Grab Your Seat

in the middle set, I hoped to knock those socks off and have you in need of a seat after the move and groove….don’t feel shy….sit riGht on down there next to the ones you don’t know as you share an ear in common:

Want Some Fun- Gringo Star
100 Miles- Gringo Star
La Poupee Qui Fait Non- Vibravoid
Optical Sounds- Vibravoid
The Last Summer- Sat Nite Duets

Tango- the Howard Fishman Qaurtet
Pigtails- Davis Coen
Fine Rude Thing- Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound

Scared to Live- Gov’t Mule Ft. Toots Hibbert
Big Game Hunter- Steve Gibson
Rock a While- Dewey Guy
Honey Jar- the Wood Brothers
Crazy Little Dancin’ Queen- Billy D & the HooDoos

Beanie- Marvelous Funkshun
More Than a Little- Keller Williams & More than a Little (live)

50 Yards of Soul- Poets of Rhythm
Something to be Done (Brunswick Version)- Master Plan Inc
Red Green Live Die- the Liberators
Koekwaus- Euro Cinema
Do it- Emma Beatson & the Hawkmen (Mako & the Hawk Version)
Second Hand Wife- Nick Pride & the Pimptones Ft. Jess Roberts

Horns of Freedom- The Fontenellas
Body & Soul- William Onyebor
Go Slow- King
Waiting for my Baby- De Frank & His Professionals


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