V.Gill/E.Gordy Jr./J.Buchanan
Billy in the Lowground- D.Grisman/H.Pedersen/V.Gill/E.Gordy Jr./J.Buchanan
Across the Stormy Sea- Radim Zenkl Ft. David Balakrishnan
Tiger Ray (Hold That Tiger)- Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman (live)
Yesterday- Vassar Clements Ft. Sam Bush & Bela Fleck
Nothin’ Special- the Del McCoury Band
Monkey Let the Hogs Out- Jerry Douglas
Patrick Meets the Brickbats- Jerry Douglas
June Ray- Allan Moon
Good to See You- Neil Young
Keep on Truckin’- Donovan (live)
Forever’s no Time at all- Pete Townshend
All in a Days Work- Eels
Need Someone to Love- CCR
Let me be Your Lover- Delbert McClinton (live)
A Gallon of Gas- the Kinks (live)
Yer Blues- Phish (live)
I Saw You- Rich Mystics
Wild Child- Lou Reed
Oh Yeah- Los Lobos


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