Fishing For Accidents With Wax Tailor

Critically acclaimed French producer and DJ, Wax Tailor has released ‘Fishing For Accidents’ via his own label LAB’ORATOIRE. The album explores cinematic landscapes by sampling a world of vinyl, exploring with his sampler a world of vinyl and cinematographic references. A multi-recidivist talent scout he gathers a prestigious cast of talent from folks in the HipHop world like Mick Jenkins, Mr. Lif, Kuf Knotz, Mattic, and from the indie rock scene (Jennifer Charles, singer of the legendary band Elysian Fields and Victoria Bigelow). With one eye on the past and the other on the horizon Wax Tailor has made an album with one foot in the past and one foot in the present, the result is a unique and beautiful dance. Wax Tailor instills the incandescence of an organic sound and distills his art of sound anachronism in a wide gap between nostalgia and modernity that has made him one of the leaders of the international electro hip hop scene for over twenty years. Going to a live event where you are automatically taken from where you stand and are brought to a new space and place without moving…that’s the experience of a Wax Tailor shared in the moments together time brings.

I had the opportunity to catch back up with family to the program, J.C. (Wax Tailor) ahead of his March 24th performance at the Majestic in Madison. We reel in what the performance could be like for those in the there of the moment. We spend a good amount of time discussing the shaping of the new record “Fishing For Accidents” that he is out in support of. Once aGain, this is another artist that I find to be able to really find the perfect fits when it comes to collaborations or pairing…we get into how that sometimes goes about, and a few examples of other recent artists that have been examples of relationships that have worked out, including Mr. Lif and Kuf Knotz and Christine Elise. All I now is there is no accident with how this music fits together and certainly how I feel lie a different person after a live hang with Wax Tailor.

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