Green Screen

The first half of this week’s proGram had the chicken wire pulled up tiGht in front of the stage.

In Bjorndal- Henrik Schwarz
Leave my Head Alone Brain Seven- Henrik Schwarz
Imperfect Animals- Becca Stevens Band

The Highway- Rob Teehan
I Scare Myself- Ted Kooshian

Black Market- Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet
La Tarde- Omar Sosa & Quarteto AfroCubano
Momento III- Omar Sosa & Quarteto AfroCubano

Kohaku- Lorenzo Feliciati
New House- Lorenzo Feliciati

Forget That- Club d’Elf (live 04/20/200, NYC)
What About Now- Club d’Elf (live 04/20/2000, NYC)
The New Llama Walk- Either/Orchestra (live)
Spanish Joint- David Sanborn
Agobi- Hu Vibrationals

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction- Tim Ries
Pick Up the Pieces- Melvin Sparks
If I knew Your Mind- Grayson Capps
Shinjuku- Keller Williams

If I Were a Song- Nils Lofgren
Back to Frisco Bay- Charlie Wheeler Trio
Need a Line- Other Lives

Shore Power- Chris Robinson Brotherhood (live)
Show of Hands- Great Caesar’s Ghost
Crimson Revival- the London Souls
Don’t Want Anybody- Repeat Repeat


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