Who’s got the …G Love??

The Barrymore Theatre did on Saturday night and man, was it just what the doctor ordered. Opening the night was Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, with their reggae dub-rock grooves that satisfied the urges of the swaying masses, and got people ready to get ready. But it was G Love and Special Sauce that the people came to hear and feel and slap five with….they hit us hard in the beginning of the set with some heavy hip-hopped rock, that led right into a long drawn out jazzy versions of classic sounding tracks dripping with some special sauce~ a recipe special for a night made under a Madtown moon. After several Sauce heavy tracks, it was time for Garrett to get one on, well…way more than one as the balcony had little room left..he sat with his acoustic guitar and gave us some blues reminiscent of our old pal John Hammond Jr and the crowd really seems to dig that slowed down portion of the show, kinda personal….kinda cool. What was even better is when the Sauce dripped back out on the stage and we got to get down with our Superhero Brother, do a little wiggling like a worm and the question was finally asked at us….”Who’s got the ….?” and as it turns out, not only did many in attendance come prepared to answer that skunky kinda question, but even G himself seemed to have a little smoke pouring out of himself as the first note dropped..I always have a fun time checking on the current tour of G Love and Special Sauce and this time was no different as my ears were psyched to sample some new tracks sure to be on the next album. Thanks to Paco T for introducing me to this sound way back when I was a step taller than a shorty.


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