Extra Hour on the back side of the setlist..Here’s what formed from the moments just given:

Horror Vacui- Axel Kryger
Changarin- Axel Kryger

Private Life of a Puppet- Bev Lee Harding
Eternal Flux- Legowelt
Tell Me- Marilyn Carino
Glass Lake- Vessels
Stranger in a Strange Land- Ftitz Kalkbrenner

You Don’t Own Me- Grace Ft. G. Easy
Meet Me at the March- Kev Choice
Phase I (recognition)- Tribe Society
Phase II (rediscovery)- Tribe Society
Here Comes the Sun- Tribe Society
Proud to be Afrikan- Chimurenga Renaissance Ft Nyoka

Run Back- Amp Live Ft. Saint Timbre
Are We Dancing- Amp Live Ft. Ill Esha
Work Me to the Grave- BPos
I Used to- BPos


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